Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trick on me.

Today is gonna be a busy day too. I am gonna go watch a movie! Finally!
I haven't watched a movie for 10 months.
So excited! ^^

Japanese drugstore products have very good quality especially their mascara and eyeshadow.
This is a repurchase. My mum took mine away because she loves this quad.

Majolica Majorca Majolook Trick on Shadow in BR751

The eyeshadows colour are super pretty! 

Here comes a collective fashion haul.

Dress with long green skirt with pearl details at the collar. It looks very elegant on.

Leopard print dress. The back is very cute. It is a lace detail see through back!

Lovely black lace details. 

Cute and girly lace dress with peterpan collar.

I like lace detail on the body and the white dots detail on the skirt. 
The contrast makes the skirt have more of a sweet little girl feel.

Mustrad mode-style dress.
The hole detail makes it feel very EMODA-style.

This dress is also very mode-style.

Summer style flowy skirt.
I love this skirt. 

Black dress with gold braid.
A night out dress.

Gold braid detail.

Lace three quarter skirt.

The lace detail is very pretty.

Blush coloured see-through top
The gold metal plate on the collar is really pretty.

The cute gold plate detail.

Dress with peplum.

The next are hauled from I got them I think last year.
Didn't manage to see them till my Summer break.

ViVi-styled Inspired lace top/dress.
I don't know if I should call this a dress because it is too short for me to be a dress. ;o;

Very nice lace detail.

Sly-inspired top/dress.
I love this one, the quality is very good for the price I paid.

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