Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gmarket haul #4

I mainly got only one thing from this Gmarket haul the rest are my mum's and sister's.
So I don't even know if I should even call this post a haul, definitely doesn't fit it the category

I hopped in when I knew The Saem was having a 30% off and jumped on the bandwagon getting this gimmicky product.

The Saem Gem Miracle Motion BB.
It comes in a sturdy box and look! there's IU the brand's muse.

It comes with a BB compact and the vibrating applicator.

I did some research before I bought this applicator because I only need one and I want one that is in the affordable range and the best among them.

It took me about 3-4 months thinking if I should get them.

and then I saw this article from Hope-in-a-blog.

Then it is then, I made up my mind getting The Saem's.

It comes with the foundation which I thought there should be an option not to get the foundation because not everyone needs the foundation, some people just want the machine and it would be cheaper if they sold the machine and foundation seperately than to pay for the price of two.

The compact has a really nice packaging. It is those liquid foundation in a compact type which is not often seen.

It makes it easier for the machine to pick up the foundation from the compact.

You have to hold on to the on/off button to actually switch it on.
It is operated by LR44 batteries. You can get those cheap in Daiso or the market.

The sponge can be removed to be washed. It doesn't come with any extra sponges but the quality of the sponge is good and it can last awhile.

I would say this is a fun item to own, it is not necessary.

Yes, it creates a flawless finish but still it is not a thing to use everyday unless there's a lot of makeup time because it doesn't really reach into corners of the face and buffing in that area is needed because of that.

Anyhow it is still a fun thing to own and maybe a great thing to use on the days with events or functions where you want your base makeup looking top notch. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Haul : Qoo10 #1

I did order lots from Qoo10. It is like my favourite new place to shop for Korean cosmetics.

I am going to post my order batch by batch to not mess up everything.

Let's start off with the not so interesting items.

Snail Repair Cream and Missha Tinted Jelly Lips

I actually ordered two of the tinted jelly lips, another one is a pink but unfortunately it was out of stock.

The snail cream comes in a generous amount of 100ml. It's going to take awhile before I finish them up.

I know snail cream is gonna make you think all gooey and slimy.

Well, the cream is not gooey nor slimy, the texture is pretty light and spreads easily and absorbs easily too.

I haven't been using it much but so far, I doesn't irritate my skin nor break me out. I haven't seen difference yet but I have been only using it now and then.

All spreaded.

Missha Jelly Tinted Lips in Fresh Mango

It comes with a brush applicator.
This colour is something i never owned before, that is the reason I picked it up. It is a mango colour, it is pretty unique.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Australia Makeup haul

I got these sorted out fast since I didn't get much beauty items from Australia.
I was finding for BYS cosmetics but I can't them anywhere so I gave up and I didn't see anything I particularly wanted from Face of Australia and Australis.

These makeup items I picked all of them up from DFO South Wharf in Melbourne, Australia except for the Smooch Lipstick which i picked up from My Chemist.
There's a small cosmetic store right there, I forgot the name but I guess it wouldn't be a hassle to find it since it is the only cosmetic store i've seen there.

The three lipsticks I got.

Rimmel by Kate Moss.

I think Rimmel has pulled out from Malaysia because i haven't been seeing any Rimmel counters in the local drugstores. Correct me if I am wrong.

Anyway I've never seen Kate Moss Lipstick anywhere in Malaysia so since it was just AUD6.

26 is a brown nude.
On my NC20 skintone, this isn't a washout nude on me.

I also got this for AUD6.

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in 035 Blush

It is definitely a nude colour, but a brown-nude and a my lips but better nude on me.

Smooch lipstick. What actually made me got them is their super girly packaging. I am always drawn to packagings.

I am kinda surprise that this is a UK brand because during my visit in the UK, I have never came across this brand.

The lipstick packaging is a matte packaging with lace details. Sweet and girly looking.

Prom Punch is a berry colour.
It retails at AUD4.99 at My Chemist outlets.

That's all the makeup I got from Australia.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

I am back + mini haul

Just came back from the land down under.

I am extremely tired from the midnight flight.

There's gonna be lots of pictures once I get everything sorted out (Hit me! I am not even done blogging on my overdued UK trip)

A mini haul I did before leaving to Australia.

Two nail polishes from Etude House in PK001 and PK005.

They were on sale at the local Etude house branches for RM9.90 each which is slightly cheaper than the online prices.

I am in love with all these multi-glitter nail polishes, they are fun and cute!
Even my mum seems to be enjoying them too, she has been borrowing them from me.

Before I left, I also received a small parcel with the Missha Complexion Coordination BB Cream in Beige from Missha. I got the 20ml size.

The concept for this cream is not quite a BB nor a CC. It is a BB CC cream. The best of both worlds.
it has the coverage of a BB cream and benefits of a CC cream.

The 20ml comes in a tube like most BB creams packaging.

It doesn't have a pump dispenser. It is a squeezy tube.

The 50ml version comes in a super bulky twisting tub which eats up a lot of storing space.

This BB CC Cream price is pricier than most roadshop CC Creams.

Friday, July 19, 2013

California Gold

Here comes an EOTD.

Today I finally got around using the Elianto Luscious Shadow in Califonia Gold and I love it. 
If you like shimmers and all the bling, go get it. The eyeshadow lasted the whole day on me and I have gotten some compliments from my friends on how pretty my eyeshadow looks. 

It's really high shine. Can you see the gold shimmers going on my lid. 

The shine is so gorgeous. 

The undereye highlight is Essence Stay all Day Long Lasting Eyeshadow in For Fairies. They discontinued this eyeshadow, I am kinda bumped since I really like it but I am glad I have bought a back up.

Mascara is Maybelline TheMagnum (This is an Asia limited mascara).

Since I like the Gold eyeshadow so much, I went back to Elianto today and got the brown one. 

This shade is in Hacienda Brown.

A lot of silver microglitters.


My base makeup is the Skinfood Red Orange Jelly BB topped off with ELF Mineral Booster.
I really like the Skinfood Red Orange Jelly BB, the coverage is light to medium and the finish is matte. i like the texture, it feels so light and fresh! 
I am compare it to my Holika Holika Aqua petit jelly bb once I got around using it. 

Lip colour is Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Lovesick

Mini Elianto haul

I am leaving to Melbourne for a trip tomorrow. So, there won't be any updates for a week.

Now to a mini haul. 
Elianto is a local brand over here in Malaysia, over the years, they have been upgrading on their eyeshadows. Their eyeshadows used to be at a flat rate of RM5, then quality wise, it wasn't very good, most eyeshadows run chalky and pigmentation was meh~

Eversince they updated their eyeshadow range, pigmentation got so much better. 

I got two colours this time. 

Lustre shadow in Sophia Pink and Luscious shadow in California Gold

Sophia Pink is a Wheat Brown colour with some pink undertones.
It is not as pink as the name suggest, no idea why they named it this way.

California Gold is a real deal Gold with lots of gold shimmers.

I haven't try them out, when I do I will post a EOTD. 

Another thing I picked up that is a necessity. This is from the local drugstore.
L'oreal UV Perfect. 

I never leave the house without sunblock/sunscreen no matter what season it is. Let it be winter.
I just don't wanna risk having freckles, my mum has them so I am worried that I might get them too.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dresses and laces

A very simple FOTD.

I usually just switched up the products I use but apply it in the same technique. 

Here, i am using the Lunasol Water Cream Foundation, this is one of my favourite foundation. It is a 60% water-base cream foundation, so it feels very light on the skin with a medium to high coverage.
It blends like a dream too. It blends so effortlessly and smoothly.

The finish is dewy. 

Topping it off with ELF Tone Correcting Powder in Shimmer.

Lip colour is from ELF Studio Conditioning Lip Balm Spf 15 in Blissful Berry.
This lip balm is so pigmented. It works like any other normal lipbalm but gotta love it for its pigmentation. 

Now to a fashion haul.

This has to be my best purchase from an online shop.
To my surprise, the quality of the clothes are really great for the price I paid and shipping is pretty fast and it was sent under courier.

Nautical design dress.
There's suppose to be a ribbon belt matched with it but I didn't took the picture of the belt because I am too lazy to tie it on.

That's my pore brush hanging right over there!

This dress is really cute!
The material is chiffon and it is really really soft.

A closer look.

My favourite out of all the three purchases I made.
A lace dress.

I am really into laces.

A closer look.

The only thing I have to complain is the size I ordered is loose on me, usually online sizes run much smaller but this doesn't. The online measurement are a little confusing.
I should had ordered M but It is okay, I could work with L.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sasa haul - Candy Doll

The other day I was walking around the mall and I saw Sasa having a sale on Candy Doll's lip products.
It is a buy one get one free which is too hard to pass off. 

I previously only owned Candy Doll blushes and I like the blushes! 

In the end, I picked up these two lip glosses. 

Macaron Pink and Cotton Candy.

I swatched them at the counter and they are really pigmented. I like the colour 'Macaron Pink' a lot, a milky strawberry pink.

It is a very popular 'Gyaru' lip colour.
I used to read 'Popteen' and I notice a lot of models uses Candy Doll lipgloss to achieve the milky pink juicy gyaru lips.

The lipgloss contains Sodium Hyaluronate which is a strong hydrator and Tocopherol which has antioxidant effect. 

The packaging is very simple. It isn't very extravagant nor chic nor cute.

Macaron Pink.

Cotton Candy

The lid is black with silver strips and the brand 'Candy doll' on it.

I wanted to try their lipsticks but the lipsticks were out of stock, it's okay. Anyway, the glosses are great too.
The base makeup were not on discount if not I would have picked them up too. I want to try the loose powder and foundation.

They now retail RM58.50 (before the offer) at the local Sasa Malaysia. 
Grab them before the offer ends! 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Round Sunnies

Just got the news that laptop might be ready by tomorrow and there's no problem with it but...but.. the screen is blank everytime I turn it on.

Hopefully it is true that there's no problem with it and it was just a minor glitch.

Here comes a FOTD.

Isn't this sunglasses so cute and cool? I fell in love with it when I first saw it.
It slightly resembles the Topshop one that I wanted so badly at half of the price.

Have been looking around for round sunglasses, glad I got one for myself.

I have been very non-experimental with looks. Most of the time staying in my comfort zone.

The base makeup used here is the L'oreal Lumi Magique and ELF Tone Correcting Powder in Shimmer.
The shimmers from the Tone Correcting Powder doesn't transfer well on to the face so it doesn't leave a disco ball look, it gives the face a nice touch of sheen to the face, leaving a dewy look.
The oil control is good and it doesn't transfer or cake up.
At USD3 this powder is definitely worth it. I have been using this powder for the week since I started using it.

Lipstick is Wet n Wild in 505A. A nice fuchsia.
I am really into hot pinks, fuchsia, bright orange kind of colour for my lips this spring and summer. It just brighten my whole look.