Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Leg injury

Now I am sitting right on my bed with a leg cast posting this.

I am gonna recap my story.

Last Winter, I did had a bad fall in the snow where I sprained my knee, I am not sure about the degree of injury because silly me, didn't go to the doctor (well, not like I am bothered to face those Russian doctors and start lecturing me about not speaking Russian fluently and stuff). So I just let it heal itself.

So after a month, everything seemed fine, I am able to bend my knee as usual without straining it and I could walk as usual.
Back in my homecountry, I tripped one more time again, the same knee gave way and all i did is some massage and apply chinese ointment, it wasn't as bad as the snow fall, it was pretty minor, it healed in a week.

The next one is in the common kitchen here, apparently someone spilled oil, and didn't wipe it away, but that healed so fast, the next day i could go for a run.

This time one bad, my knee completely gave way, it dislocated for a moment and i quickly push it back to place, my ankle which supported my weight sprained. So for the first half of the day i swear I couldnt move at all. It was so painful that they had to call an ambulance to take me to the hospital.

So It seems I ended up with some ligament strained and maybe torn in my knee, a minor fracture one my fibula and I have to wear a cast for a month which is so troublesome when I wanna bath and that also means I can't go uni for a month. I can't possibly walk down the stairs from the seventh floor and walk to the bus stop. Doctor has advised me not to strain my leg and rest it well before it worsens. Well this is not good news at all, I don't like missing classes and I really have to catch up when I get back.

But I feel really lonely and all. Being without my parents care when I am injured but I am glad I have friends to stand up and help me but sometimes there's a yearning for parents to be here too.

So, hope for the best now.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

new winter boots

New furry winter boots bought from the market here.
It cost 1000 rubles, pretty great deal for one with good soles for the slippery snow.

Ain't it cute?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

first cosmetic buy in Autumn

Just a mini buy just because I felt like buying them.
They are really cheap, so i don't expect much from them.

A Fennel lipstick that comes in a cheap looking packaging.
Cost 13 roubles. 

It is a nude pink lipstick that comes with hardly there shimmers.
The application is smooth and quite moisturizing for its price but it tends to accentuate fine lines.
It can be fixed with a lipgloss. 

A swatch of it. Loving this lip colour for its price.

Another thing is a loose eyeshadow.
 It comes in a cheap plastic packaging like this. I am not gonna complain.

Opened up!

To the swatches
They are not for the faint of heart, super glittery like powder glitter instead of eyeshadow. Some colours are hardly visible but some look pretty  especially the gold, brown and peach shade. 
Have a lot of fall out.
Overall quite a bad eyeshadow but since I got it ,shall use it .. 

The Sushi Galore.

A long time no post EOTD.
I am really too lazy to wear contact lens and eye makeup only a daily basis as certain days I am so tired that i couldn't even move off my bed. Welcome back to uni life. The sad reality.

The circle lens I am wearing is Fynale's Y11's brown. I am learning to like this lens a lot, it's really natural.
I just used gel eyeliner and mascara.

Gel eyeliner is by Physician's Formula and Mascara is Maybelline's The Collosal.

Had sushi galore with my groupmates yesterday.

Well, I still prefer getting sushi in my homecountry, I just don't fancy the westernized version with cream cheese.

My miso soup with rice.


Sushi set. With 62 sushi.

Salmon sashimi.

Fried rice.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


My mum just skyped me that the circle lenses that I pre-ordered few months ago arrived.
I am happy about it but I won't get to see the lenses until I go home next summer.
There's 9 pairs of them. I can't wait for next summer.
I pretty much homesick right now.

Went to Moscow Run yesterday.
Obviously I didn't run because I do not have the stamina but better than not doing anything.
The situation was crowded. There's so many people which isn't really surprising.
Since registration number was up to the 10 000.

14 seconds before the race.

The stadium we ran into.

I walked through the race for 43 minutes and 40 seconds. I know I am a slow-poke.
And I sprained my knee a day before the run.

Also, I am gonna haul from Cherry soon.
So if you all have any recommendation on which product I should get besides the NYX products, please leave me a comment below.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

just like this.

I can't access from Russia. Damn!
Is it banning Russian IPs because it is perfectly fine when I surf it using anonymous IP.

Anyway, I am gonna haul on Cherry Culture again soon.

The beauty store near my hostel had a 15% off all products yesterday. I didn't bother looking at the cosmetics as all of them are pricier than my motherland.
I just picked up things that I need. A conditioner by Herbal Essence and a makeup remover by Bourjois.

Bourjois Express Eye Makeup Remover

It is a dual layer makeup remover.
It contains 200ml of product and claims to remove waterproof makeup in one sweep and non oily.

Hopefully it does what it claims if not I am gonna cry for not bring over my Biore makeup remover which is able to remove the stubborn Japanese brand mascaras.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

it's getting chilly

Weather has been so cold in Moscow that it is killing me softly.
I am missing the warm wind of my home country.

I found something really interesting when I was walking around the hypermarket.
Lip oils
Reminds me of the good old days.
I didn't know they still exist. The last time I encountered them was when I was in primary school.
They use to be my favourite "toy". Girls after all.

They work really good for me right now, the weather is so dry and cold.
All I do is apply it before I go to bed then I will wake up with baby soft lips.
Sometimes I do apply it randomly throughout the day also. I don't mind the oiliness, as long it helps to retain my lips moisture.
Too add on, it's affordable. 28 roubles.

I got a new coat too!
I bought it in a market. I just found out a market in Moscow.
I love it. Cheap groceries! and also spinach! I have been hunting it up and down for a year.
This coat cost 800roubles, cheapest one I found in the market.

I am still eying at a Zara coat that I fell in love with.
So pretty but so expensive!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

update on diet after a month

This is like seriously overdue. 

I am kinda happy how the change of eating style enabled me to loose 1.5kg in a week or so.
I stopped taking in oily food an junk food and only eating 3 times a day. Pumped up on fiber to prevent constipation and eating more fruits and vegetables. 

Every breakfast I have been eating only Fitness cereal (high in fiber and low in fat) with chocolate/coffee milk (I hate full cream/plain white milk) plus yogurt. 

Lunch I am eating meat stuffs. Never cut down on meat stuffs on a diet. You still need protein, you don't want to shed muscles. 

Dinner, it's soba. Lately I have just been eating soba with either gravlax and raw lettuce or grilled chicken because I am too lazy to open my packet of rice and also lazy cooking is contributing and I haven't bought much groceries.I should start cooking up my newly bought salmon. Anyway rice is a better compared to flour based noodles or bread. They don't turn into much fat compared to the latter. 

and to diets that I couldn't take it. 
" " only diets - I am like to eat variety of food. I can't imagine eating only banana or cabbage for the whole week, I might just cry.
fasting - rebound alert. 
No carbs diet - I love soba and rice too much to give it up but I can give up bread. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Korean food

This is the Korean BBQ I ate before I left to Russia.
It is my first time eating Korean BBQ too. 

I didn't know these sight dishes are served along besides the orders.
If I knew I shouldn't had ordered the Kimchi soup because there's too much for two.

Grilling the pork cutlets.

Steamed egg


BBQ-ed pork.

Kimchi soup

Grilling chicken fillets.

Grilled chicken.

This time I am planning to not spend to much money on cosmetics and other stuffs since I have in mind what to save for. 
I am planning on investing on a Louis Vuitton handbag. Yes you hear me. A Louis Vuitton handbag.

I never owned a branded handbag in my life and I always wanted one.
The good thing about branded handbags are that they are longer lasting. My cheaper handbags get through wear and tear really fast
So I think it is high time for me to invest in a good handbag and save some money on using it for a longer period.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Here again + airport.

I have arrived in Moscow after a very long flight journey and transit in Dubai.
Well, my room is in its worst condition and I won't be posting frequently until I settle down cleaning up my room and other personal things.

Okay, here I have an OOTD which I forgot to post. It is taken almost at the end of my holidays.
Very Liz Lisa style. Sadly I didn't bring my can can hat over here since my luggage is overweight and the hat is kinda space consuming.
I love this hat a lot.

Also, I have some photos taken at the Dubai airport.
Not many since after that I was so busy running from one duty free shop to another.

Outside of the airport, the humidity and the temperature was a killer at 7.30 am.
When I arrived at 5 + plus am, the temperature at Dubai was 36 degrees celcius.

Duty free area =)

This is what i got from the duty free shop.
A bottle of perfume.

Lanvin's Marry me!
Smells so good and sweet. My favourite type of scent.
Actually I thought of getting the Britney Spear's Midnight Fantasy too but I don't know why I didnt got it. Maybe the next round when I stop at a duty free shop.

Lovely classy bottle.