Sunday, May 29, 2011

Purple Glitz.

A NOTD post : Purple nailpolish with gold glitters.

I know the nailpolish is cheap but I didn't like the formulation at all. It dries super slow and the colour is super sheer, takes 2-3 coats to achieve the colour I desire.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

NYX in L'etoile Russia

Yesterday I was walking around this Russian chain beauty store. You could say it is like Russian's ULTA. L'etoile.

What surprised me is there's a collection of NYX there.
There's didn't have a huge selection though, there's the powder blushes, mosaic blush, twin powder cake, mega lip shine lipgloss, round lipgloss, round lipstick, black label lipstick etc.
but. they are way overpriced. For a round lipstick it is around 300+ roubles (USD11) where you could get it in America for USD2. See the extreme price hike.
Most are hiked more than double their actual price. Which is too much for me.

Anyway, I picked up a lipbalm from L'etoile because I needed one. I didn't know where I misplaced my Nivea lipbalm.
Isn't it cute?

Rose and Glitzy Gold.

Being able to paint my nails again makes me a happy girl.
Finally I found cheap nail polishes in Russia. Yes. I am not willing to pay around 100+ roubles for a Maybelline nailpolish when I know I could get it much cheaper in my country. So stingy of me.

A rose colour with gold glitters. So pretty.

Yes. I picked up a few more bottles of nail polishes to experiment around.
They are cheap so I don't expect them to have the best quality but I did pay a lot more for the top coat. I am gonna see how the top coat is gonna work.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Review : Vivienne Sabo Couleurs De Luxe Luxury Lipgloss

I am gonna on this new lipglosses I purchased a few days ago. I only wore them for 3 days but I think that enough tries to give them a review.

This is how they look like.
They come in a classy gold lid imprinted with the name of the gloss in gold.
I actually took pictures of the actual product in my May Haul post.
It comes with 8ml and cost around 140roubles. It is very afforable.

The gloss comes in a thick texture thus I find it hard to spread it and it can be really gloopy if applied too much. Texture is a wee bit sticky but it doesn't bother me.
It is so pigmented that a little is needed for apply on the lips. Usually I just dab the sponge tip applicator on my lips and spread it out my lips.It gives a lot of colour even applying as so.
For me, it feels like a lip cream than a lipgloss due to the thick consistency.

I am wearing the lipgloss in the number 81.
It is a baby pink on the lips. Very flattering baby pink.

The lasting effect is pretty average. Last about 4-5 hours if you don't eat or drink.
I am one those type who do not mind reapplying lip products as long as the colour is pretty unless I paid a lot for that particular lip product. So this doesn't bother me.

This lipgloss is neither too dry nor too moisturizing thus it is advisable to exfoliate the lips before applying the lipgloss or apply intensive lip balm the night before applying this lipgloss.
It does set into fine lines so people with horribly chapped lips. Exfoliate and moisturize before applying it.

Overall, a lovely lipgloss. I love it.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

May haul.

The beauty store near my hostel is having a 15% off storewide. So I decided to pick up some things.

Mostly from the the new cosmetic brand they brought in, which is Vivienne Sabo.
It states Vivienne Sabo, Paris but at the bottom it states Switzerland. So I am not sure the origin of this brand and whether It is sold outside of Russia.
There's minimal information on this brand.

Ok on to the haul.

Vivienne Sabo Liquid Liner in Carbon.
Comes in a weird bottle shape but I find it pretty cute.
Feels like the ferrel of the Sephora brushes.
This one I didn't pick up on the sale, I bought it prior to the sale because I needed a liquid liner.

Kinda amusing. Charbon?
Is it spelt wrongly or is it on purpose?

A swatch.
I am gonna review about the liner after a few more tries.

This is what I actually picked up on the sale.
2 Couleurs De Luxe Lipglosses and a duo eyeshadow.
They cost around 100 roubles after the sale.

The Jeter Du Chic duo eyeshadow, I bought in the colour 39.
Here's the ingredient list.

Here's the packaging. Kinda cheap looking but you can't expect much for such a cheap eyeshadow. It is good it comes with a sponge tip applicator.

It comes with a shimmery pink shade and a dark plum colour with a sheen.

Couleurs De Luxe Luxury Lipgloss in 81
This one is a dusty pink colour. Very natural and pretty.
I have been eying on trying this lipgloss for awhile since I swatched it in the shop.
It is a cream formula with micro shimmers, not really noticeable on the lips, it doesn't have chunky shimmer nor glitters.

Couleurs de Luxe Luxury Lipgloss in 82
This is a milky bubblegum pink. Super cute shade.
Very creamy and pigmented too.
Today is pretty gloomy thus lighting quality is pretty bad.

Clearer swatches under artificial lighting.
Top is 82 and Bottom is 81

Swatches on my hand, just one swipe spreaded out.
Top is 82 and Bottom is 81.
Pigmented colours.

I lost my old card, they gave me a new one.
The new one is so cute.

The rest is other stuffs I picked up from the hypermarket.
Garnier Tinted Roll-on eye
This got a lot of raves in youtube, I bought it because I needed a new sorta of like eye essence or cream because my Lumene one isn't working for me.

This is how it looks like inside. The downside for the packaging is the product overflows.
Such a waste.

A swatch on my hand.
The texture is watery.

Also got a random bottle of cheap polish
Cost 11 roubles if I am not mistaken.
Very flattering colour for my skin.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Prom look and style.

I had my prom last saturday in a really gorgeous hotel in Russia.
Just how gorgeous the ballroom is.
Gives me the feeling that I am in grand hotel in Paris for a day.

The EOTD of the day.
The circle lens I used is Super Barbie lens in sPrinces Pink. This pair of lens is my love~

Eye makeup used :
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Etude House Petit Darling Eyeshadow in BR304
Etude House Eye Secret Eyeshadow in OR201
Majorlica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing
Maybelline Volum' Express Hypercurl CatEyes mascara in Feline Black
Etude House Oh m'Eye Liner in Black
Generic False Lashes

My look for the day, lighting is bad.
Face :
Etude House Dream On Base in Mint
Chanel Mat Lumiere Liquid Foundation in Claire
Etude House Peach Skin Pact
ELF Studio Blush in Gotta Glow
ELF Healthy Bronzing Powder in Matte Bronze
Bourjois Blush Pot in Rose D'or

Lips :
MAC Lipstick in Speed Dial

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review : Maybelline Affinitone 24h foundation.

This foundation is fairly new in Russia. It's the Maybelline Affinitone 24hours foundation. I think it is the equivalent to the US' Maybelline Superstay 24hours foundation.

It comes in a sturdy glass pump bottle like this with 30ml worth of products.
I like how it is packaged. I think it is hygienic and convenient since you don't expose the content inside to the air and also able to control the amount of foundation needed.

I am a NC20 for reference. There's actually no exact match to my skintone in this line of foundation which comes in about 6 colours if I am not mistaken.
I chose the lightest shade, 05 light beige. This is the closest match to my skin but it has very pink undertones but I can work with it, it doesn't look off after much blending into my skin.

I always have this problem with Maybelline's foundation. They are either too pink or too orange for my skin.

The texture of the foundation is medium in viscosity and pretty creamy.
Dries down to a powder feel upon applying. It doesnt dry too fast so you can take your time applying but not too long.

I apply this using my fingers on lazy days. I do not recommend using fingers as it applies pretty streaky with fingers. It is advisable to use a foundation brush to apply, I usually use a buffer brush to apply. I notice that I use way less product when I am applying using a brush and there is lesser streaks too. 

I don't know if you can see it, this foundation sets into fine lines. People with very dry skin, please stay away from this foundation if you don't want to accentuate your fine lines or dry patches. My skin isn't really dry but it already accentuate mysterious 'dry patches'.

The finish is purely matte and it has medium coverage and buildable. I don't recommend building as it might look cakey. I find that it has enough coverage for me.
This foundation is definitely drying, so I would suggest to thoroughly moisturize the face before applying it.
It claims to last for 24 hours but I don't think it last that long, for a person who likes to rest my face on my palms, I would say it last around 8-9hours even after setting it with powder. Good enough.
Oil control wise, I think it does pretty good on my skin. I didn't notice any oiliness through out the day but then my skin is not oily, lately it has been more to the dry side but not to the extend that I have dry patches.
It doesn't clog my pores or caused me to have any allergic reaction to it. Doesn't oxidise into a darker shade too.
I recommend it for really oily skin and maybe combination skin.

For me it is a just average foundation, there is nothing too special about it, it didn't make my skin look better or anything. It is just covers all pores, redness and blemishes. 
It is really dry but then ain't most makeup that claims to be long lasting dry?
Overall, It's not worth the money.

EDIT: after using for a few times, this product is the culprit for making me break out.
This product is going into the bin. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Collective reviews : Skincare

For the past few months, I have been buying skincare from this land of Moscow since I didn't bring over much from my home thinking that there would be vast selection of sincare over here but oh boy, I was wrong. I still still think my home country has more selections in terms of skincare since there's local, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese and also Western skincare line.

This is my 2nd bottle of toner here, the first bottle I used is Garnier's Rose water line toner.
It's L'oreal's Pure Zone 30 second effect matyfying toner.
It comes in 200ml with 40% alcohol denat.
For those with sensitive skin, please stay away from this toner as it might burn your skin.
Upon using it it has a strong alcohol smell which is not pleasant at all and worse, it lingers for quite some time.
If you have bursted pimples, please never ever apply this on because it would sting it.

For me this toner cleans well on my skin but I don't know about the reduction of my pimples on my skin. My pimple comes once a month, which is when the time of the month comes and when I am sick. I still start breaking out here and there on the T-zone. My pores, I don't see a reduction. I have extremely large pores on my nose especially. So I don't see it doing much for my skin.
Despite being heavy in the alcohol section it doesn't give the tightening effect upon applying.
Hasn't caused me to break out nor have any allergic reaction.

I wouldn't repurchase this toner because of the strong alcohol scent and It didn't to much for my skin too.

Sto toner with aloe and rose water.

This one is a Russian brand skincare line. It comes really cheap too. I think about 30roubles for such small bottle.
The floraly scent of this toner comes off really strong thus we know they have been pumping in lots and lots of fragrance into this toner. However I find the scent is really pleasant and sweet. Those who hate scented products better steer away from this if you do come to Russia.

It gives of a refreshing effect upon applying and cleans my skin pretty well and that's pretty much all it does.
Doesn't cause any break out nor allergic reaction on me.

Well, honestly I would repurchase it for the scent because I pretty much like it and It is also a good simple toner for its price.

Babooshki Agafi Face Cream.

Haven't used it all but since I am half way through my tube now I think it's time to do a review.
I bought this actually for the cold and drying winter months when my nose's skin was actually peeling and shedding like snake skin.
I have to say this cream worked in healing my dry skin areas together with the use of the moisturizers I brought from Malaysia. I realize the Russian brands moisturizers I have been using, didn't help my skin at all.
The texture of this cream is actually really moussy and creamy.Pretty smooth in application since it is has a pretty mediumly thin creamy consistency instead of gooey and thick like the Nivea cream. Comes with a light floral scent so light that you won't really notice it unless you really sniff the product closely.
Hasn't clog my pores nor caused any sort of break out nor allergic reaction.
It won't heal the dry areas immediately but it will if you use it daily. It is not a miracle worker type of cream. So if urgently need to heal a dry spot this won't do. It's moisturizing but not moisturizing enough and you still need a moisturizer to use along with it.

I do not know if I would repurchase because I am interested to try out other creams. For its price, it is pretty good. It was about 20roubles only for 40ml.

Oxy oil control moisturizer.

First of all, I love love love love the scent of this moisturizer. Smells like grapes. So lovely.
This moisturizer comes in a gel like consistency thus suitable for oily skin as cream texture usually are too heavy on oily skin. So its texture is actually really light on oily skin.
For the oil control, for the Russian weather now which is like Spring season, it controls the oil on my nose well, I do not need to blot my face through out the day, anyway I haven't seen oil blotting paper sheets here yet and I forgot to bring them over from Malaysia. So it is good that I don't need to blot.
It moisturizes well. After using this moisturizer since I finished my Russian brand one about a month ago, my nose skin doesn't peel anymore and my skin doesn't look or feel as dry anymore too.
It comes with 8 plant extracts that help control oil including Witch hazel. Plant extract is good.
It doesn't clot my pores at all. No allergic reaction nor break out.

I really really love this moisturizer. I will definitely repurchase. I still have 2 bottles of backups with me. Thanks daddy for sending to me =)
It cost about RM13.90, you can always look out for sales, for 45g worth of products.

Lumene Vitamin C+ Pure radiance eye cream SPF 6.

The texture of the eye cream is light, it absorbs really quickly upon spreading but sometimes if you don't spread it fast, it can ball up.
After using this eyecream for about a month, I actually don't see a change in my eye. I mean I don't expect it to remove fine lines nor dark eye circles immediately or miraculously but I did hope it would moisturize or brighten my eye area more which I don't see.
So I am actually pretty disappointed in this product but I can't complain since it is not a very expensive eye cream.
Lumene products are disappointing me for now eventhough how promising they can look.
I think I am gonna switch to Garnier's eyecream which comes with the concealer than MakeupbuTiffanyD raved about. Then when I go back to my home I might go get myself a Kiehl's eyecream.

I wouldn't repurchase this again.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weight Loss project : Week 5

Have been having a really bad ulcer for the week, so you could say I was on a mashed potato diet since I had a hard time chewing on solid food but I did have some proper food at early of the week when I still hadn't developed the ulcer.

Did some stir friend chinese cabbage with chicken in oyster sauce earlier of the week.

Besides that, I think it is mostly Mashed Potato, Bread and Cereal.

Addicted to Twix too. I have kick off this addiction, I guess this provokes the ulcer more.

So far have been walking more to uni since the weather is fair.
So still moving.
Next week I will be on steamed or boiled food diet.

мои покупки Vivienne Sabo.

The beauty store near my hostel brought in a new line of cosmetics, Vivienne Sabo just awhile ago.
Today when i went for hairspray shopping for the prom (I will update about it soon.), I picked up some from the line.

I picked up 2 lipsticks and a lash fixer.

This is how the packaging of the lipsticks looks like.
Looks really classy to carry around despite it is a cheap lipstick

Colour 101, Light Rose Pink. Super beautiful colour that compliments every type of skintone.
It is a really wearable colour.

Colour 112, Nude pink colour
Lovely colour .

Swatches with 101 on the left and 112 at the right.
Very pigmented and creamy.

The "Fixateur" Eyebrows and Lash Fixing Gel.
It comes with 6ml/0.21 fl.oz. of product.
This is how the brush looks like.
The fixer liquid inside is a clear brown colour thus it doesn't really "dye" your eyebrows but it keeps it in place. It fills in the brows with a light tint of brown.
It cost 147roubles.

Something extra I got.
Got2b heat protectant spray.
You don't wanna damage your hair with curler never want to.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Review : Vilenta Ginseng Restoring and Rejuvenating Mask

I bought this mask from "Ashan" in Russia because I was interested to see how the sheet mask here would work.
I do not know if this brand is sold outside of Russia.
It cost about 25roubles. Reasonably priced.

The fabric for the face mask is not too thick nor thin. Just nice.
It comes with a neck portion, so you could mask your face together with your neck.
It didn't state how much essence it comes with but it is definitely enough for your neck and face.
The size of the mask is just slightly big for my face but I could work with it.

I applied this mask over 20 minutes.
The essence is absorbed into the skin, it didn't ball up when I rub over my face after masking.
I do not like how certain essence will ball up upon rubbing the face after masking. This doesn't.

I do see a good brightening effect after applying this mask and also tightening.
I didn't like how it tightens my face, my face just felt overly tight, took me awhile before I could smile properly. This proves how much it tightens.
It also moisturizes my face. I like how bouncy my skin is.

Didn't cause any allergic reaction or break out on me.
I do not sensitive skin, so I don't know how it reacts on sensitive skin but if you have normal skin, it shouldn't cause any allergic nor break out.

It stated it is suitable for age 25 and up. I don't really care about that but if you are below 25, you can still use this mask.

Overall, good mask for its price.

It's Friday.

My camera has this black spot of death awhile ago and I freaked out.
Though the second time I checked it. It is fine.
I am gonna send it for checking the moment I am back in Malaysia.

My new necklace for prom.

can you spot the black spot of death?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Clothes love and haul.

A little clothing haul with I did on the weekends to welcome new clothes for the spring.

Mostly from H&M.

First, is a simply strapped dress in ballerina pink.
Really sweet colour.

Got a boyfriend shirt too. Lately I really like this type of shirts.
how it looks on me. Took this pic in the dressing room.
Sorry about the collar, I didnt adjust it properly.

A simply white dress.
I like the knit detail here.

Simple and cute.
And summery.

A new handbag for me.
This one is so pretty and it was on discount.
So it retails for 500 roubles.

This is the only piece from New Yorkers. It is a navy blue tube with ribbon.

The ribbon really makes it a really cute piece. Perfect for any occasion