Thursday, May 31, 2012

Brown Kick!

Closing the chapter of May with a mini eyeshadow haul.

I just didn't know why I picked up so many brown eyeshadows.
 Just had a brown kick and wanted to collect all the brown eyeshadows.

Here are all the eyeshadows I've picked up. All of them are from the brand Vivienne Sabo.
I am not sure if this brand is available outside of Russia but it is a very affordable brand.

So first I picked up two Petits Jeux eyeshadows in colour 07 and 09.
It comes with 3.5g of product which is considered a lot of an eyeshadow. They are priced at 99Rubles (USD3)

Petits Jeux eyeshadow in 09.
It is a dark brown with reddish undertones.

Petits Jeux eyeshadow in 07.
It is more of a taupey brown, my favourite type of browns.

Next is the Rondelle eyeshadow mono. Also comes in 3.5g and priced at the same as the Petits Jeux eyeshadow for 99Rubles (USD3).
I do not know why they are under different names but I guess maybe it is the formulation.
Petits Jeux is more shimmery and softer.

It is a basic brown with gold shimmers that aren;t too heavy or noticeable once applied.

Jeter du Chic eyeshadow duo in 33.
I own one of this in a different shade. The post on it is here.

It is a neutral combination. A shimmery champagne colour and matte brown.
This duo is priced at 119Rubles (About USD3.60).

Everything from this mini eyeshadow haul is very affordable.

Other than that, I have been into hair care since the recommendation of a friend to use L'oreal Elseve's hair mask and also a hair treatment spray to make my hair look healthier.
Now I am on the mission mission to improve my hair quality so that I do not need to trim my hair, I want to grow my hair.

I placed another cherry culture haul to take advantage of the 20% off Memorial Day discount. This time getting mostly Jordana and Milani items.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Welcoming summer soon

It seems the emotion-fixing period is short lived. I am so proud of myself that I don't hang on things too long. I hope!

So it's my blockmate's birthday and we had a bash for her. Bring her to Chili's in Arbat Street and Red Square.

Before the post, let's have a EOTD.
My eye makeup is always almost the same but doesn't hurt to post one.

Just it is not a great eyelash day.

Then to the FOTD.

Then now to the food in Chili's

My meal, Mile High Chicken.
It taste so heavenly topped with cheese and bacon together with mushrooms.

Not sure what is this meal called.
I think it is honey spicy chicken.

My Vanilla Milkshake.

Pina Colada.

A final picture of me in the bus.

A polaroid picture of St. Basil's Cathedral.
It was really fun to see so many High School graduates hanging out in Red Square.
I really envy them, being able to photograph their graduation shot in such a beautiful place. I didn't have a proper graduation ceremony when I finished my secondary education.

I also did a mini buy in between.
Just some very cheap mascaras, I bought because I was intrigued by the wand.

Fennel's Perfect Fixer Natural and Volume Exact Mascara.

The wands.
Volume exact's wand.
I actually used Fennel's Volume Exact Mascara for my EOTD, topped with Rimmel's sexy curves full figure.

Perfect Fixer Natural Mascara's wand.

They are a little wet but I am fine with it. So far it didn't smudge but I will try them out more before I draw into a conclusion about them. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Almost the end of May....

The most heartwarming thing happened to me yesterday. It was just such a relief.
Have you ever had that moment that when you talk to someone, you just forget everything and let yourself loose and after everything it just felt so good.

Even so, I still have some uneasy thoughts about it and.. I just can't describe it but I still just much better than before.
I need to solve this feeling in me fast!

Anyway down to a NOTD,
It has been awhile since I paint my nails. I have been so lazy to do anything.
The only thing in my mind is just that I wanna go back home.

So near yet so long.
One more month. I shall be patient.

Pink nails and glitter.
One of my favourite combination.

You know about the event in the previous post.
I went to that event, I will try to post up pics on it, but also I wanna protect certain privacy about me.
So let me decide in between before I post.

Then I did buy some stuffs for the event.
The event is more like between a prom and annual get-together dinner.
I was a helper on that day so I didn't dress all glam up since I had to run up and down.

A chain from Diva.
I like the chain at first sight but now I look at it the more it looks like a rosary.
Now it is hanging infront of me like how you hang it on an altar.

I bought this clutch from NewLook.
And guess what?
It was just 100rubles. 100rubles. It is so hard not to be tempted.
It is a handy clutch, great for a lot of occasion. The glitters just drew me in.

I am gonna take a slight break in posting to solve my problems first.
Hopefully I find the mood back and fix all my emotions 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

updates and 15th again

I have been feasting throughout the week. I feel slightly guilty.
There goes my weight. 

So a series of event happened too. 
My rice cooker's wire burnt and I had a panic attack at that time since now I am in a non-Asian country rice cooker are hard to come by.
Thank goodness I have found a place which sold the wire. 
In the middle of the wire finding process, a lot of things happened. hehe.

An event is coming up with the uni. I am in a dilemma whether I should go or not.
I didn't wanna go because I kinda dislike the president's working attitude, I find him irresponsible. He has so much time to plan the event, yet the planning of the event was rash and mismanaged.

And also, thank goodness, my microbiology teacher who is seriously cranky beyond words, finally signed my book, she didn't reject it. I know I still have many more homeworks for her to sign but atleast clearing off some makes me happy. 
Still a way long way before I get my credit though =(

Here comes the pictures of sushi I feast on.

That's a lot of sushi.
We found the 50% discount for the shop thus we took the advantage ordering it.

This one is a whole different set. 
This,  I ate when I went shopping in Metropolis.

What date is it?
15th. So now comes the monthly 15th buy.

I have been loving the L'oreal infallible eyeshadows since I bought them.
The only downside might be that brushes can't pick the colours up. 
The colours are only pigmented if you use your fingers or sponge-tip applicator to apply. 
This doesn't bother me since I use a fair share of brushes and also sponge-tip applicators.

I pick up another two colours .

All night blue is a like a sapphire blue. This colour really caught my attention. 
Everything about the shade is just gorgeous.

Hourglass beige. Mine came defected. The whole chunk of eyeshadow was stuck to the presser. 
But I manage to press it down to the pot. 
It is a natural everyday colour.
It is slightly messy on the lid but looks brand-new in the pot. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Black rain

Monday was my most packed day of all my holidays.
I went for shopping again.. Girls can't stop shopping then later at night my friends spontaneously asked me out for clubbing.

We are gonna talk about the shopping first.

Here are the clothes I bought from H&M .
I didn't get many as I didn't find many that I like.

A dusty pink top.

I like the detailings on the top, it is a very sweet and cute top.

hole-y details.

I just have a thing for simple black dresses.
I got a basic dress.
Simple yet classy.

Let's go to the EOTD.
A look with falsies! Haven't seen it in awhile?
I just applied false lashes at the ends.

Embrace my face of the day with lots of camwhoring pictures
One taken with a compact camera and the other phone camera

Taken in H&M's fitting room.

A sheer top with singlet.
Jeans are from ZARA.

Later on,
I had starbucks too!
I still miss my country's starbucks. Russia's starbucks taste nowhere as good. In fact it is very bland.

On the late night clubbing, I am gonna confess that I am not a club person and I think this is a first and final time going to a club.
I am just gonna be a good girl, spend time in fine dining restaurant at night and enjoying a good platter of seafood pretend that I am in Paris.
I swear the smoke smell in the club almost killed me. Being in the club is just so not me.

And this Russian dude gets hitting on us girls. I got touched by him a couple times.
Luckily there were dudes to save us.

Monday, May 7, 2012

BBQ day!

The official start of the 4 days long Victory Day holiday.
I just love holidays.

We kick start our holidays with a barbeque session with the nice lovely weather of Spring in the park.

The food we prepared

The must-have course in a BBQ session, Chicken Wings.

meat sticks with onion.



Grilling time!!

End product.

On "food scene" mode, does the food more delicious than usual?
My camera just have weird scene modes.

Overall, I am just glad the rain did stop at the first half of the day that we were able to carry out our BBQ session.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Happy May Day!

Let's start with  the bad news.
I split water on my blackberry now the keypads do not function at all! How frustrating.

Now let's go into the shopping buys.
It has been awhile since I went clothes shopping and finally I did a really small one!

Here are my buys.

First I got a bareback dress from Stradivarius.
I have been eying on this dress for the longest time ever.

It is really pricey but I have no regrets since It is absolutely gorgeous.

And i finally got my first platform heels from New Look.
Nude pumps. Just nice for any occasion.

It is really hard to find a stippling brush here, when I saw it I knew I had to get it since my ELF powder brush was shedding like a cat.
I bought a foundation brush but I don't really like it. Maybe I am just not used with the use of a foundation brush.

QVS Mineral Makeup Air Brush Stippling Brush.
Bought it for 330Rubles.

There's hardly any brush choice over here. QVS is like one of the only brush brands around here.

Well it is not as dense as I expect it to be. It doesn't bleed or shed when I washed it.
Haven't got the chance to use it yet.

I forgot to post about the flower crown I bought in NewLook
Here I am with my flower crown. Photo courtesy of my friend.

And a OOTD.

Dress : H&M
Flower Crown : NewLook
Shoes : NewLook

Just a very simple look.