Thursday, May 31, 2012

Brown Kick!

Closing the chapter of May with a mini eyeshadow haul.

I just didn't know why I picked up so many brown eyeshadows.
 Just had a brown kick and wanted to collect all the brown eyeshadows.

Here are all the eyeshadows I've picked up. All of them are from the brand Vivienne Sabo.
I am not sure if this brand is available outside of Russia but it is a very affordable brand.

So first I picked up two Petits Jeux eyeshadows in colour 07 and 09.
It comes with 3.5g of product which is considered a lot of an eyeshadow. They are priced at 99Rubles (USD3)

Petits Jeux eyeshadow in 09.
It is a dark brown with reddish undertones.

Petits Jeux eyeshadow in 07.
It is more of a taupey brown, my favourite type of browns.

Next is the Rondelle eyeshadow mono. Also comes in 3.5g and priced at the same as the Petits Jeux eyeshadow for 99Rubles (USD3).
I do not know why they are under different names but I guess maybe it is the formulation.
Petits Jeux is more shimmery and softer.

It is a basic brown with gold shimmers that aren;t too heavy or noticeable once applied.

Jeter du Chic eyeshadow duo in 33.
I own one of this in a different shade. The post on it is here.

It is a neutral combination. A shimmery champagne colour and matte brown.
This duo is priced at 119Rubles (About USD3.60).

Everything from this mini eyeshadow haul is very affordable.

Other than that, I have been into hair care since the recommendation of a friend to use L'oreal Elseve's hair mask and also a hair treatment spray to make my hair look healthier.
Now I am on the mission mission to improve my hair quality so that I do not need to trim my hair, I want to grow my hair.

I placed another cherry culture haul to take advantage of the 20% off Memorial Day discount. This time getting mostly Jordana and Milani items.

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