Saturday, September 28, 2013

Etude house haul : Sweet Recipe, Princess Etoinette

This two collections are the best collection Etude House ever released in a long time.
The packagings are to die for, it's so cute and sweet. 

It is the Etude House Princess Etoinette and Sweet Recipe line.
I am just so awed at how beautiful the packagings are. 

I got a total of six items from both lines.
There's face powders, eyeshadows, lipstick, base and multifunctional lip and check cream among the mix.

Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base.

I got them in Berry and Peach.

I got totally sold when I saw the cute CF of this product. The concept is just so cute.

The packaging reminds me of the bases from the Peach collection which are released in 2008.

The base are package in a glass tub. It's a little bulky but it adds a chic touch to the packaging.

Baby Choux Base in Peach

Baby Choux Base in Berry

These bases has a very nice fragrant in it, I really like the smell (might not be a good thing for those who is sensitive to scents).
They sure do look like whipped cream in a jar.

Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes

I totally fell for the cute packaging but it turned out the packaging wasn't all the great as I expected. It is on the flimsy side and the eyeshadow can just slide open because there's nothing to secure the eyeshadow so this palette can't be taken out for travelling, it would just slide away and break.

The eyeshadow slide open.
It looks like chocolate bar.

Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Colour in Strawberry Chiffon Cake.

The packaging and name is just too cute to resist. I wanted to get more of them. 

The Princess Etoinette line. The packaging is just so sweet, princessy and cute. 

The powder comes in a gorgeous pot container that is vanity deco worthy.

It comes with a really cute puff with lace and a pink ribbon.
It's every girl's dream puff. 

A close up of the design. 
The 'gold' plate of the word 'Etude' just glamed up the whole packaging.

The Lipstick. I ordered PK002.
The packaging is so cute and princessy, it is just to die for.

PK 002 is a bright rose pink. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Beauty Finds : L'oreal Paris Skin Perfection 2 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution

Good September everyone. Weather in Russia has been really grim and gloomy, it has been raining on of most of the days since I landed back here. 
It is making me moody as well.

So, following the hype of the infamous Bioderma Micellar water, L'oreal has launched its own Micellar Water.

I have always been wanting to try out the Micellar Water but I couldn't make myself fork out so much just for a makeup remover. I never spend so much on makeup removers. 

I bought mine from the hypermarket chainstore Auchan.
It cost about 130roubles which is the cheapest I can find around Moscow. 

I have been using this Micellar Water everyday since I've got it, It claims that it is suitable for sensitive skin.I didn't experience any skin irritation nor break outs, it definitely feels very gentle to the skin. It removes makeup as it claims, so far it has manage to melt away all of my makeup except for my Asian waterproof mascara which everyone claims it is a total pain to get it remove. For the rest, it can be removed easily including the eyeliners. 

The after effect of using this water, my skin doesn't feel tight or dry. My skin feels pretty moisturized after using it but not oily. I do enjoy the feeling of it on my skin.

It is definitely a great and fast way to remove makeup on those hectic days where there is no time for deep cleaning. So far I am liking this product and I would repurchase it. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Skincare recommendations #1

When I had my terrible breakouts, I have seek for many solution to my calm my breakouts.
I did all sorts of routines like washing my face with salt, applying aloe vera gel, trying all sorts of products from drugstore to pharmaceutical. Not high-end, my poor wallet couldn't afford it.

I was browsing through countless youtube videos of skincare routines and also blogs and I came across this product, It has truly saved my skin.

It is the La Roche Posay Effaclar K and Duo.

My Effaclar K looks beaten up, it has traveled with me to the UK and Australia. That's why.

I can't say enough praise for this product.
It cleared most of my pimples and smoothen my skin. Now I do not have as much break outs as I used too and even if I d have them, it is really minor ones which will go away in 2-3 days, the most in a week.

It is my skin saviour.

The texture of the cream is really light, spreads really easily and absorbs fast. I top it with a moisturizer since I do not think it is moisturizing enough for my skin.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Burgundy leaves : Autumn haul

After looking autumn look pictorials, I have been looking for wine coloured & red coloured lipsticks, red eyeshadows, everything that screams Autumn.

Have anyone seen those autumn look pictorials released by Korean cosmetic companies?
They look gorgeous, you all should check them out.

I picked up two lipsticks, an eyeshadow and a blush.

Essence Guerilla Gardening TE Cream Blush in Floral Glam.

This was the at the clearance section so I thought I am just gonna pick it up since lately I have a thing for cream blushes. They just give you a nice flush of colour which looks like a glow from within.
I have used it today and I like it. It gives such a beautiful flush of colour and the pigmentation is great.
It doesn't last the whole day though, maybe about 5 hours or so but it is great enough.

Divage lipstick in 3612.

I like this colour, it is like a rose wine colour which is perfect-o for autumn.
Since it is on the darker side of colours, the lipstick does leave a tint to the lips. So it last the whole day.
The lipstick isn't too drying on the lips too.

Divage Velvet eyeshadow in 7315.

This is one unique colour. It is a burgundy red colour. It is in trend in Korea now for Autumn and me being bold, I bought this colour to incorporate into my autumn looks.

I know burgundy and reds are risky colours as they can make the eyes look puffy and sore.

I tried it today and works very well with my bronze eyeshadow. It gives a romantic look.
I will take a EOTD with this eyeshadow soon.

The eyeshadow is not too pigmented and it is slightly chalky but I can work with it.

The last item I got is a lipstick

a Catrice lipstick. Yes, I have been into rose, wine and red colours for this season.
I couldn't resist picking up this glamourous red lipstick.

The colour is 'My Red Card'

I haven't use this lipstick yet but can't wait to rock a red lip look!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pure Aura : The Face Shop, A'Pieu, Missha, Innisfree

Summer was the time for crazy online shopping. I was letting loose with too much in hauling and I haven't post up all my hauls.
Here's another haul post that I did in Summer. 

It is another CC cream loot. I did went crazy with CC creams, I know some people didn't buy the gimmick/concept because of the sheer coverage but I am loving them. 
This time, I got a brand that I never ventured before, A'pieu. A'pieu Aurora Luminous CC Cream. 
The Face Shop Faceit Aura Color CC Cream.
The lip colours were Missha Glam Art Triple Lips and Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick. 

The A'Pieu CC cream comes in a transparent plastic box. I would say this is interesting, it is the first time seeing a makeup item comes in a box like that. It's a really sturdy box that would last through rain, heat and bashing up from transit. 

The packaging is very beautiful with the glittery black bottle and purple flower designs. I love it. 

The CC cream comes in a push-type. 

The top is a concealer for those who needs more coverage. 

It comes with 30ml worth of CC cream and 2.9g of concealer. The price is on the pricier side for a roadshop brand. I bought it for about USD22 or so, I don't really remember. 

The Face Shop Face it Aura Color CC Cream.

I have heard great reviews about CC cream because it has better coverage than most CC creams out in the market.

The CC cream comes in a unique compact case. I find these type of packaging really convenient for application anytime and anywhere.

I haven't remove the sticker but that's the hole where the product comes out.

Next, I got the lip item that is heavily promoted in Korea.

Missha Signature Glam Art Triple Lips in Mambo Pink.

When I was watching the drama 'Nine', I kept seeing the CF of BoA promoting this lip product.
This lip product works as a tint. lipgloss or lipstick depending on the amount of layers you apply.

The packaging is really sleek and sturdy.
This lip product is slightly on the pricier side for roadshop brands.

Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick
The colour is one of the recommended colour in #2 Cocktail Pink

It is a hot pink colour, the 'hot' colour for the spring/summer season. It's not spring/summer season anymore but who cares. Hot pink is still my favourite lipcolour.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Purple Mist

Back to Moscow, so we are gonna have to bear with the ugly photos and lighting.

The mall near Yugo Zapadnaya has opened a new makeup store.

The brand is Divage.

I only got two items from the store but I will go back to check out other items.

A lipstick and a matt nail polish.

The lipstick comes in a hot pink tube, in my honest opinion, the packaging looks a tad tacky but it is sturdy.

There isn't a name for the colour, it comes in number codes.
This lipstick's number is 3615.

It is a purple colour. It looks very sophisticated.

This autumn, purple seems to be the 'In' colour. I can't wait to pull off this purple lip look.

The swatch of the matte nail polish in 5608.

I fell in love with this colour at first sight. It looks like Etude House's Look at my Eyes cafeshadow in Sweet Potato Latte in nail polish form.

Super gorgeous colour.
It is gonna be my go-to autumn colour.

Divage is a Russian brand with affordable price, you can check it out if you do come visit Russia. Here is the official website (The website might be hard to navigate because it is in Russian and there isn't an English option)
It is available at most beauty outlets such as L'etoile, подружка etc. They do have their own stand alone counters.
You can check out the address here

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pure Glow : CC Creams (Missha & Tony Moly)

I went overboard with CC Creams when every single Korean brand started pushing out their CC Creams. This is because of my shopaholic tendencies and ofcourse I wanted to try the CC Creams quite badly.

TonyMoly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream ,Missha Complexion Coordinating BB Cream

The TonyMoly CC Cream is one of the first CC Cream that is launched in Korea. So it has set the standards for the Korean CC Creams. 

The Missha CC BB Cream is an interesting one, it is a CC cream with the coverage of a BB cream. So I guess it is a plus for girls who wants more coverage but wants the lightness of a CC cream.
It comes in two choices : white and beige. 

TonyMoly Pure Aura CC Cream.

The bottle is really sleek. It is made out of metal.
Comes in a pump dispenser.

There's a FOTD with me using this CC cream and a brief first impression. Click here

Missha Complexion Coordinating BB Cream in White

The packaging is unique yet super bulky! The packaging took up so much of space at my makeup cupboard.
This BB-CC Cream is more expensive than the normal roadshop CC creams.

It leaked a little, I guess the bottle got twisted in the middle of transit.
The bottle is a twist-type instead of a push-type. So I find it really special.

But because of the design, the nozzle does get really messy.

Like most Korean CC cream, it is a white cream with microcapsules of pigments.

Rubbing it in, the microcapsules burst and the colour of the cream starts changing.

Blended in. It matches my skintone very well. The cc cream gave my skin a luminous and dewy look, at the same time brightening it. The coverage is slightly better compared to most CC cream outside and it feels super light, like you are applying nothing at all.

Since this is a slightly more expensive CC cream for a roadshop brand, it is better to go to the shop can try out this CC cream before purchasing it.
I own both white and beige and I would say both are really light, so I don't know if it works well on darker skintones ie darker than NC30 but if you are NC15-20, this CC cream is a good match.

The beige gives more coverage compared to the white. The white gives more of a luminous and dewy look and it is of lighter texture too.
The beige is more of like a in-between a BB cream/tinted moisturizer type of texture.

I have done a FOTD of the Beige version of this Missha Complexion Coordinating BB cream and a brief first impression. Click here! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Autumn blues : Innisfree, Tony Moly

Today is the first day of Uni. To be honest,I am still feeling really lost. It is like I left my heart at home. 
Okay, let's stop rambling and go through my summer hauls. A continuation post of the hauls from  my summer holidays! 

After going through reviews after reviews, I got so tempted to get these four items. 
The TonyMoly Intense Care Galactomyces First Essence is a dupe for the infamous SKII Essence.  decided to get the TonyMoly because it is slightly cheaper than Missha's. 

The TonyMoly Crystal Blusher is one highly raved blusher in Korea. It's cheap yet it gives a good colour pay off. 

The Innisfree Air Skin Fit BB Cream and Real Skin CC Cream are newly introduced in the summer. There have been good reviews about the BB cream being long lasting, light weight and good coverage. 

The TonyMoly Crystal Blusher comes in a sturdy crystal packaging. 

The colour I got is Milky Violet. 
It is a lavender colour which complements yellow skin tones by brightening up the complexion. 

The packaging for the TonyMoly First Essence. 

The bottle looks expensive but the bottle is actually frosted plastic. 

Innisfree eco-friendly packaging. Made from recycled paper and printed with soy ink.

The CC cream comes in a pump dispenser bottle whereas the BB cream comes in a classic BB cream type squeezy tube.