Saturday, February 23, 2013

UK Cosmetics haul : Superdrug edition.

Most brands available in the UK are inaccessible for me , since I was in UK I took the advantage and did a massive high-street haul.

I went to Superdrug about a total of five times when I was there. On the first few days in London, I stayed in Palmer's Lodge at Swiss Cottage and there was a "Superdrug" nearby. I didn't pop into the store till my last day there before I head to Edinburgh.

The other "Superdrugs" I went are the Edinburgh's, Victoria Coach Station's, Birmingham's Bull Ring's and Oxford Street's.
Going to different Superdrugs I manage to pick up items some Superdrug has, some doesn't.

The amount of makeup I bought.

I thought of just inserting this random photo here.
This is my first Superdrug haul in UK. I took this picture in my hostel in Edinburgh.
I wanted to post my first superdrug haul from there but the lighting wasn't good so yea, I waited till today.

The blushers.
Sleek, MUA, Lookbeauty.

I did went crazy with Sleek Blushers. I love Sleek blush. I own one of them (I got it last year via a spree, you  can click here to see it) and I wanted more.

MUA, I heard tons about this brand. VoussantBeauetBelle raved about the mosaic blushers so I knew I had to get them (with backups) and they were so affordable at £2.50
The normal blush is just £1.00.

The Lips.
Accessorize, Collection 2000 and Sleek.

I went to UK only thinking I was gonna pick up the Sleek Pout Paints which is the main lip item i wanted but looks like I went overboard again.
The Collection 2000's Cream Puff reminds me of the NYX Lip Creams.

The Eyes.

I am so excited when I saw there's an offer on Barry M's items. They were on Get 3 for 2. I immediately picked up the highly raved dazzle dust.
The Gel Eyeliner was on offer, I couldn't resist picking up one and moreover so the Black Collection isn't available here, so great get!

The three shades I picked up. All of them neutral shades.

Shade 51 : Mushroom
It is a Shimmery plummy-taupe.

Shade 39 : Tan
Just like its name, it is a peachy-pink tan.

This was in a mess when I opened it.
It was like puking fairy dust, all messy.
Shade 3 : Pink Gold

MUA Baked Eyeshadow Trios in Innocence

Maybelline "Black Collection" Gel Eyeliner in Black-Gold

It is a black with gold flecks.
Extremely gorgeous.

MUA Blusher in Shade 3
It is a peach with burnt orange in it. An absolute perfect colour for spring.
I have regretted not getting all 6 shades since they were only  £1 each

MUA Mosaic Blusher in English Rose
One of the most beautiful things I've seen in the drugstore. I was glad I bought it the first time I went to Swiss Cottage's Superdrug store because the other Superdrug I went, this blush wasn't in stock.

Sleek Blush, probably the best blush in the high-street market.

Pixie Pink


Life is a Peach

LookBeauty, I haven't heard much about this brand even on the Blogosphere.

What really caught me to this brand is their packaging. It is chic and sweet.

Shade 3 : Pinch

They were  £3 off. Originally they retail at £8.
It is a rose pink with a subtle shimmer. It really gives a feminine flush and glow to the face.

Sleek Pout Paints

Minx and Rosette

I never known Accessorize had a makeup line, I thought it is just an accessory store.
What really could me to the Accessorize counter is their makeup packaging. It is just so pretty and it has the "British" feeling. I just don't know how to explain it in words.

Shade 3 : Besotted

Collection 2000 Lipstick.
I got them because they were on offer and I was searching for a nude lipstick and Natural Collection's Rose Petal were out of stock in the "Boots" I went.

I picked up 13 Satin Bow and 12 Tea Rose

12 Tea Rose
Brown toned nude

13 Satin Bow
Lighter than Tea Rose with more pink-tone

In the pictures they don't look nude but they look nude on my lips.

Three Cream Puffs from Collection 2000
From Left : Fairy Cake, Powder Puff and Cotton Candy

The names are really candilicious!

The last two items I picked up are lipcare items.

I really like Carmex since the day my friend gifted me on from Australia but they are not
 available where I live.
Nivea Lip Butter. The Caramel Cream totally caught me. I love all caramel stuff. Also this lip butter smells delicious.

That all I hauled in the high-streets of UK.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Mission to Flawlessness

I do suffer from breakouts and pores are very clogged up. So I am always on the mission for the perfect skincare to clear my skin and unclog my pores.

Then I came upon a skincare line which product description sound too good to be true.

La Roche Posay - Effaclar line.

It was quite difficult for me to get them in Russia. It is available here but you need to know which pharmacy to go to to get them.

I bought 3 items from the Effaclar line.

Effaclar Duo, AI and  K.
I went a bit overboard by buying 3 tubes of cream (and they aren't even cheap).

The Effaclar AI comes in a 15ml tube.
It is targeted on breakouts, It is one of those rescue creams when you want to vanish a ugly red zit without drying the skin.
So far, I haven't been having huge pimples since my breakouts calmed, mine is usually tiny little red raised bumps or raised bumps. I am saving this for unlucky moments when pimples are going to attack me.
If they don't come, I am going to give it to my sister during summer when I meet her who really needs it.

Effaclar Duo. This is one of the cream that blogosphere have been raving (The Europe region atleast.). They have been wonder news that it treated their acnes, smoothen their skins, reduced whiteheads and blackheads etc.
Sounds like a miracle cream.
Well well, I jumped the bandwagon.

Since I am in Europe now and I can access to the Europe version, I got it.

I am praying that this cream would perform magic on my skin since this cream isn't the cheapest cream around.

I have used it but I can't say anything about it since it is the first time using it.
I could just say, I really like the texture, it is really lightweight and it absorbs into the skin really quick.

I would give a review later.

Effaclar K. The other raved cream of the Effaclar line.

It is one of the microexfoliator cream. A cream that unclogs pores and calms down pimple at the same time preventing new pimples from popping out.
Another miracle!

The texture of this cream is runny with some beads. You can't feel the beads when you are rubbing in the cream into the face but you can certainly feel like it is exfoliating the skin, maybe it's just psychological.

It has citrus-y scent like the rest of the other 2 creams.
Nothing to complain of.

I also do hope this cream would work miracles on my skin since it is most expensive cream of the three that I picked up.

I do really hope for clear skin like everyone does. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 2 : Wiltshire (Stonehedge)

Continuing from Windsor, the tour headed to one of UNESCO's world heritage sites, Seven Wonders of the World - The Stonehedge.

The drive to Wiltshire from Windsor is below two hours. Well I was snoozing off on the bus till I arrived Stonehedge.

Say goodbye to Windsor. I shall one day come back to you again.

Upon getting down the bus at Stonehedge site, it was freezing cold. The wind doesn't stop blowing.

Welcome to Stonehedge.

The Kissing Stones, it is said if you touch the stones you will have better luck.
I didn't touch them, I would rather not have extra luck than sticking my frozen fingers out from their warm home.

Walking to the Stonehedge, the wind is blowing like crazy!
I am sad that most part of the area are blocked.

The magnificent Stonehedge.

My facial expression looks painful from being "slapped" by the wind. 

Next stop of Day 2, Oxford! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What is in travel makeup bag : UK episode

Prior to departing to the UK. I compiled the makeup I needed to bring to UK.
I always overpack in the makeup department, I can never pack sensibly for travel. I always pack like 30 items and maybe only use only 10 items out of the 30.
The makeup probably contributed 2kgs to my luggage weight.

Base Makeup Department

I actually did used everything off here alternating my foundation/BB cream every each other day together with my base.
I certainly reach out for my BB cream more

I hardly used my MAC concealer and Catrice Prime and Fine, my skin was behaving good enough (except till the end) for me not to touch it.
Well Catrice Prime and Fine is not following me for travel the next time.

Eye Department

Everything here served its purpose in my travel except for the Maybelline Color Tattoo.
I have found my love for the Art Deco's Grey eyeshadow. Have been using this eyeshadow on most days

Lip Department + some eyes.