Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bubble fest!

The Spring Bubble Festival was held last Sunday.
The crowd was just gigantic! I expected to see such a crowd but I didn't expect till the one of the Metro entrance had to be close up.
We had to take the longer route towards Arbat Street.
There were many people with cool, weird, beautiful, gorgeous costumes. We went there casually since we are foreigners.
There were free hugs. I never experience any free hug event at my country, so it was exciting to hug strangers and feel so happy afterwards.

The people waiting outside metro station.

Now to the crowd.
Into Arbat Street.
Every turned colourful from this point on.

Kids playing around with their dads carrying them

Salsa dancing.

People climbing on lamp post freely, even on top of shops and telephone booths!

My look of the day!
My fringe was too long then. I finally trimmed it yesterday myself.
Why saloons here have to be so expensive!

Lolitas, I was ecstatic to see them. They all are cute!
Their dresses, oh gosh so cute!!

Free hug by another Asian girl.
She is so cute.

Later we hanged out in Asia Cafe - An Asian restaurant.
I had Sushi and Fried Glass Noodles.

Philadelphia Sushi which I shared with my friend.

Fried Glass Noodles with pork and vegetables.
This dish was very oily.

Final camwhore.
I regretted that I didn't put on falsies that day. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring is here!

Yesterday Stokmann had a huge sales.
The crowd was just magnifique! Anyways, I manage to pick up a perfume I have been wanting for awhile up.

Paco Rabanne's Lady Million
The picture features the purchase I did today and yesterday.
The gold packaging of Lady Million is irresistible.

The diamond cut and the gold is just to classy and elegant.
The scent is for a lady of class at a french restaurant with her champagne drink. Very mature and slightly spicy.
I bought the 30ml bottle so it is slightly different in terms of packaging compared to the full size.

I saw something really interesting in the beauty store today.

The L'oreal Infaillible eyeshadow.
This product not available in my country so I am excited to see it here. It is easier to buy it here than ordering all the way from the USA.

I picked up two colours. Burning Black and Sahara Treasure.
They come in 3.5g of products.

Burning Black - A black with a lot of purple shimmers.
Sahara Treasure - A shimmery sandy brown.

Sahara Treasure.
This one is a bit unique, instead of being named L'oreal Infaillible. This one is is La Couleur Infaillible.
It seems like L'oreal can't stick one name to their product.
I checked and it seems it is a Europe limited colour and it is not available in the US.

Burning Black.

I can't wait to use them. I swatched them a little and it seems to be really pigmented and soft.

The last thing I picked up from the beauty store is Vivienne Sabo's lipbalm.
Just the same old repurchase.

Spring is finally here in Moscow. Snow has melt away which makes me more into the mood of walking.

I might be heading to a spring festival in Arbat street tomorrow - Dreamflash. It is sorta like a bubble festival.
The weather forecasted thunder storm tomorrow but I really hope there won't be a thunder storm.
So excited but I still hope everything goes on smoothly there with the massive amount of people.

I have a new obsession. That is
Sayoko Ozaki .
drop dead gorgeous.

Sayoko Ozaki. Ain't she so pretty?
Her eye makeup is to die for.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Soon it will be spring, 15th haul!

Here comes the monthly 15th haul.
The nearby beauty store always have 15% off every 15th of the month, making it the best time picking up things.

This is what I have picked up.
A bodyshampoo, foundation brush and 3 lipsticks.
Actually I went there because I need a brush, my poor ELF powder brush has been shedding like a cat. It has serve me for a good 4 years.
I wanted a flat top kabuki but sadly the brush selection over here is terrible thus I just pick up a foundation brush to serve me till I fly back home and rush to Sephora for a good flat top brush.

It is unexpectably soft and dense.
It cost 223 rubles before discount. Not too bad of a price.

My three lipsticks.  All of the same brand but different collection.

Vivienne Sabo Rouge Vintage in 409

A sloppy swatch.
It looks scarily brown in the tube but when on the lips, it is a nice rosy brown that flatters every skintone. It is an everyday colour on the go.

Vivienne Sabo Charme de Vous lipstick in 108.
It is suppose to be a peachy pink with some orange undertones. A very pretty spring colour. The camera doesn't seem to be picking up the colour right.

The swatch. Ain't it so pretty?
It is so subtle.

Vivienne Sabo Rouge Vintage in 402.
This is the loudest colour of the bunch and it might be too overbearing to wear it everyday.

It is a bright light barbie pink with purple undertones. It can look chalky and unflattering if your lips are not exfoliated, like mine now.
With the right occasion and eye makeup, it will turn into a beautiful lip colour. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Makeup Collection in Hostel 2012

This is not a post about bragging or anything. It is just to show my makeup collection in Moscow, those I brought over to Moscow and also purchased here.

CyberColors Eyelash curler, Brushes from ELF & Coastal Scents & Essence. 
And also some random one I bought from random shops. 

Eyeshadows from Jordana, Cherie ma Cherie, Essence, Etude House and also the palette is from Daiso!

My favourite one is from Majolica Majorca.

I prefer gel eyeliners over any other type.

All from the pink family.

Highlighters & Shimmers

Eyelid primers
L'oreal, ELF, Urban Decay and Too Faced.

Makeup bases

Liquid illuminator & Brow Mascara


Undereye Corrector

 Foundations & BB creams
Skin79, Vivienne Sabo, Bourjois, Missha.

That's all =)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Little Black Dress.

I have to thank my friend for helping get a solo picture of myself.

The handbag is not mine. I just took my friend's handbag as a prop.
I love this little black dress to death, it made me look fabulous for the night.

I had an eye opening post reading Cindy Tang or known as TheBadBarbie.
Circle lens good or bad?
I have been an avid circle lens wearer since I was 17-18. I am 20 this year. I never had any problems with any circle lens.
The brands I've used before were Super Barbie Lens, Fynale Lens, TheDollyEye lens, Kimchi lens and also Geo Lens.
They never gave me any vision problems, so far they are really comfortable.
but I received a defective one from Geo before and threw them off after they fit so poorly in my eye, almost stinging my eye to death but the next few orders from Geo, they were so far so good.

I talked about circle lens with my optician before. He told me that that there is nothing wrong with them if fitted properly and most of them are tailored to the curvature of Asian (Chinese, Korean and Japanese) eyeball which are pretty standard, it is really rare to have a different curvature but then it doesn't apply the same to Caucasians and the rest.
That is when you need to visit your optometrist to check the curvature of your eye whether the lens fit.

but even with this there's no 100% guarantee your Asian eyes won't have any misfit problem with it. Throw away your lenses if they still sting after soaking your lenses in multipurpose solution for more than 24 hours or they misfit on your eye ( showing folds on your eye).
Misfit lens can lead to Keratitis.

Anyhow it is still a risk on trying circle lens but for people like me, all for beauty but I still take precaution eventhough I use circle lens. For me if the circle lens fits you, it is all good.

By the way I never ordered from before. For my country's standard, the price offered by is awfully overpriced.
I always go back to my trustee seller who gave me no problems at all.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I had an event yesterday and I wore the most gorgeous little black dress that I could have found here.
Just before a day to the event, I found this dress, tried it and immediately fell in love with it.
I never regretted buying this dress at all. The level of gorgeousness is just to the sky.
I am so glad that I got so many compliments for this dress, makes me feel that my money didn't go to waste.

Anyway let's go to an EOTD.
It is the first time trying Rimmel's Sexy Curve full figure mascara. I quite like it.

Level of eyelashes longness and falseness is so great on a Asian lash
Those are my real eyelashes not a single false eyelash was applied.

Here comes the FOTD.
I just dabbed on the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 03.
For this lipstick please exfoliate your lips before using it or not your lips shall look horrible with the chapped skin.
Other than that I have no complains for this lipstick, I love it!

Haven't curled my hair for a long time, feels so nice to see them curled.

Ahhhh i dont have a nice full body picture. I will take a picture of the dress next time.

And some ring love. These are the only rings I own now but I like them. I like my rings simple but elegant.

Nail love. Red with gold glitter at the ring finger.
Do you love red nails?

Till then!