Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Quick first mobile post

I havent been posting of late due to busy uni schedule. Everyday is exam day. This is freaking crazy and tiring.

And also say r.i.p. To my macbook pro whom has served me for 3 good years. I am currently laptop/notebookless in moscow and i feel so not connected to the world.
To make things worse macbooks in moscow cost a kidney. I have to wait till next july till i touch down back home then only i could get a new macbook. Screw life to the max.
I could like an apple whore but really, after using macbook i feel like it is the best thing that happened in my life. It is the best notebook ever.
So now i have to settle with an asus one. Well.. I shall preservere till july.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Small makeup haul

Did a little buy at the near by beauty store.
Let me start with a rant.

I just don't know that this shop just hire rude arse ladies as their cashier and salesgirl of what. 
The lady today was super rude. Just because I don't understand your language that well, you don't need to go humiliate me and go complain really loud to your colleagues and be rude to me. 
I don't owe you anything, I am still paying for the items I purchase. So if you are unhappy because I am that foreigner in your shop, just keep your dissatisfaction to yourself or till I leave the shop, you didn't need complain to your colleagues loudly infront of me and you do not need to treat me as rude as hell at the counter while I was paying. 
How disgraceful of that lady.

I bought a few items from the store, some are repurchases.

L'oreal Lumi Magique Foundation, Catrice EyeBrow Pencil and Essence Eyeliner Brush.
Another repurchase that is not in this picture is the Botaniqueserie makeup base and some toiletries.

The Botaniqueserie makeup base was on sale and placed at the end of the rack with only 2 tubes left. I am afraid they are gonna discontinue this product thus I pick up one tube as a backup since I like this product.

The L'oreal Lumi Magique Foundation. 
I am very into a luminous look of late, I have been purchasing skin volumers, skin fixers, highlighters etc. Anything to make my skin have that healthy glow. 
Lately my skin has changed, it has turned to normal - dry skin. My nose and cheek gets flaky if I don't moisturize them thoroughly. My T-zone don't secret as much oil as it used to,the oil only builds up after 6 hours? Don't know if it has to do with the weather or it is just that my skin is changing because I hit over 20.
This is most expensive drugstore foundation I've ever purchased.
The packaging is really sleek with the rose gold pump. I love rose gold, it is one of the prettiest colour ever. 

I am kinda bumped that there is no testers at the store. I just chose the colour according to my instinct. 
I chose the lightest colour available which is N1 Pure Pearl.
I hope it fits my skin tone. 

Catrice EyeBrow Pencil in the darkest brown colour available.
I am growing out my hair so my roots are currently black, so it is better for me to switch back to a darker eyebrow pencil than using the eyebrow gel.
Just a normal eyebrow pencil for daily use and as a back up for the Etude House, I regretted I didn't bring back ups for the Etude House's.
I don't know if I like it yet, there wasn't any testers for this. 

Eyeliner brush. 
It's a repurchase. Eyeliner brush is essential for a gel eyeliner for me. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello Chilly November

Welcome November. It's also welcome winter to the land of snow and vodka.

Finally bought new winter boots to get myself prepared for the harsh winter here.
I really need these boots since I do not have any boots for winter.

Dark navy boots.

UGG style inspired grey boots.

I did a small skincare buy too since my skin was peeling and flaking due to the extreme dryness over here.

This is the first time purchasing skincare from Lush. It is the Celestial Facial Moisturizer. I would say it is kinda pricey at about 739Rub per tub of 40g but I really like it when I tried the tester, it felt so moisturizing.

I applied for the first time last night and my skin felt so soft. It might feel oily for people with oily skin but currently have dry, flakey skin so it absorbed the moment I rub the moisturizer into my skin.

It comes in Lush typical black tub.

The cream is pure white.

I have been thinking for some time whether I should get this because I am not into Western BB creams after using Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB and Eveline Cosmetics BB.
Lately, I am starting to accept Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB after applying it with a brush, I feel like it did its job after applying with a brush. My skin looked so smooth and radiant.

Jumped the bandwagon and got Garnier's BB Cream.

I havent used it or swatched it yet. So for now I don't know how is the consistency of this BB cream but I can't wait to use it in the future. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Goodbye October.

Down busy south west town of Yugo Zapadnaya in Moscow. There's a pretty eyecatching cosmetic store "элизе" which is pretty big compared to most beauty store I've visited in Moscow.
It is pretty much like an Ulta.

What really attracted me to the store is it carries "ArtDeco". "ArtDeco" is a German brand not really known anywhere outside Europe and Korea (apparently Lotte, Olive Young in Korea carries ArtDeco) unless you pay much attention to the beauty community. 

I heard how highly praised their eyeshadows are. So when I went to the ArtDeco counter, I swatched all of their eyeshadow and I love them! They were so smooth and pigmented. 
I immediately bought two colours which caught my eye. To add on there were sales, so it like firmed my decision on getting them.

I am boring person so I picked up a grey and a skin-tone colour.

I picked up colour 316 and 372.
And yes these two colours are shimmer bombs. I really love shimmers as it makes my Asian eyes more awake.

316 is a metallic grey with lots of silver shimmers.
This is probably my first grey mono eyeshadow. I decided to get a grey eyeshadow as I wanna try edgier looks rather than sticking to my plain natural browns.

372 is a skin-tone colour with silver shimmers. A colour typical to me.
A great all over lid colour and highlight colour.

So far I am really loving ArtDeco and I will get more items from this brand.

It is snowing really heavy outside, makes everything depressing. Winter came too early.