Saturday, March 22, 2014

Romantic afternoon with peppermint tea

I have been eyeing on the Rimmel nail polishes for quite a long time. I find the colours very attractive so are their names.

Since the Rimmel buy 3 for 2 is still on at the beauty store near my hostel, I have decided to pick up 3 nail polishes before they go out of stock.
Actually when I went there today, most of the nail polish from Rimmel are sold out.

These are the three nail polishes that I picked up. Two are from Salon Pro line and one from the 60 seconds line.
Oh gosh! these colours are just so beautiful.

I am so into mint green. Peppermint is a peppermint green with blue tones.
It is absolutely beautiful for spring. Mint green never gets old.

I probably have hundreds of pale pinks but New Romantic is hard to resist.
It is one of the shades chosen by Kate Moss thus the 'Kate' sign on the bottle.

New Romantic is a pale peachy pink with silver microshimmers. It makes the most beautiful wedding nail colour.

Mary Mary Quite Contrary. I am totally in love with the name, it's a nursery rhyme. It reminds me of my childhood.

The colour though I find it doesn't have any correlation with its name. Mary Mary Quite Contrary reminds me of pale green colour but this, is a pale grey lilac colour, almost leaning to white. It is a gorgeous colour.
Reminds me of colours of macarons.

Overall, they are really beautiful nail polish colours. I am so in love with the colours. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Travel Diary Winter Olympics in Sochi : Day 4 - FINALE

The time in Sochi was short-lived. This is my last day in Sochi, it is also time to say good bye to Winter Olympics 2014.

On the last day in Sochi, in the morning, after checking out from our cruise, we head down to Sochi City.

Let me tell you how much I missed the cruise, the buffet was awesome and the people there are so nice. If I have another chance to experience a cruise trip, I would definitely go again.

It took about 45 minutes to get from Sochi Airport to Sochi City.

Sochi City's railway station.

We headed towards Sochi Port where everything is happening and lively over there.

On the way to the port, look who I met.

Pardon my messiness, the whole Sochi trip was so tiring that I got too lazy to even dress up or makeup.
I wish I could just lie in the cruise the whole day but we needed to visit the important places in Sochi before we head back home. I don't know when is the next time I would visit Sochi ever again.

This is Sochi Port.
From this view, you could see the three other cruises docking at port.

It is definitely more lively here but I would not wanna stay here during my trip. I can't imagine departing 2 hours earlier from the cruise just to catch the Olympic events and probably arriving after 2am back to the cruise.
I am going to be dead flat.

Living at Adler Port which is beside the Olympic village is already tiring enough, everyday walking to the Olympic Village station was such a chore.
I always wake up with sore body due to the intense walking.

Along the streets at Sochi Port.

It is sure busy with lots of people.
There are lots of non-official Sochi souvenir shops along this street.

I got some souvenirs there.

There are just simple magnets.

I didn't bother to enter the official Sochi souvenir shop. It is just overcrowded with people.
People were queuing up just to get into the stores.

The winter palace.

Sochi is pretty much a city of its own.
It doesn't look very Russian compared to Moscow which architecture are pretty much in Soviet design and Saint Petersburg which is in Imperial Russian style.
Sochi is a very casual and relaxing city compared to these two cities. The people in this city seems to be happier.
Maybe it is due to the constant sunlight and great Mediterranean weather they are getting.

So, good bye Sochi, till we meet again. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

15th haul : Rimmel, Essence, Bourjois

Today, I will be sharing a haul.

It is the 15th, as usual the beauty store near my hostel would always have their monthly 15% off. 
So naturally, I will pop into their stores on the 15th to grab stuffs that I have been lemming after. 

Rimmel was having a buy 3 for 2 offer which is hard to resist. There is hardly any offer like this in Russia.
I just had to grab the chance and pick up the Rimmel items that beauty gurus and bloggers were raving about. 

Rimmel Match Perfection Light Perfecting Radiance Foundation in 103 True Ivory.

I watched Tanya Burr's video and saw her incorporating this foundation in her everyday makeup routine and she likes this foundation, I enjoy watching Tanya's videos and I do trust her reviews on products. Actually it isn't only Tanya Burr who is talking about about this foundation, there were a number of other British beauty guru loving it. 
This foundation is such a steal after 15% off and the special morning 5% off. 

The sales assistant matched me to 103 True Ivory since she said I had more of a yellow skintone. Trying the tester, the colour is a great match for my NC15-NC20 skin. 
I had never have luck with Rimmel's foundation because the use to be too orange for me but this was perfect!! The texture is really great too, it's really light, you hardly can feel it on the skin and it looks really natural. 

Next, I picked up the Moisture Renew Lipstick in 180 Vintage Pink.

Before Rimmel pulled out from Malaysia, I bought one of these in 'Nude Delight' and the packaging was different so were the names. 
This are the new formulation ones and the packaging had became much slicker and prettier compared to the old purple metallic tubes. 

On Vintage Pink. Oh Gosh! Let me just say, I tried the tester and I fell immediately in love with the colour. 
It is absolutely gorgeous! It is a dusty rose with hints of purple, really beautiful. The colour somehow reminds me of London. I don't know why, It just reminded me of everything London. 
I feel so British when I put this on..

A swatch of the colour on my lips. 

The texture of the lipstick is really moisturizing and creamy. 

I picked up two Vintage Pink. I wanted Oxford Street Fuchsia but I have too many pinks of that tone. I probably have a thousand pinks of that tone which means I need another pink like that as much as I need a big hole in my head. 
I am kind of sad I don't see 'Nude Delight' anymore. That is one of my absolute favourite nude colour. I am sad they discontinued that colour.
Time to look for another favourite nude lipstick. 

Essence Lipstick in 53 All About Cupcake

I can never find this colour on the display, it is always out of stock. So when I saw it restocked on the display today, I just grabbed it. 
Essence Lipstick are known to be extremely cheap so if you don't like the colour, off to the bin it can go. 

All About Cupcake is a beautiful my-lips-but-better pink. I can see why it is always out of stock.
It is a pretty colour for such a cheap price. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. 

This is something I picked up awhile ago. I have been hearing a lot of people raving about this foundation. 
I wanted to get hold of it a long time ago but never because my colour it always out of stock!!
How sad. 

But some find day, I saw it back in stock. I immediately grabbed it. 
I haven't tried the foundation yet but I am excited to give it a try soon. 

My colour is in 51 Light Vanilla. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

8th of March Gifts.

Women's Day falls on 8th of March

In Russia, Women's Day is a big holiday.
To read more about the celebration, go to this link.

In conjunction of this celebration, I had Monday off which is great for me. I desperately need a rest.
Also, I feel spring is coming to Mother Russia. There has been more sunlight shone upon us, which makes all of us happy.
We have been doomed with the dull snowy weather for 4 months, it is about time to have sun. Weather have been lovely during the weekends. It has finally hit the 10s.

My roommate gifted me a white tulip.
Tulips are a symbol for women's day.

Someone special gifted me a Lush set.
I haven't opened the gift yet. I am still keeping it in its cute packaging till I am ready to use the products inside.

That person also gifted me two Sochi Soft Touch cases.
I have been looking for these and I am so glad that I have these as gifts. Now I have new phone cases for my Samsung Note. They fit just nice with my Note.

Special someone also gifted me this figure skating cup.

I am showered with gifts, so much love.

I had a stroll in GUM and they transformed the fountain into Tiffany & Co. gift boxes!!
Just after the Olympics, the whole area turned from Olympics themed to Tiffany themed.

Blueberry flavoured ice-cream from Gastronom no. 1.
I haven't seen this flavour around before. This is the first time seeing it and also trying it. It taste so good!

So far, I have tried Creme Brulee and Vanilla flavours. I love all of them! 

FOTD & EOTD : Blue flowers

Just a simple FOTD & EOTD from yesterday.

As you all now I have been very simple on the eyes, I don't do much on my eyes. 
Just a splash of neutral colours, tightlining and mascara. 

The products used : 
Catrice Absolute Nude Palette 
Maybelline TheMagnum Mascara
ELF Mineral Eye Primer
Maybelline Gel Eyeliner
Elianto Luscious Eyeshadow in Hacendia Brown

My face makeup is very simple, the steps are pretty much the same, just that I alternate between products.

The base I used this time is the Laneige BB Cushion. I love to use this Cushion BB when my skin is on a good day, it is light, it brightens my skin tone and the coverage is just great enough for my current skin condition.
I top it off with MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium. Medium is slightly dark on me but I don't use much of it, so it isn't visible but I already had bought a back-up of it in Medium Light.

On my lips is Etude House Dear Darling Tint in #01 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Travel Diary : Winter Olympics in Sochi : Day 3

Happy International Women's Day to all the beautiful ladies in the world.
May every lady in the world feel amazing on this day.

So on my third day in Sochi. I headed to Krasnaya Polyana.
It is the mountain area where the events of snow sports are held.

On the way to Krasnaya Polyana.
The train from Olympic Park to Krasnaya Polyana takes about 45 minutes. Along the way you can enjoy the green forest mountain scenery.
I feel asleep midway since I was exhausted.

Finally in Krasnaya Polyana.

The weather is chillier compared to Adler.
Krasnaya Polyana is a mountain area which explains why it is colder, but it isn't very cold.

Around the Krasnaya Polyana Train Station. Lots of shuttle buses.
Also a cable car to the mountains.

At first we took the wrong shuttle bus which lead us to the cable car to the mountains, then we had to take another shuttle bus to Rosa Khutor.

The City Town Hall in Rosa Khutor.

The city of Rosa Khutor.

It is a nice quiet town to have a stroll.
It is also the first place that I saw a live site for the Olympic games. I haven't seen any at Adler nor the Olympic Park.

The beautiful snow mountain at Rosa Khutor.

Goodbye Krasnaya Polyana, leaving back to Olympic Park.

I made it on time to the Medal Plaza to witness the medal ceremony of the Ladies' Figure Skating.

I find it utterly pointless to seperate the event and the medal ceremony itself. I feel events like figure skating, medals should be awarded on the spot while the drama, excitement are still there.

After the medal ceremony, we flew to the bridge to wait for the athletes.
I am so glad that I waited there because I managed to meet Kim Yuna!

She is such a beautiful girl .

I even got her signature.

The view in the Olympic Park at Night
The Women's Ice Hockey is on in the Bolshoy Ice Dome! Canada vs USA.

Olympic flame.

Iceberg Skating Palace

Olympic design banners

Official Olympic Store.

I didn't enter any Official Olympic Store in Sochi since I am able to access to them in Moscow. The queue and crowd is just horrendous.

Theme Park.

Unfortunately the theme park is still close on this day. Well it was just a day away from the closing ceremony, looks like no one had the chance to experience the theme park in Sochi. What a waste.

This marks the end of my third day in Sochi.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mexican food

On Sunday, I visited my very first Mexican restaurant, Manito

This is their official website
We had 50% off coupon, so it makes eating out much cheaper and enjoyable. 

This is what I ordered along with my friends. 

Nachos with pork

This dish taste really good. I like the taste of smoked pork, it blends well with sour cream, jalapeno, cheese, salsa.
We had this dish twice, this proves how much we love it. 

Seafood Pilaf

This is an average dish. Don't love it nor hate it. There is nothing special about it. 
The seafood is not that fresh but I never expect much from Moscow seafood, the seafood in Moscow is mostly frozen. 

Pork for Fajitas. (Didn't take the picture of the Fajitas)

I like the pork in this dish. It taste really good. 

Overall with 50% off I will recommend this restaurant for an affordable and great eat out . 

Monday, March 3, 2014

EOTD & FOTD : Spring Snow

My makeup have been really uninteresting thus my laziness in posting any FOTD or EOTD frequently.
My eye makeup style have been almost the same throughout the year. I have been into very simple and subtle eye makeup since it suits my eye shape the best.
I like to gently tightline my eye and pull out a straight wing at the end to give my eyes an illusion of being longer since my eyes are short.
Eyeshadows, I am still into the nudes. I am never too crazy on bright or dark colours

Here are products I used on my eyes :
Catrice Absolute Nude Palette
Maybelline TheMagnum Mascara (Favourite! Makes my lashes look really long and voluminous)
ELF Eye Primer

My overall look.
I curled my hair for the day.

I am still really loving my Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation. I do not like Matte foundations but this one is a special case since it gives a very beautiful soft matte finish. I am sad it is discontinued but I guess I will live with Perfection Lumiere.

Face Products used :
Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation
MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium
Garnier 2 in 1 Corrector
Essence Me and My ice cream cream blush
ELF Studio Blush 'Gotta Glow'

My skin has been really great of late. Thanks to these products.
This is a repurchase. I have almost run out both of the products, so I stopped by the pharmacy to stock them up before I run out and go panic mode.
La Roche Posay Effaclar K and Effaclar Duo [+]

Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel came together with the Effaclar K as a special set. I thought it is more wroth the buck to get the set than the Effaclar K alone.
They also reformulated the Effaclar Duo and changed its name to Effaclar Duo [+]. I have to try it out to see is there any difference to the old Effaclar Duo. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Christmas in Red Square.

This is an overdue post on Christmas in Red Square.
Last year's Christmas, Red Square is beautiful decorated. It can be seen that there have put more effort in decorating the area, maybe because the Winter Olympics was coming.

Anyway here are a few beautiful photos of the places.

Infront of Bolshoy Teather.
There is a mini bazaar and also a beautifully decorated fountain and christmas tree.

The Christmas Tree.

In GUM, it was basically crowded till no end. We have to squeeze our way through.
Luckily at the 2nd floor, we manage to get ourselves great pictures.

The Christmas decoration seen from the 2nd floor. It feels really grand.

The fountain at the first floor. I don't know if you all can see the crowd but there's a lot of people in my photo!!
Poor ice cream lady, she was so busy serving customers.

An extra selca of myself!
For the FOTD, Click here!

At the end of the day, we had Krispy Kreme outside of GUM. I am not a fan of Krispy Kreme because it is awfully sweet that it makes my teeth hurt.
I would consider it as a nice Christmas treat with my friends but personally if alone, I wouldn't go back to Krispy Kreme.