Tuesday, March 11, 2014

8th of March Gifts.

Women's Day falls on 8th of March

In Russia, Women's Day is a big holiday.
To read more about the celebration, go to this link.

In conjunction of this celebration, I had Monday off which is great for me. I desperately need a rest.
Also, I feel spring is coming to Mother Russia. There has been more sunlight shone upon us, which makes all of us happy.
We have been doomed with the dull snowy weather for 4 months, it is about time to have sun. Weather have been lovely during the weekends. It has finally hit the 10s.

My roommate gifted me a white tulip.
Tulips are a symbol for women's day.

Someone special gifted me a Lush set.
I haven't opened the gift yet. I am still keeping it in its cute packaging till I am ready to use the products inside.

That person also gifted me two Sochi Soft Touch cases.
I have been looking for these and I am so glad that I have these as gifts. Now I have new phone cases for my Samsung Note. They fit just nice with my Note.

Special someone also gifted me this figure skating cup.

I am showered with gifts, so much love.

I had a stroll in GUM and they transformed the fountain into Tiffany & Co. gift boxes!!
Just after the Olympics, the whole area turned from Olympics themed to Tiffany themed.

Blueberry flavoured ice-cream from Gastronom no. 1.
I haven't seen this flavour around before. This is the first time seeing it and also trying it. It taste so good!

So far, I have tried Creme Brulee and Vanilla flavours. I love all of them! 

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