Thursday, June 30, 2011

post-exam outing

Previously it was exam season thus I was too busy to actually get on the blog thus sorry for the week without updates.
Now since everything is over, I am gonna update a little before returning back home in a few days.

First is a EOTD using the new Vivienne Sabo eyeshadow duo that I picked up awhile ago, I really love the colour but it is not too long lasting and it smudges without a primer.

I also visited Hard Rock cafe in Arbat Street
Food was just average, I feel amongst the American cuisine, Chili's has to be the best.
The grilled medium rare sirloin I ordered was a little bland.

My open faced grilled sirloin.

After the meal, visited Red Square, sadly the square is all barred up.
St. Basil's cathedral is breathtaking.

The eternal flame to honour those who scarified in the war.

The view of Moscow city from the bridge.

Kremlin, Red Square and St. Basil's. All in one.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Voyage, moving on..

I gave in to temptation I finally got the last colour of the set.
So I got the whole set of Vivienne Sabo's summer collection lipgloss.

The last colour is the one at the most right.
It is a rosey sandy pink.


Friday, June 17, 2011

a little bit of lavender.

A swatch of the pink up! nailpolish i bought the other day.
Love the colour but it sheerer than i thought, needs about 2 coats to achieve this.Can get a little streaky at times too.

This time I picked up a few more nail polishes. Cheap ones but this brand seems to work good for its price.
I think I am on nailpolish craze. lol
Looks like the pinks, reds, roses and purples are my colour.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pre-exam haul #1

Just a little things I picked up here and there for the past few weeks.
I picked up 2 nailpolishes. one from Vivienne Sabo and one from Pink up!
I never heard of the brand Pink up! before, but hopefully it does good since it is not really cheap.
Also, picked up a lipgloss from essence in pink dragonfruit. It is more of a reddish pink with silver shimmers.

Here's a swatch
Isn't it pretty? It gives an instant plump and juicy lip effect.
Ofcourse not as plump as after applying lip plumper.
It is not sticky at all and the colour payoff is good for me.

More random skincare and bath stuffs i got.
Right : Eye cream from some Russian brand. I am always off to try more eyecreams.
Left : Russian brand conditioner. My friend told me it is a good brand, so i bought it to try, i mean why not, it is really cheap too.
Right :Got a Joanna conditioner in Vanilla. The Vanilla scent totally got me into getting this because I love Vanilla scent. Anything vanilla is a plus for me.
Left : Natura Siberica body wash. It is stated it is all natural and organic and I like their shampoo really much. , so am excited to try it out.

That's all for now. =)
Will review them after a few use of them.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A little fashion and make on Russian Day

Happy Russian Day.


I went to H&M to get some new summer clothes.

A pretty pink summer dress. I dont have a summer dress.

I love this coordinate very very much!!
Eventhough the top is see through but it is so gorgeous.

The top is 699 roubles and the skirt is 499 roubles.

and also this makeup store, Cherie ma Cherie was having a 50% discount storewide.
I picked up some items.
4 eyeshadows and a highlight.
There's one eyeshadow is for my mum.

The colours are Charming Peach, Chocolate Kiss and Plum Punch.
Don't they look exactly like MAC's packaging. ^^;

Highlighter in Rosini.
Feels like a little shimmer overload.

Drunkards and Chili's

On Friday, after all our credits, we headed for a meal in Chili's in Arbat Street.
It's the first Chili's in Russia.

Before that we had a stroll at the streets of New Arbat.
It feels more lively than when it was Winter. More street vendors and performance and activities.
It was 9pm when I took this picture, still look like it was evening.


The menu.

I ordered a Cafe Latte.

The rest of the food orders was a shared order.
The portion is so big that I couldn't finish them up!!
Grilled Baby Back Ribs. This is their star menu.
Salad Explosion

After the meal, we had a drink in the bar.
We were suppose to head home at 2pm before the metro stops its operation but unfortunately some of my groupmates got high, well half drunk thus we stayed till 5.30am.

I am not much of a drinker, so I drank only the light stuffs.
My sparkling champagne.

The streets of Arbat at 5.27am.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vivienne Sabo Summer collection gets

I went to the beauty shop beside my uni and I saw a new collection display for this brand Vivienne Sabo. There was not much in the new collection, about 3 items only, 3 colours of lipglosses, a bronzer and a mascara, but they were so cute that I couldnt resist them. So i picked a few items. Hauling this is what i do best!

Vivienne Sabo Voyage Poudre Bronzante.
Actually this is the first "drugstore" bronzer I saw in Russia. That's why I had to pick it up.
I swatched it in the store, the colour is perfect for my skintone and it is smooth. It contains some shimmers so some people might hate it.
There's a nice "beach sand"-like design on the powder. I am sure you can see the shimmers from this picture.

Vivienne Sabo Voyage Vinyl Lipgloss
How could I not pick them up, look at the cute charm dangling on it.
I know I need another lipgloss like I need a hole in my head.
I picked up a pink lipgloss and a hot red lipgloss. I know I do not need a pink lipgloss because I have bazillions of it but I just have to had pink because it's pink.
This is my first hot red lipgloss and I am excited about it!

Close up of the charm. The brand name Vivienne Sabo is engraved on the charm. So pretty.

And something new from Essence cosmetics. A gel eyeliner.
Not a want because I really need an eyeliner. All my gel/cream eyeliners dried up. Like completely dried up.
I am gonna see how this works.
Well you can see there's actually very little product. It is filled up like half of the tiny jar?

That's all of my haul for now.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

mini buys : perfume, sunglass

This is what I have been having for my breakfast daily.
Chocolate milk and cereal. I hate plain milk.

A lovely cheap perfume by for June, well Summer.
Just for me to spray it around everywhere...
I like the fact it smells very sweet. A sweet floral smell that is not too overbearing.
Since it is cheap, i dont mind spraying more and everywhere.
It was only 78roubles.

Since it has been so sunny that I could hardly open my eyes outdoors.
I got myself a pair of singlasses.
Just a normal sunglasses with big frames. I realize this type of sunglasses suit me the most.
The Ray Ban style ones look really off on me.

a cute heart shape J.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Life updates #1

I will busy for this week till either mid or end of Junes due to clearing all my credits and my upcoming finals. Thus, the posting in this blog will simmer down a little.

I have been also hunting circle lenses up and down (which made me part busy, lol). The ones that I really really love are all out of stock which makes me a really really sad girl.
So, currently I am joining a pre-order for the lens and went crazy because there's a lot of new designs out . When it comes then you would know how many lenses I got. I live by circle lenses. Hopefully there's no out of stock from the manufacturer too. *Crosses fingers*