Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weight loss project : Week 4

I have been slacking off this week because I have been pretty much sick and I didn't care too much about my diet.

I am sticking with my move more habit. Will update next week

Friday, April 29, 2011

Review : Lumene Moisturizing Cream Cleanser with Arctic Cloudberry

This is how the packaging looks like. Orang packaging with a blue cap.
It comes with 150ml of product for about 169roubles (after discount).

This cleanser comes with a really pleasing scent with a faint orange scent and some herbs which smells like the chinese herb my mum used to brew when I caught cough. Reminds me of home.
The texture is creamy and it slightly foams up with water.

This cleanser claims to remove makeup but I don't think it does a very good job on that area, a cleansing milk is still needed to thoroughly remove base makeup from the face. If it's a bare face, then it cleanses well.
It also claims it is moisturizing. I don't feel it is moisturizing too. I still have dry spots on my face especially on my nose. My skin there peels like snake all the time.

I actually broke out using this cleanser. I do not have sensitive skin so I rarely do breakout on products but this, made me break out pretty badly on my forehead.Actually I thought it is because of the weather but when I decided to change my cleanser to Acmedia face cleanser from Japan, my skin stopped acting up, the pimples subsided so the culprit is definitely this cleanser.

For its price, I think this cleanser don't worth what I pay for, I could get a better cleanser from brands like Hada Labo, Acmedia and Jujumoist.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring's calling.

Spring is officially here.
The trees are still bare but the grass has grown.
Pretty sky and temperate weather.



Beautiful lighting and an excuse to post a picture with my new chain.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Jewelry haul #1

I have a jewelry haul. I got them from Diva.
Diva is an accessory line mainly aimed to teenagers. The price range is around middle range. Quality wise is middle, you get what you pay for.

I just got a few pieces here and there to wear it for Spring. Yes. It is finally officially Spring in Russia. Temperature has finally gone to the bearable stage.

A layered gold chain with pearls and a small bird charm.
I find this really chic and cute yet simple. Not too overbearing.
Matches all types of clothes.

A set of bangles. I bought this because it came with rose tinged bronze.
I find the colour pretty unique and ofcourse cute. We like rose tinged bronze dont we.

a set of rings. Really cute. I am really into simple yet chic jewelry.

simple yet elegant thin silver ring.
I fell in love with this upon seeing it. Looks a little like an engagement ring though.

Also I forgot to add this on my previous post.
I got a sample of this perfume. I am gonna review it soon.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weight loss project : Week 3

Let's start this week with move! Walk the stairs to my room and to university.

Breakfast : 3 pieces of white bread with butter
Lunch : Pasta
Dinner : 1/2 cup rice, nuggets, stir fried vege.
Misc : a pack of wafer.

Breakfast : 2 wafers
Lunch : Rice and Grilled Chicken
Dinner : Rice, Stir fried chicken with vege, 2 oranges
Misc : wafers and coffee.

Breakfast : instant oats
Lunch : shaurma
Dinner : Rice, baked beans with egg, fried salmon

Breakfast : Skipped
Lunch : plain porridge with marmite
Dinner : Plain porridge with marmite
misc : wafer

Sick day this the diet explains all.

Breakfast : 1 slice of bread with nutella, instant noodle with chinese cabbage and egg.
Lunch : Skipped
Dinner : Pasta

The clinic visit made me missed my lunch and the worst, i cant get hold of the doctor.

Breakfast : Pasta
Lunch : Pizza, cake
Dinner : 2 Ikea Hotdog, Soup, Salad

Breakfast : Skipped
Lunch : Porridge
Dinner : Porridge

As you see, sick week. Have not been feeling well.
But there's a weight gain.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Amuse pearl eyeshadow palette review.

This is a review for the Amuse Pearl Eyeshadow.
It retails at USD2.25. It is available on Nonpareilboutique.

This is the palette I own.

I got this palette on a wimp because of its price. It is just too cheap and the colours looks really pretty.

Pigmentation wise. They are really pigmented.
Top 4 colours.

Bottom 4 colours

They are really shimmery. Glitters are not chunky.
Texture wise. I do not like it. I do not know why, when I try to pick up colours, lots of it comes out as a chunk and the colour forms dent. It is not densely packed.
It is also really hard to blend. Once you put it on there. It stays as it is. I wont blend.
It has a lot of fall outs too.
It doesn't last long on the lid without a base. It goes away after awhile, about 2-3 hours.

Price : 5/5
Quality : 1/5
Colour Variation : 3/5 ( the browns turns out somewhat similiar after swatching)
Packaging : 2/5 (Flimsy..)
Pigmentation : 5/5

Overall. You get what you pay.

Collective haul #1

I have a haul. It is a collective haul. I didnt get all this things one shot.

Since spring's here. I got myself a new ballet flats. They are pretty cheap. 210roubles or so.
It's gold. I like the little bow right there. Makes it look super girlie and cute!

Then since Stokmann was on sale. I pick up 2 bottles of perfumes.
One is for my mum thus I didnt open the packaging.
Nina for Nina Ricci and Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy.
Nina Ricci's is for my mum.
They are just the 30ml size one.

I got myself the Viva La Juicy because I heard many raves about it and when I was in the shop, I tested it and I love the smell.

The bottle is pretty cute too. I like the detailing and also the pink ribbon.
A closer look at the nice icon detailing.

Then I went to the beauty supply store and picked up a cleanser and cleansing milk
Lumene brightening cream cleanser and some Russian brand cleansing milk.
A review will come up soon.

I pick up also 2 Maybelline foundation.
The Maybelline Dream Creamy foundation which also the Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse in the US. This foundation claims to be super moisturizing.

It comes in a not so conventional packaging where the sponge is at the top lid and you have to screw open the lid to get the product. I find it really troublesome and space consuming.
My shade is 08 Light Beige. I heard in UK they only offer 5 shades where 04 Light Porcelain is too light for a NC20 and 21 Nude is too dark. For me, 08 is just nice.

The texture is really creamy.

I have already used this product. I am gonna throw a short review here.
The coverage for this foundation is light to medium. I dont recommend to layer on, it will turn cakey. I use ELF powder brush to apply this foundation and it creates a nice finish.
Moisturizing? This foundation is definitely not close to foundation. There's still cakey-ness at the dry spots on my face.

On my face.

This foundation is not really long lasting. It stays on my face about 4-5 hours then it is completely gone even with powder on top.
Not a bad foundation but definitely not one I would recommend from drugstores.
Retails 369roubles or so.

Maybelline Affintone 24H foundation. I think this is the equivalent to the Superstay 24H.
At first when I bought it, I picked up the wrong shade 21 medium beige which was 2-3 shades darker than my shade.
Then I went back again this time to pick up the right shade. I was actually thinking on getting either 05 light beige and 10 natural beige.
Light beige was a little too pink but Natural beige was too yellow! Ofcourse I would pick up the pinker one since it was not too bad on my skin compared to yellow.
I havent tried this foundation yet but I am excited to try it.
It retails 349roubles.

Today I visited the MAC store and I picked up a lip colour.
This colour goes so well with my skintone. It complements real well.
I love it so much!

It is in Speed Dial.

I tried 4 pinks in the store. Speed Dial, Snob, St. Germain and Viva Glam Gaga.
Speed Dial looks the prettiest on me.

Then I walked into Douglas Rivoli. They were having a sale. Marked down on cosmetics like Guerlain, Dior, Lancome and YSL.

and I picked up my first high-end eyeshadow palette. Oh so excited!

The Dior 5 colour iridescent eyeshadow.

Fuzkittie loves it so I have to try it and I am also looking for a good eyeshadow.
My cheapie eyeshadow just has too many fallout and chalky, yada yada.

Comes in a pretty velvet pouch. I love makeup with velvet pouches. Prevents the packaging from getting scratched.

Oh so shiny~~

Pretty colours!
This is in Ready to Glow. When I swatched the eyeshadow in the store. So smooth and buttery.
Too lovely.

It retails usually at 2000++ roubles. Really overpriced.
It got cut down to 1588roubles (USD56), cheaper by $2 in Sephora.

Still it's good.
That's all or the haul.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Diet : Week 2

I already broke the rule for day one. Didn't have any vege intake because I was too lazy too cook.

Breakfast : 4 wafers
Lunch : Pasta with spaghetti sauce
Dinner : 4 wafers
Misc : Few pieces of biscuits, a cup of coffee

What I ate on Sunday is really not recommended. My breakfast and dinner is really unhealthy but I was lazy and well, a little busy too since my whole book shelves fell apart and gotta fix it.
Finally finished my wafers, not gonna repurchase them to restrain myself from eating these unhealthy snacks.

Breakfast : 3 slices of bread with nutella/cheese spread
Lunch : 1/2 cup of rice, sweet and sour drumstick with vege
Dinner : 1/2 cup of rice, fried vege, an orange
Misc : A slice of bread with nutella

Today's lunch and dinner are much healthier choices. Chinese style stir fried vege and chicken usually contain minimal amount of salt and also fats.
Somehow I think i have to put away that cheese spread and nutella.

Breakfast : skipped
Lunch : Rice, Pork, Fried Vege and Bun
Dinner : Rice, Stir fried chicken with white radish in miso paste, grapes
Misc : Ice creams , Lays chips

Really unhealthy for today as during midnight I accompanied my friends for ice cream and chips. So gonna balance it with a balanced lunch and dinner.

Breakfast : Instant oats
Lunch : 2 buns, orange
Dinner : 1/2 cup rice, Stir fried chicken with white radish in miso paste, orange
Misc: ice cream

Breakfast : Instant oats
Lunch : Rice , Stir fried chicken with white radish in miso paste, Bun, Salad
Dinner : 1/2 cup rice, steamed fish, orange
Misc : ice cream

I should be kicking off the ice cream habit. Urgh!

Breakfast : Instant Oats
Lunch : Plain macaroni , steamed fish, bun, salad
Dinner : Apple Crumble, Swedish meatballs, Salad and Soup (basically Ikea Food)

Definitely the heaviest meal in the week.
Salad, Apple Crumble and Soup
Meatballs, didnt finish the baked potatoes. Was too full

In the end I think I ate too much, I had a bad stomach upset.

Breakfast : Skipped. Overslept
Lunch : Instant Shaurma
Dinner : 1/2 cup rice, stir fried carrot with crabmeat, 4 pieces of chicken nuggets
Misc :a pack of wafers (there goes 500 kcal), Ice Cream.

When I was searching for food in the fridge I amazingly found an instant shaurma and a pack of chicken nuggets which I do not know from which decade. Gotta finish all my food stuffs in the fridge before comes Summer holidays.
I dont know if my eyes are cheating on me or what, it looks like there's a -0.5kg or so but I dont know is it due to the food intake or... stomach upset.

Next up. Move more.
Since my knee is kind of healed now (gonna talk about this later). I am gonna walk more.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My base makeup routine

I do not put a lot of base makeup daily. The most lazy way I just use a sunscreen and then dust on powder to absorb whatever oil from the sunscreen.
This is my base routine when I feel more hardworking, just a little.

So this is my skin before any makeup,
Large pores at nose and also acne scars at chin.
I usually get acne before the time of the month, this is the scars left behind. Damn.
Minor dark eye circles with can be covered with a little foundation usually.

So let's get started
1. First I apply a makeup base to separate my skin with whatever base makeup I am gonna put on .
2. I will dab a little concealer on my acne scars with my MAC studio finish concealer in NC20. Best concealer ever.
3.I dust on a pressed powder, I use the ELF pressed powder (trying to finish it up and hit pan) to let my concealer stay.
4. Apply blush on apple of my cheeks.
That's pretty much all.

I do not put foundation on daily basis because I am lazy like that, I like to keep it natural and I think my skin is pretty much ok(?) and I find it pretty pointless to put too much to uni.
I do not mind minor base makeup and some neutrel or toned down eyeshadow, liner, mascara but bright colours with the glitters is too much.

Final skin finish
This is how I look to uni at times. Simple and presentable.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Diet : Week 1

To loose 50lbs.
This week my aim is to take in more water. Avoid soda at all cost.
Let's start with this week's food intake

Breakfast : 1 piece of plain donut with chocolate filling
Lunch : 1/2 cup of rice worth of porridge with marmite
Dinner : About 1/2cup of rice with sweet and sour chicken with onions and chinese cabbage.
Misc : 5pieces of wafer and 1cup of hot chocolate .

Breakfast : 1 and 1/2 pieces of donut with chocolate filling
Lunch : Salad consist of tomatoes, chinese cabbage and carrot with lemon juice + some mayonnaise, small portion of mashed potato and grilled drumstick.
Dinner : 1/2cup rice with steamed broccoli with bits of salted salmon
Misc : 2 pieces of wafer, 4 mini egg tart, 1 big egg tart( made by roomie! I am taste tester)
Egg tart made by my lovely roomie.

Breakfast : 1 mini egg tart and 2 big egg tarts
Lunch : Mashed Potato with Grilled Drumstick, potato + meat salad
Dinner : 1/2 cup rice, chinese style black pepper chicken + vege, 100g baked beans + egg
Misc : 1 bag of skittles, 5 pieces of wafer, 1 cup of hot chocolate
My leftover Black Pepper Chicken. Gonna have it tomorrow.

Breakfast : 1 donut, 1 hotdog
Lunch : Grilled chicken wings, 4-5 spoons of russian rice( didn't like it), salad
Dinner : 1/2 cup rice, leftover black pepper chicken
Misc : 6 pieces wafer( trying to finish it...), a cup of hot chocolate.

Breakfast : Donut, wafer
Lunch : Rice, Pork, Salad
Dinner : Shaurma and 4 wafers
Misc : A bunch of grapes.

Breakfast : Skipped
Lunch : 1 slice of pizza
Dinner : Switz meatballs, baked potatoes, salad and apple crumble.
Misc : a cup of coffee, 3 pieces of wafer, bunch of grapes


Breakfast : 3 slices of bread, 2 pieces of wafer
Lunch : Rice and Chicken
Dinner : Rice, Scrambled eggs, Stir-fried vege and bak kut teh.
Misc : Ice cream, 2 pieces of wafer

Results : No fluctuation in weight. Still remains the same.

So for random stuff. This round of groceries, I bought more fruits and also vege.
Planning for a fruits detox soon.
but I am gonna start next week with a vege diet. Every meal shall contain vegetables.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

So excited!

I am so excited that what I hauled came.
My mum picked it up and showed me via skype.

First is the RMK jelly eyes items. Mine are not brand new.
I got the 2nd hand to try them out (but they are still in good condition) since I heard Fuzkittie raved about them before.
The first palette.
Shiny Beige Brown.

2nd palette. Natural Coral beige.

They are still in good condition according to my mum just the sponge tip applicators are used.
Well, those could be solved by washing them.

The last thing I picked out.
I ordered this all the way from Taiwan.




Jill Stuart Blush Blossom in Romantic Sweet Pea.
Pretty princessy packaging.
I can't wait to go home and see it with my own eyes.

This blush cost about USD53 on retail.
You could get it on but at a more expensive price of USD65.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

First visit to MAC Russia.

About my first MAC visit in Russia.

So no matter how I can't get the salesgirl to help me because i could barely speak Russian and stuff like that.
MAC shop in Russia is surprisingly quiet. One or two customers at a time.
Price wise, well it is more expensive than Malaysia which is more expensive than the USA. So, go figure.

Here's a little something I got from the MAC shop. Just a back up of the
MAC's Mineralized skin finish naturals.
This product is really raved about. I personally love them too. They give such a pretty and natural finish. No the powder look.

My shade is in Light Medium.

Open up.
There's a plastic casing on top of it. I dont remember having it when I bought my old mineralized skinfinish natural.

The glorious price.
1200roubles. About USD42. Twice of the price in USA. =(
It cost around USD36 in Malaysia. Still expensive compared to US but better than Russia.

if you live in the US. Do buy MAC. They are priced really reasonable there and it is good quality. Worth the money. I would constantly haul MAC if I live in the US.
Here, I could only buy one time at a time.

Completed one item from my wishlist now.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Care. Eyes.

Just went to the beauty store to get dental floss and eye cream because little fine lines started to appear due to sleepness nights.
Had to study up to clear all my pending colloqs due to one week missing class. I didn't skip classes ofcourse. I have a really practical medical excuse not to attend class. I slipped and twisted my knee ligament. It is still swollen though but I couldnt bear skipping anymore classes because every classes there's test and colloqs, I dont wanna pile it up and undergo a breakdown.

See the fine lines.
Prevention is better than cure. So spend some bucks to get an eyecream!

Because I heard Fuzkittie uses this brand, Lumene.
I have decided to try it since it is available here in Russia eventhough the selection is scarce.
The Vitamin C range.
It comes in only 15ml for 135roubles or so.

It comes in this little cute tube.

Ofcourse I also picked up other things.
I wanted to pick up Bourjois' liquid eyeliner but from the tester.
It dries sooooo slow. For me this is a big no-no.
I really needed an eyeliner since my ELF cream liner and Wet n Wild cream liner is drying up and the consistency isnt how it used to be. It used to be so waterproof and budge proof but now it flakes.

So I picked up the essense long lasting eyepencil in Hot Chocolate.
Wanna try a brown eyeliner. Looks more natural?

It is an automatic liner =D

Here's a swatch.
I drew a line and let it set for awhile, then I try to smudge it. To my surprise, it didnt budge!
Unless I rub really hard, it fades off.
This is a gem.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Happy April's Fools!
Actually in the previous tutorial, I never wore such a voluminous false eyelash, it made my eyelid heavy and it was hard for me to open my eye at first.

Today I used a more natural eyelash.
IMO, it looks so much better.
I am wearing GnG circle lenses.

The eye makeup.
There's a wee bit of fall out.

p.s. I know I need to get my brows fixed.