Sunday, April 17, 2011

Diet : Week 2

I already broke the rule for day one. Didn't have any vege intake because I was too lazy too cook.

Breakfast : 4 wafers
Lunch : Pasta with spaghetti sauce
Dinner : 4 wafers
Misc : Few pieces of biscuits, a cup of coffee

What I ate on Sunday is really not recommended. My breakfast and dinner is really unhealthy but I was lazy and well, a little busy too since my whole book shelves fell apart and gotta fix it.
Finally finished my wafers, not gonna repurchase them to restrain myself from eating these unhealthy snacks.

Breakfast : 3 slices of bread with nutella/cheese spread
Lunch : 1/2 cup of rice, sweet and sour drumstick with vege
Dinner : 1/2 cup of rice, fried vege, an orange
Misc : A slice of bread with nutella

Today's lunch and dinner are much healthier choices. Chinese style stir fried vege and chicken usually contain minimal amount of salt and also fats.
Somehow I think i have to put away that cheese spread and nutella.

Breakfast : skipped
Lunch : Rice, Pork, Fried Vege and Bun
Dinner : Rice, Stir fried chicken with white radish in miso paste, grapes
Misc : Ice creams , Lays chips

Really unhealthy for today as during midnight I accompanied my friends for ice cream and chips. So gonna balance it with a balanced lunch and dinner.

Breakfast : Instant oats
Lunch : 2 buns, orange
Dinner : 1/2 cup rice, Stir fried chicken with white radish in miso paste, orange
Misc: ice cream

Breakfast : Instant oats
Lunch : Rice , Stir fried chicken with white radish in miso paste, Bun, Salad
Dinner : 1/2 cup rice, steamed fish, orange
Misc : ice cream

I should be kicking off the ice cream habit. Urgh!

Breakfast : Instant Oats
Lunch : Plain macaroni , steamed fish, bun, salad
Dinner : Apple Crumble, Swedish meatballs, Salad and Soup (basically Ikea Food)

Definitely the heaviest meal in the week.
Salad, Apple Crumble and Soup
Meatballs, didnt finish the baked potatoes. Was too full

In the end I think I ate too much, I had a bad stomach upset.

Breakfast : Skipped. Overslept
Lunch : Instant Shaurma
Dinner : 1/2 cup rice, stir fried carrot with crabmeat, 4 pieces of chicken nuggets
Misc :a pack of wafers (there goes 500 kcal), Ice Cream.

When I was searching for food in the fridge I amazingly found an instant shaurma and a pack of chicken nuggets which I do not know from which decade. Gotta finish all my food stuffs in the fridge before comes Summer holidays.
I dont know if my eyes are cheating on me or what, it looks like there's a -0.5kg or so but I dont know is it due to the food intake or... stomach upset.

Next up. Move more.
Since my knee is kind of healed now (gonna talk about this later). I am gonna walk more.

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