Saturday, April 16, 2011

My base makeup routine

I do not put a lot of base makeup daily. The most lazy way I just use a sunscreen and then dust on powder to absorb whatever oil from the sunscreen.
This is my base routine when I feel more hardworking, just a little.

So this is my skin before any makeup,
Large pores at nose and also acne scars at chin.
I usually get acne before the time of the month, this is the scars left behind. Damn.
Minor dark eye circles with can be covered with a little foundation usually.

So let's get started
1. First I apply a makeup base to separate my skin with whatever base makeup I am gonna put on .
2. I will dab a little concealer on my acne scars with my MAC studio finish concealer in NC20. Best concealer ever.
3.I dust on a pressed powder, I use the ELF pressed powder (trying to finish it up and hit pan) to let my concealer stay.
4. Apply blush on apple of my cheeks.
That's pretty much all.

I do not put foundation on daily basis because I am lazy like that, I like to keep it natural and I think my skin is pretty much ok(?) and I find it pretty pointless to put too much to uni.
I do not mind minor base makeup and some neutrel or toned down eyeshadow, liner, mascara but bright colours with the glitters is too much.

Final skin finish
This is how I look to uni at times. Simple and presentable.

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