Saturday, July 30, 2011

barbie gal.

I picked up circle lens again. This one is just a repurchase.
It's the Super Barbie Princess Pink lenses. This one is my favourite out of the bunch of circle lenses I have tried. Another favourite of mine is the Sweet Pink/Candy Pink ones.

I have been using them for a bout a year now. So it's time to replace them.Looks like they revamped the packaging, now it comes with a nice pink box, even my envelope is pink (couldn't take a pic since I have already dumped it away)

Princess Pink blends with my colour very well.
It natural light it can look either light purple or brown but then if looked closely, it has pink hints.
Pink is like the special colour for lens.

Enlargement wise this lens are very enlarging but not too big, they are 15mm.
For tiny eyes like mine, I could not wear it out alone, some makeup work has to be done to make it work.

Comfort wise, for me they are comfortable unless you are wearing them for 8-9 hours. If it gets too dry, it can be fixed with eye moisture drips.

Colour wise, they stand out a lot in natural light and also indoor light. I have really dark eyes I think they show a lot.

Friday, July 29, 2011

July's favourites

Since I am back I can get in touch with more of my makeup, I am gonna do my few favourites of this month.

Elianto eyeshadow in Light Salmon
The texture is a little chalky but it's the colour that draws me to like it. it seems to just go well with the browns.
Very lovely and useful colour. I reach out to this colour a lot.

Jordana eyeshadow in Over the Taupe
gorgeous colour, not chalky stays on really long and doesn't crease with a primer and extremely affordable. I am loving it a lot!

MAC mineralize skin finishbest ever powder used. I am gonna stick using this for awhile until there's even better one.
Doesn't give the chakey feeling when applied, so natural on the skin with good coverage. It minimises the pores on my face.
Last very long too. Worth every penny I payed for.

Taiwanese handmade lashes which can be purchased from
I like this style since it gives a voluminous and flirty lash look since it accentuates the ends.
Makes the eye looks longer.

Essence glossy lipbalm in pink dragonfruit
I just find myself reaching for this product often. I like the scent and it taste sweet when licked.
The colour payoff is very good for this one and t does give nice glossy sheen.
Just that it doesn't last long but I don't mind reapplying.

Maybelline volum' express hypercurl cateyes mascara in feline black
Since the wand is in comb style it's really good for bottom lashes, I use it mostly for bottom lash.
It's very waterproof, doesn't flake, doesn't smudge nor budge after applied and super black.
Just removing it an be a tough job at times.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

dead laptop. criessssss

Posting this from my old grandpa pc because I had sent my poor laptop for repair since it has been wonky since 2 days ago and I am gonna get it back maximum in 2 weeks time. I am gonna cry me a river. All my data is in there. I am gonna be musicless and dramaless for 2 weeks. nooooooooo.

I am suppose to take a FOTD or EOTD for my look today but I forgot since I was in a rush. Bleh.
Nevermind I am gonna take it the next time.

Anyway let's move on to a mini haul.

I picked up this Essence mono eyeshadow in #24 because I like shiny stuffs.

It's a bling bling twinkling ling.
So shiny I like. Gonna use it as a base when I feel like I want more shimmers and glitters.

from Daiso. I got this Ellefar eyeshadow palette. I saw this in Popteen's April 2010 issue(??). I think it's that issue on a tutorial. Since it's only RM5 why not try it out, it doesn't hurt the pocket.Neutrl colours. What I like best. It comes in colours like blue and green too but those are colours I rarely touch thus It's definitely a waste if I buy them since I know I am not gonna go near them at all.

from the darker colours side. You can see there's a glitter overkill on the darkest shade.
Those who hates glitter steer away from this palette.

light shades side.

Monday, July 25, 2011

favourite mascara

Since my mascara is running low and I had it for like few months. I know you are not suppose to keep mascara too long since bacteria could accumulate in the tube and yada yada yada.

Picked up my most trustworthy brand of mascara.
Majolica Majorca. Yeap 10% off.

I have tried lots of brands. Some worked some are pure crap.
For me, mascaras I would go for either Maybelline Asia's editions or Majolica Majorca. They work the best for Asian lashes. I had tried The Colossal that is available in European and the US. It didn't work that good. It didn't accentuate my lashes as it promise and after half of the day it flakes and hola! panda eyes.

The only down side for Majolica Majorca is it is so waterproof that i can be a pain to remove.

This time I bought Lash Expander frame plus because it's cheaper after discount. Also, from the tester It works amazing, no flakes, no clumps, it made my lashes 100 times longer.
I have tried the Lash Gorgeous Wing before and it works amazing too. No flakes, no clumps, just the lengthening effect is not so prominent. The brush. The Lash Gorgeous Wing has the normal mascara brush but the Lash expander frame plus' comes in a comb style. Comb style is very convenient for bottom lashes.
I like to use the Maybelline Volum' on Hypercurl Cat eye mascara for my bottom lashes because of the comb style, by the way this mascara is Asia limited.
but you can try getting it on

So what's your favourite mascara?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

random food post.

I like how Big Apply came up with all these mini bite size Donashi although not all flavours are yummy.

So colourful and photo worthy.

and this is a very delicious chuka idako onigiri I bought yesterday.
absolutely delicious.

downsize, it is very mini size.

There was a Summer Hokkaido Food festival in Isetan today. I bought some food but I haven't took any pictures of it yet, gonna put it put as soon as I take them.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

melting under...

EOTD of yesterday. The thing I hate about my camera is the micro function picks up every single strand of hair and pore.
So thus I look like I have disgusting skin. Anyway my skin is not flawless.

I wore some Taiwanese false lashes in criss-cross design. It fades out from short to long. Very voluminous and one of my favourite designs.
Circle lens is Super Barbie's Princess Pink.
Lately I don't feel like putting bottom lashes so I use my own lashes only.

Lighting is really bad in my room since not much natural light comes in.
Anyway I took this picture nearer to the source of light. To give a better picture of the colour

Top one is called me and my icecream. It is a light pink colour
Bottom one is called my favourite milkshake. More of a nude-pink-peach tone.

Friday, July 22, 2011

sunshine days

Got myself hitting down the shopping complexes around. It's so good to see changes around and a new shopping complex (although still pretty much quiet) and also Sephora around.
Didn't get anything off Sephora since I still have my things and they are not quite done yet.
Since Watsons has been bringing even more cosmetics from Japan and Europe. I have found my love with it again. Like I am never in love with Watsons. It's my favourite drugstore yo!

so, in the new shopping complex. There brought in Uniqlo.
I have been wanting this top like forever eversince I saw it either in Mina or With.
The Cath Kidston charity T-shirts. They are so cute and sweet.
cute little small flower design.

The really cute tag.
The T-shirt only cost me RM39.90 since it was on sale. The normal price is RM59.90.

From Watsons I picked up a gel eyeliner which I really need and two lipglosses which I need it like I need a hole in a head.
Essense has finally arrived at Malaysia's shores. Oh yeah and they are super affordable.
My lipgloss they cost RM9.90 each.

The eyeliner comes with a brush. The only difference between it and the Europe and American version is the cap. The Asian version has a metal cap which looks so much sleeker.

So the brand name is printed on the frosted jar.

This is the product inside.

at the night market, I picked up some stuffs besides food.
most importantly is a false lashes glue definitely not an eyecream. amongst all the cheap brand this has to be the best one I used. It's super sticky and it doesn't irritate my eyes. I am not sure where this brand originates from, I guess either China or Taiwan.
but a little higher end I like to use Koji Eye Talk, yea I don't use it as a double eyelid glue.
It works very well with false lashes too.

I picked up more false lashes but these ones were cheap.
The big pink box is just RM8 and the normal singles are just RM1 each. All together I got them for RM10 (around USD3)
These are either Taiwan or China imported lashes. Eventhough they are cheap some are really nice to work with.

Definitely not MAC lashes and I don't think they are even imitation but this lashes have really nice design which I never seen around yet.

This one gives out the dolly feeling.

Girly feeling lashes. This come in 6 pairs.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Play it!

I picked up Playboy's new line of woman fragrance in Play it Lovely during my transit.
It comes in 30ml for USD10.

There are 3 different types of fragrance in this line. Play it Lovely, Play it Sexy and Play it Spicy.
I haven't really smelt the other lines.
For play it lovely. It has a really sweet scent which I like. It's not sweetly sickening like how I find Britney Spear's perfumes are.
I don't know how to describe the scent since I do not know much about scents and perfumes.

Upon applying it last quite awhile long enough for me but not too long. About 7 hours or so.
Pretty good for its price.

and also a camwhore picture. This picture has been taken quite awhile ago but I never found the appropriate time to post it.

A close up shot of the eye make up could be seen in this post.

Just some extra infomation.
Nail : TheFaceShop nail polish in GR503

Monday, July 18, 2011

new hair colour!

I chopped off about 4-5 inches of my ends since it was as dry as hay.
I also redyed it into a darker colour using Revlon's Light Golden Brown colour which didn't turn out as golden brown for me.

It can be seen that hair looks so much healthier.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

all about the eyes.

I just realized Kiss Me products has arrived at our drugstores. The product range offered is pretty good.
There's quite a number of things I am gonna consider getting like their eyeliners, false lashes and mascara. I heard many good reviews about them.

I picked up only one product from the counter.
Heavy Rotation Eyebrow Mascara in Light Ash.
I have tried this product at the counter and I could say it is one of the best eyebrow mascara I ever tried.
Compare to Kate's, it is not shimmery. I don't know what's with all the shimmers for eyebrow mascara. It is pigmented and the price is not too hefty although slightly more expensive than Kate.
I am gonna redye my hair light brown again soon and yeah, black brows never go good with light hair, for some people atleast.

Here is an example with it on. It looks kinda bad close up...
It fills in the brows just with a swipe, not too much of a hassle to use.

EOTD of that day.
Blue contact lens and the normal generic Taiwanese eyelashes.

Bought somemore Taiwanese eyelashes. They always come cheap and in pretty good quality.
I actually bought three pairs previously to try out for this style. I like it very much thus I am back to buy the whole box.

Bottom lashes. the most expensive out of all i got this round. Bottom lashes are usually more expensive. It gives a dolly effect.

The seller was so kind and the gave me a box free.
criss cross type lashes.

Now i got too many lashes to play around with. haha!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Karaoke, crepes and buys

Another karaoke session yesterday with my college buddies and also going with another group of friends today. I swear I am gonna lose my voice soon.

"Can you celebrate?" by Namie Amuro is my best karaoke song.

Anyway after the karaoke, we went to watch Transformers 3. It has been a long time since I stepped into the cinema.
The show was okay for me, the CG was great but storyline wise, I find it typical.

Also! Shimino crepes!
They have brought over crepes to our country.

Not a good picture but atleast you get the idea of the shop's display of the crepes.
Looks so delicious!

My crepe. It is nicely wrapped up and states that it came all the way from Harajuku (the company atleast?)

So much fresh cream . Mine's in Chocolate banana flavour.

Had a little shopping session. Nothing much.
A cute lacey dress from the store called Code Pink. Not too lacey which is a turn off.

Etude House's Lucid Darling Lipstick in #6.
I like Etude House's old packaging for lipsticks better. I find them more princessy and sweet.
This one is more classy.
#6 is a nudey orange with slight pinks. I have been always finding for a nice orange lipstick which is not too over the top.
Let's see how this works.

Monday, July 11, 2011

FOTD : Periwinkle.

A follow up post since I didn't want to merge the FOTD post with the previous post.
The look of yesterday.
For this look I didn't use any falsies nor contour or highlight since I want to go for something lighter.
The major point of this look is the circle lenses.

Now on to what I have on my face.
Face :
Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral Foundation in Rose White
ELF Studio HD powder
Colorbox blush in 08
ELF All over cover stick in Rose Beige

Eyes :
Vivienne Sabo Eyeshadow Duo in 39
EGMinerals eyeshadow in British Lavender
Maybelline Eyestudio Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Maybelline TheMagnum Volum' express mascara
ELF Mineral Eye Primer

Lips :
Etude House Dear Darling lipstick in PK002

Florally summer.

Karaoke session was fun after so long. I never thought I missed karaoke so much
Also, I hate how the selection of Jpop is so scarce here.
Atleast I got to sing some of my favourite song, feels so satisfied.
It's really nice to catch up with old friends too. Checking up on their life and so on.

Anyway after karaoke session, I did a little shopping.

I picked up a floral maxi dress which is pretty cheap.
It only cost around RM29. Such a bargain.
The reason I like shopping in Timesquare at times.

Elianto was having sales. I picked up this sorta highlight colour that was 70% off.
The colour is called baby rose but I don't see anything rosy about it. It is a pinkish champagne colour.

I only paid RM4.50 for this which is just slightly above USD1.
I like when they have sales like this but other than this I didn't find anything interesting.

I might be going back to the place to buy somemore clothes. I saw a few that I quite like but didn't pick them up.

Friday, July 8, 2011

EOTD fails and lippies swatches

I am experimenting makeup currently to make sure how am I gonna dress up for o-bon. Want a look that is gonna match my yukata.

I tried. I tried applying like full black eyeliner all over my eyes like how most of my friend does their makeup.

Didn't look quite as good as it should be. Looks too dark on me and made my eyes look smaller (this i don't like.).
Have to retry it again next time by smudging the black outside instead of applying on the waterline.

This, worked out much better even with the red-pink eyeshadow.
It's still in an experimental process sort of look. Not something I would wear out because of the red. Quite an unsafe colour.

Ok now on to the swatches of 2 new lip colours I got from NYX. The rest is just a repurchase.

NYX megashine lipgloss in Dolly Pink.
The colour itself is super pigmented I just applied on to my lower lip and spread it all over the lip to achieve this nice bright pink that is not too pigmented.
I am loving it!

NYX megashine lipgloss in Natural
In the tube it looks a wee bit scary with the beigy colour. I thought I wasn't gonna work for me when I first saw it in the tube.
After applying, it is like one the wearable everyday colours that everyone loves. A beigy nude pink. Very flattering on fair skin.
Also, I am loving it!

NYX lipglosses are best for its price.