Saturday, July 30, 2011

barbie gal.

I picked up circle lens again. This one is just a repurchase.
It's the Super Barbie Princess Pink lenses. This one is my favourite out of the bunch of circle lenses I have tried. Another favourite of mine is the Sweet Pink/Candy Pink ones.

I have been using them for a bout a year now. So it's time to replace them.Looks like they revamped the packaging, now it comes with a nice pink box, even my envelope is pink (couldn't take a pic since I have already dumped it away)

Princess Pink blends with my colour very well.
It natural light it can look either light purple or brown but then if looked closely, it has pink hints.
Pink is like the special colour for lens.

Enlargement wise this lens are very enlarging but not too big, they are 15mm.
For tiny eyes like mine, I could not wear it out alone, some makeup work has to be done to make it work.

Comfort wise, for me they are comfortable unless you are wearing them for 8-9 hours. If it gets too dry, it can be fixed with eye moisture drips.

Colour wise, they stand out a lot in natural light and also indoor light. I have really dark eyes I think they show a lot.

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