Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Karaoke, crepes and buys

Another karaoke session yesterday with my college buddies and also going with another group of friends today. I swear I am gonna lose my voice soon.

"Can you celebrate?" by Namie Amuro is my best karaoke song.

Anyway after the karaoke, we went to watch Transformers 3. It has been a long time since I stepped into the cinema.
The show was okay for me, the CG was great but storyline wise, I find it typical.

Also! Shimino crepes!
They have brought over crepes to our country.

Not a good picture but atleast you get the idea of the shop's display of the crepes.
Looks so delicious!

My crepe. It is nicely wrapped up and states that it came all the way from Harajuku (the company atleast?)

So much fresh cream . Mine's in Chocolate banana flavour.

Had a little shopping session. Nothing much.
A cute lacey dress from the store called Code Pink. Not too lacey which is a turn off.

Etude House's Lucid Darling Lipstick in #6.
I like Etude House's old packaging for lipsticks better. I find them more princessy and sweet.
This one is more classy.
#6 is a nudey orange with slight pinks. I have been always finding for a nice orange lipstick which is not too over the top.
Let's see how this works.

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