Thursday, July 28, 2011

dead laptop. criessssss

Posting this from my old grandpa pc because I had sent my poor laptop for repair since it has been wonky since 2 days ago and I am gonna get it back maximum in 2 weeks time. I am gonna cry me a river. All my data is in there. I am gonna be musicless and dramaless for 2 weeks. nooooooooo.

I am suppose to take a FOTD or EOTD for my look today but I forgot since I was in a rush. Bleh.
Nevermind I am gonna take it the next time.

Anyway let's move on to a mini haul.

I picked up this Essence mono eyeshadow in #24 because I like shiny stuffs.

It's a bling bling twinkling ling.
So shiny I like. Gonna use it as a base when I feel like I want more shimmers and glitters.

from Daiso. I got this Ellefar eyeshadow palette. I saw this in Popteen's April 2010 issue(??). I think it's that issue on a tutorial. Since it's only RM5 why not try it out, it doesn't hurt the pocket.Neutrl colours. What I like best. It comes in colours like blue and green too but those are colours I rarely touch thus It's definitely a waste if I buy them since I know I am not gonna go near them at all.

from the darker colours side. You can see there's a glitter overkill on the darkest shade.
Those who hates glitter steer away from this palette.

light shades side.

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