Thursday, July 14, 2011

all about the eyes.

I just realized Kiss Me products has arrived at our drugstores. The product range offered is pretty good.
There's quite a number of things I am gonna consider getting like their eyeliners, false lashes and mascara. I heard many good reviews about them.

I picked up only one product from the counter.
Heavy Rotation Eyebrow Mascara in Light Ash.
I have tried this product at the counter and I could say it is one of the best eyebrow mascara I ever tried.
Compare to Kate's, it is not shimmery. I don't know what's with all the shimmers for eyebrow mascara. It is pigmented and the price is not too hefty although slightly more expensive than Kate.
I am gonna redye my hair light brown again soon and yeah, black brows never go good with light hair, for some people atleast.

Here is an example with it on. It looks kinda bad close up...
It fills in the brows just with a swipe, not too much of a hassle to use.

EOTD of that day.
Blue contact lens and the normal generic Taiwanese eyelashes.

Bought somemore Taiwanese eyelashes. They always come cheap and in pretty good quality.
I actually bought three pairs previously to try out for this style. I like it very much thus I am back to buy the whole box.

Bottom lashes. the most expensive out of all i got this round. Bottom lashes are usually more expensive. It gives a dolly effect.

The seller was so kind and the gave me a box free.
criss cross type lashes.

Now i got too many lashes to play around with. haha!

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