Monday, March 26, 2012

mini haul and sushi

The day before the Korean food celebration. The girls went out for some Japanese food to celebrate my roomie's birthday!
It has been awhile since I went out for some Japanese food. I have always been broke since the month of January. 

Sushi galore! 

Both of my favourite. 
I edited this photo through my notebook. Blackberry's camera is just too useless 
I like it for messaging, the qwerty keypad is so awesome but that's all about it. I am thinking of getting a Sony Ericsson Xperia S. 

I did a mini haul today. 
Actually I was suppose to go to the beauty store just to get bath gel since I ran out of mine but you know my itchy hands.

The Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks totally sucked me in to getting them!
The sexy curves mascara was a free gift upon purchase of the Kate Moss lipstick, I didn't know there was such offer till the end the cashier chucked in a mascara into my shopping bag. 

I got colour 03 ands 06 since most of the shades of out of stock. Also the beauty store that I bought this lipstick from had a discount for this lipstick.
It cost 159rubles each.

06 is a bright red-pink. 
A great fun spring/summer colour for a bold statement lips.

03 is a pretty nude with pink undertones.
I love this one.

I can't wait to try them out for my next event.

They say spring is here but sadly in Russia, it is still snowing and the temperature is -3.
Mother Nature stole spring from us. I am so tired waiting for the snow to go away. 
It nevers. never leaves Russia till maybe... end of April?
So I am still stuck in other countries' peak winter wear. So uncool. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Today I celebrated my roommate's pre-birthday at a Korean restaurant.
Food was delicious and we were so lucky to be able to book a room for ourselves because I freaking hate sitting at the common dining area with the locals.
I know it is common right here but they smoke indoors and this is my greatest pet peeve. For goodness sake, be considerate to other people's health.
I have nothing against smokers. Just that be considerate smokers. Do not smoke while walking in front of somebody or in a closed dining area.
You don't know when you can kill someone who has asthma.

Back to the event.
We took many instant photos and stuffs. I love instant photos, they always come out great and nice.
Had a great time with the Korean rice cakes, BBQ pork and also pork rice.
So lovely.
All the photos of the foods are not with me, so till next time.

So here's my EOTD.
My eye makeup have been the same all the time, I know it is getting boring but...
oh well just live with it.

I have been using the same makeup technique without any false eyelashes.

The eye makeup products I have used are:
L'oreal De-crease
Maybelline TheCollosal Mascara
Ellefar Glitter Eyeshadow (They are really good for their price, get them at Daiso!)
Physician's Formula Shimmer Block Cream Gel Liner in Brown Eyes in Brown.

Now let me present you my face of the day with flash.
It is the first time I used flash on my photo, so now I am gonna scare you with my not-so-great skin with pores and my big ass nose.
I am so not gonna take my photos with flash anymore

This was taken after event.
The foundation still looks great and I need to top up so much blush to actually let it show on camera with flash.
I swear I was like suffocating my skin with blush.

The secret to the great skin base is.
Botaniqueserie Light Moisturising Make-Up Base ( I will do a review of this after a few more tries)
Vivienne Sabo Lifting Care Foundation
Garnier 2 in 1 Corrector
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

My glorious new phone wallpaper featuring,

Reiko Ide!
I swear she is freaking gorgeous. I adore her style and her.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

March thoughts

I do not post as much in the month of October-June. Well There is a reason for it.
For now, I am staying in a hostel and it is a shared room.
Somehow for me blogging is a private past-time. I do not like anyone to see that I am blogging, just so I can concentrate on what I post. When someone is looking at me blogging, taking pictures, I feel uncomfortable. Not to mention, the lack of space in this small cubicle and also lighting which made me lose my mood to blog frequently, also the fact I do not go out here.
My daily routine is: sleep --> uni --> cook --> study --> sleep
A very lifeless life I am practicing.

So I have decided to post my thoughts on this blog more often to make it lively than just make it a somewhat beauty blog.

So what have I been doing recently?

I have been hauling from online sites as usual.
I feel like it has been a routine for me to haul off ELF and Cherry Culture but these sites provide the cheapest quality makeup for makeup experiment.
It seems that my mother reported that one of my Cherry Culture parcels arrived, in the parcels there's raved items such as the Milani Baked Blushes. I just can't wait to go home to see my parcels.
This month I hauled again from Cherry Culture, this time is really small I got the NYX lip cream and LA Girl Pro HD concealer ( I do not know why I bought it since I don't use concealers much)
The other sites that I hauled are ELF and also ELF which I restocked brushes and bought some random things to try out.

Diet wise, I am really happy that someone who is a Hi-Bye friend commented on I lost weight. Eventhough I am still on the chubby side, I am happy that my efforts paid off.
When snow melts and spring comes, I am gonna go jogging, serious jogging.
Yesterday I went jogging with the snow and all, it was a pleasant experience since it wasn't chilly, just that the slippery roads are a no-no, it made us walk instead of jog, since we are so afraid we slip and fall. I was lucky to experience walking on the lake again since the ice hasn't melt yet but still it was freaky since you don't know when the ice might give way as the temperature was slightly above 0 degree Celcius. I saw water at some parts I stepped.
Winter is always too long in this cold country of Russia.

I am also here to report my current favourite Japanese fashion magazines. I still really love Popteen and ViVi but lately I found other few favourites, such as Sweet, JJ, Bijin Hakka, Blenda, Happie Nuts and Jelly.
It is a tie now between Popteen and Sweet.
Sweet features a more mature girlie style which is more subtle compared to Popteen, more suitable for more formal occasions.
Yoshikawa Hinano and Hirako Risa are like my new style idols. They are so gorgeous!
Also I am trying to challenge Ogihara Momoko's makeup except for her high cheekbone blush because I think it looks silly and it even makes her look drunk. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

First tagged post.

This is gonna be a slightly special post. I got tagged by Bexie to do a questions about me post.
I never do personal post to make myself more known so this is sort of a get-to-know-me post.

1. Each person must post eleven things about themselves on their blog
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create eleven questions for the people you tag to answer
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post
4. Go to their page and tell them
5. No tag backs
6. You legitimately have to tag

11 Facts about me
1. I don't like lending money to people even when they need did. It is not about selfishness, sometimes people don't even bother returning money or forgot all about it after borrowing which makes it hard for me as I do not like to ask back from people because I find it may offend them. 
2. I often buy cosmetics or skincare eventhough I know I do not need it. I guess it is a girls' thing. 
3. I have rather low esteem and I do not tell or show to people about it. 
4. I prefer to shop alone unless you have the same interest as I do if not I would find it troublesome to shop together.
5. I like to observe people. 
6. I have itchy hands, i can't stop touching things.
7. I can be really superficial at times.
8. I love to slack a lot, i always prefer doing nothing.
9. I do not dress up to university, I find it troublesome as I don't think anyone bothers about me since I am in foreign country now which I don't really speak the language and all I mix is with my group of people of the same country and we stay in the same hostel, so everyday i am facing the same ol' people. Also I don't bother their people, I don't bother looking good for them, because frankly speaking, I do not their people at all. Maybe I grew up in different culture, it is too different from Asia. (sorry if anyone finds this part offensive)
p.s. I take dressing up as a form of respect too. Looking presentable to people 
10. I admire my mum and I love her lots. 

Questions from Bexie

1. Whose words do you live by? What are they?
Love. What makes the world go around : love. Just by giving a small care/affection to someone you can actually change their life.
2. If you were allowed to attend one concert for the rest of your life, whose or what concert would it be? 
Namie Amuro. She has always been my idol eversince I knew Jpop. She's so gorgeous and flawless.

3. What gets you angry the quickest?
Late. I hate it when people are not punctual. I find it very annoying unless I informed at the last minute or you have an emergency, I would understand, if not I take it as utter nonsense. 
4. What's your number one desirable feature on a guy (or girl)?
A nice face shape.
5. Do you have any hidden talents? Party tricks?
I do not know, I don't think I've got any hidden talents. 
6. Do you belong to any religion? Are you practicing?
I am born into a Taoist family but we don't practice much
7. Have you been/would you be influenced to buy a product your favourite celebrity was endorsing, even if it was something you didn't particularly want?
Always. I am sucker for anything my favourite celebrity endorses. I swear when I reach home I would rag the whole Esprique store since Namie endorses it for now. Eventhough I probably don't need anymore makeup. 
8. Do you believe in "fake it til you make it"? I.e. buying fakes or look-alike clothing, bags, jewelry until you are able to buy the real deal? Why/Why not?
Never, I rather buy something within what I could afford if not I would go for a cheaper alternative. Brand stuffs are not everything. 
9. If married, would you rather be taken care of (be a lady of leisure) or make your own way in the world? Why?
Make my own way in the world. You can't always count on a person because if the everything falls you would have anything left. So it is better to make my way and have it my way so that if everything turns bad, I still have something. 
10. Do you prefer being with people with similar tastes and views as yourself, or do you prefer a complete cocktail of personalities in your social group?
It depends really. People with similar tastes makes me feel more comfortable and at home and the latter, is more interesting and fun. 
11. Are there any TV shows you can't stand to watch? Or any TV personalities that just infuriate you? Who are they?/What is it?
Romance. I never liked cheesy romance only realistic ones. 

I tag anyone who wants to do this!! :D 

My Questions
1. If you could be someone for a day, who would you want to be and why?
2. What are your views on girls with makeup? Is it as a tool to boost up their confidence? 
3. If you had a chance to change something in the past, what would it be?
4. Which part of you do you like most?
5. Do you prefer being the follower or the leader?
6. Who is/are you idol(s)?
7. Do you agree on plastic surgery or no?
8. If you had USD100,000,000 what would you do with it?
9. If you are given 3 place of choices of travel in your entire life, where would it be any why?
10. Would you consider yourself materialistic?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

15th again!

If anyone realize that I revamped my blog!
Just simple changes.

Here comes the monthly 15th of the month haul.

I picked up four items but my hair conditioner is not in the picture. The other three is beauty related.
From Left :Botaniqueserie Skin Care Light Moisturizing Make-Up Base, Rimmel Stay Matte, Maybelline Dream Matte Powder.

Everything was 15% off.

The colour I am in for Rimmel Stay Matte is 003- Peach Glow.
The first impression. I don't like the packaging. It feels really flimsy.
If I ever drop it, I swear it is gonna break into pieces like immediately together the plastic screw up top which I don't like too.
Even so, I heard many raves about it. So I am excited to try it out.
It is 199Rub before 15% off and comes in 14g worth of product.

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in 03.
Packaging is slightly bulky and it is quite hard to pop it open, it is like giving you finger exercise.
It cost 369Rub before 15% off. So much pricier than Rimmel's.

You can pop out the powder puff open!
I find this pretty cute.

Next, the swatch of the base.
It is in a pinky undertone with some shimmers but once you smooth it out, you can hardly tell there is shimmers.
It says it is a light weight, oil-free base refines skin texture and primes the skin for makeup application. Make-up stays perfect all day long.
It comes in a very light sweet fragrant, nothing too overbearing, very tolerable.
It comes in a generous amount of 75ml.
It cost 265Rub before 15% off.

I am excited to try it out! 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cirque du Soleil visit with some EOTD.

My first grand circus visit to Cirque du Soleil.
It was such a great experience. Zarkana was a bit not as uplifting as i thought it would be but it's still great. The songs were great, the sets are way too amazing. 

The hall Zarkana was showing is the KremlinState Palace's hall.
It was such a grand place to be in.

My seat was at Balcony G, it is a back seat but still the view of the show is still very good.
Unless you are really interested to see their costumes, makeup close up, the front seats are better but then they cost a bomb, a student like me have to save up to even get the balcony seats maybe next time when I start working. 
I shall have my first experience at the VIP seat.

Road into Kremlin!
It was such a cold and windy day. 

Then, let's move to EOTD and FOTD!

This was my morning look to the embassy. I just wanna try out my new eyeshadows.

Products used:
Cherie ma Cherie Eyeshadow Powder in Shade 322
Physician Formula Shimmer Strips custom eye enhancing gel creamliner Brown eyes in Brown
Maybelline The Colossal Mascara
Too Faced Shadow Insurance

It is my first using my Bourjois Bio-Detox foundation.
It is a pretty good foundation besides the fact it is a bit viscous, kinda hard to get it pump out.
Set with Etude House Peach Pore Pact.

I look so old with my hair tucked in.

My night time look.
Products used :
Cherie ma Cherie Diamond Look Baked Eyeshadow mono in Aquamarine
Physician Formula Shimmer Strips custom eye enhancing gel creamliner Brown eyes in Black
Maybelline The Colossal Mascara
L'oreal De-Crease

Full face. My current hair is a bit annoying. It is at the stage that I can't tuck it in.
I used Skin79 BB cream here with MAC mineralized skin finish natural. The best powder ever! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Women's day buys

First and foremost.
Happy International Women's Day to all the girls, women, mothers and grandmothers.

I did some Women's day mini haul.

First I visited Cherie ma Cherie. A Russian cosmetics shop, which was having a 50% off storewide.

I only picked up 2 items. A baked eyeshadow and a powder eyeshadow.

Cherie ma Cherie Gentil egoiste eyeshadow powder in Shade 322.
It is a pretty lime green with lots of shimmers. It comes in 2grams.
After 50% off, it cost 49.50rub.
It lacks a shift which makes it messy to use. That's the only down part.

The swatch.
Very pigmented and shimmery.

The second one is Cherie ma Cherie Diamond Look Baked Eye Shadow Mono in 932 - Aquamarine
It comes off bluish-green with hints grey making it look like a mint green. It's very beautiful, the camera isn't making any justice for it. Since it is called Diamond Look, it's extra shimmery.
It comes with 2.2grams of product.

see the extra shimmers. It may be a put off for people who likes matte but it is so pretty.
The camera is not picking up the colours much.

Second shop is H&M. They had a 200rub rebate card privilege with purchase above 1000rub for women's clothing.

I picked up two dresses.

A simple floral dress.

Dusty pink dress.

That's all =)