Friday, February 28, 2014

Travel Diary : Winter Olympics in Sochi : Day one

Got back from the Olympics in Sochi not too long ago.

In Sochi, I stayed at Grand Holiday which is docked at Adler Port (It is located beside the Olympics Village)
From the airport, we had to take a train to Adler Train Station from there we took the M6 bus to Pitsefabrika stop. We had to walk about 15 minutes to the ship.

The security to the ship is strict. I had to go through multiple scans and I was given a port pass and also a cruise pass.

The grand holiday ship.

On that day I was in a rush I arrived the ship at 5.30pm and the women's short programme starts at 7.00pm.
I had to rush my way to the Skating Palace.

From Adler Port to Olympic Village Train Station takes about 25 mins and then you take a train to Olympic Park. Into the Olympic Park, the walk to Iceberg Skating Palace is 15 mins.

It is a hefty walk.

Iceberg Skating Palace.

Inside Iceberg Skating Palace.

Zamboni time.

The event ended at 11.30pm. By the time I reached the ship. It is about 1am. Luckily buffet dinner runs till 2am.
I was dead flat and tired.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kiko Milano Haul

So during my winter holidays, I took a quick trip to Italy,  I visited Venice, Rome, Florence, Torino, Verona and Milan.
It has been a wonderful trip over there despite the extremely gloomy and wet weather.

Along the streets, I spotted this professional looking makeup store - Kiko.
I heard about this brand on the makeup community, a lot of people were recommending to stop by if visiting Italy.

These Kiko stores are everywhere in Italy. It is not a tough job to spot them.
They are in almost every airport and train station.

This are the items I got from the store. I didn't go exactly too crazy over the haul, but still it is quite big.

All of them are cheek and lip products. I actually wanted to pick up eyeshadows too but I am not a frequent eyeshadow user so in the end, I didn't get any.

Kiko Sunscreen Gloss in Hot Pink

I picked it up on a whim since it was on discount for 2 Euros and anything with sunscreen is great for me. I would have lots of use with this when I am back in Malaysia. Oh the tropical climate!

The tube looks really sunscreen like. Nothing special about the packaging.
The gloss is quite sheer and it gives a splash of colour.

Next, I picked up two smart lipsticks which were on discount for 2.50 euro each.

These are the colours I picked up.
They don't have names for these lipsticks, just numbering.

903 is an everday wearable blue toned pink.

911 is a medium-dark pink with microglitters.
The microglitters don't transfer well on the lips so it's ok for those who doesn't like glittery lipsticks.

I wanted to pick up but more colours but I find that most colours are glittery which isn't too much of my style.
I am glad I bought these two colours, they are gorgeous.

From the Dark Heroine line I got 2 velvet stick blush and a dazzling highlighter.
They are all on discount. 50% off which is a good deal.

I wanted to get all of them but that would be too much. I settled with two colours which I love most and also a highlighter.

Dazzling Highlighter in 02 Gleaming Apricot is a gorgeous champagne colour.

I almost wanted to settle for the other colour which I forgot the name since I have never seen this colour in all the Kiko stores I have visited.
I am glad I waited till the last minute and picked in up in Milan's airport. That is the only place I have visited that has stock on this highlighter.

02 Intuitive Rose Coral
This is such a gorgeous coral with pink undertones and gold shimmers. Somehow it reminds me of NARS' Orgasm.

04 Cadillac pink
It is a very cute pastel pink. I am always all for pastel cheek colours. They brighten up my skintone.

Double Touch Lipstick

The concept is similar to MUFE aqua rouge. Long lasting lip lacquer with a lipgloss dual end.
I have been wanting to try the MUFE Aqua Rouge but ofcourse they are just too expensive, so when I saw this, I just grabbed it.
I won't expect it to be as great as the MUFE Aqua Rouge but I hope it performs decently.

115 is a medium rose pink.
Really gorgeous everyday colour.

The last item I got are the Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter and Velvet touch Creamy Stick Blush.

I think they are newly released since they are on the display.

These immediately caught my eye when I went into the shop because I am a lover of blushers.

04 is a beautiful medium pink. It is stunning!

101 is a beautiful pearl pink highlighter.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Leaving to the Olympics soon

This Wednesday I am leaving for the Olympics. Hopefully it would be a wonderful experience.

These are my tickets.

Will report from Sochi soon. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

back from Holidays!

I have been missing in action for awhile but now I am back. 

While I wasn't around, I had went for holidays in Italy. 

It has been an amazing trip in Italy.
I will do more updates on it if I could but I would definitely post up my Italy haul soon.