Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring Flowers : Bourjois, Maybelline,Essence, Shoes

Happy Easter to those celebrating it.

Weather has turn to the warm side in Moscow this weekend and it is time to dump away the winter jackets to something more light and airy. Let's hope the weather stays as it is through the next week.

This is going to be another haul post.
I stopped by Riv Gauche and they were having offer on their Borjois Shine Edition lipsticks. We know how pricey Bourjois' lipsticks can be for a drugstore brand. I wouldn't pay for it if it were on full price.

Taking advantage of the offer, I bought two of the shine edition lipstick. The one in the red tube is from Maybelline.

The first colour I got is in 22 Famous Fuchsia.

Famous Fuchsia is a straight up fuchsia.

Due to the high shine formulation, the colour isn't as bold as it is in the tube but it is shows great pigmentation.
It gives the lips a bright pink glow.

The other colour I got is 24 Rose xoxo

Rose xoxo is a rose pink with silver shimmers.

Everytime I go to the shop, I would keep going back to the Bourjois stand to swatch this colour. This colour is the colour that caught my eyes the most from the Bourjois Shine Edition Collection.
Previously when I went to the shop, there isn't any offer on this colour but since there's offer for this colour now, I took advantage of the offer and pick this colour.

The pigmentation isn't as great as Fiery Fuchsia but it gives the lips a nice rosy glow. The shimmers do transfer to the lips. So to those who doesn't like anyform of shimmers or glitters, I do not recommend this lipstick. To those looking for a high shine, moisturizing lipstick, this is the one to look for.

The texture can be compared to the Revlon Lip Butters.

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Pink Beige

I fell in love with this colour when I swatched it. It is such a beautiful nude.
Nude usually washes most people out but this nude is a MLBB nude. It has the correct amount of pinks and browns which doesn't wash people out but enhances. It is extremely gorgeous.
This will be more of a MLBB colour on fair tone girls but girls with medium tones, this would be an extremely flattering nude.

The formulation is great. It glides on the lips like butter. It is a luxurious balmy feel, it feels very high end on the lips which is unexpected for an affordable lipstick.
Most shades are either too metallic or shimmery which aren't of my liking but I have my eyes on the colour 'Windsor Rose'. I would go back to pick up that colour.

I stopped by the beauty shop near the Metro and they have Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow which I have been wanting in stock and unswatched.
I got so happy and just picked this baby home.

Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow in 03 Frosted Apple.

Frosted Apple is a shimmery and metallic baby pink with gold shimmers.

The eyeshadow glides very easily like butter and it is very pigmented., the colour payoff is of a pressed pigment.
I would say it is very great beauty budget buy. If you are looking for cheap eyeshadows with easy application and great colour payoff. This is the eyeshadow to go to.
I am definitely picking up more shades from the Metal Glam line when the 15% off offer kicks in.

It's spring, it's time for me to get some new shoes to kick spring.
After trying from many shops, I finally settled with a pair of boots and a pair of ballet flats from Bershka.

Brown suede boots.

They are very casual looking and really cute. The brown matches my skin tone very well and the design of the boots elongates my short limbs which make my whole body proportion look better.

The design is plain but the buckle at the side of the boots does add an accent of the boot.

Lace ballet flats

I love this flats so much! it is just too cute. I just knew that I had to get it when I saw it.
The lace details just adds on a girly look to everything worn.

A closer look in the lace.
It is so pretty, I am so in love. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 15th haul

It's the 15th of the month, so this is the usual date that I will haul up at the beauty store near my hostel.
Surprisingly this time, I didn't pick up much at all. In fact, I only piked up two items from the store. 

Here are the two items I picked up. 
Bourjois Blush in 54 Rose Frisson and Vivienne Sabo Charme De Vous Lipstick in 119

I really love the Bourjois Blush Pots, the colours are very beautiful and the whole concept just feels so French Vintage. Previously I own the blush in Rose D'or and I really love that blush. I did a short review over here
What made me get the blush in Rose Frisson is when I came across Estee from Essiebutton talking about it in her Bourjois' brand focus. When she showed it, I just thought, wow! that is such a gorgeous colour. 
I knew I just had to get it. So I waited until the 15th when I could get it with a discount. Another colour I wanted was the blush in Cendre de Rose Brune but sadly, I didn't see that shade in stocks. 

Rose Frisson is a glowy peachy pink.

It has been a long time since I got a lipstick from Vivienne Sabo. I usually get them because they are cheap and they work great for their price. 
This lipstick, I got it from the discount bin. It was on discount for 99 Rubles, which I find it a great steal because in the other stores, they retail for their original price at their stands but in the store I visited, they were in the discount bin.
This colour has been released not too long ago and it is still listed as 'new collection' on their website and I have been eyeing on it since then. I am glad that I didn't grab it when it just released because I almost did.

 119 is a deep rose colour that is very flattering on all skintones.

Actually there are few more other items I wanted to pick up especially the Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow in Frosted Apple but it has been swatched, don't you just hate it when people swatch the actual product when there is testers. Moreover, it is the last piece left. So disappointing because it is the only one left and I really love the colour, even my friend said it suits me well.
I guess I have to go the next time to check for a restock. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

April love : Orly nail polish haul & bourjois

Happy April Lovelies!

This is my 500th post. Woohoo!
I have crossed a milestone.

This is going to be another haul post with some short reviews.

The beauty store near my hostel were having a sale on Orly nail polishes. I heard a lot of great reviews on these nail polishes but never bother to try it since it is definitely quite pricey over here (I don't pay a lot for my nail polishes) and I don't think it is available in Malaysia, I never really check on nail polishes so correct me if I am wrong.

There's an offer on these nail polishes, I took advantage and pick up a few colours since now, I am back being very into nail polishes.

I picked up three bottles after standing and choosing from the stand for quite a long time.

From left, You're Blushing, Artificial Sweetener and Harmonious Mess.

I find these three colours are the most beautiful colours available at the stand. I will do a colour description and swatches of them when I get working with the nail polishes.

Also, I am going to throw some swatches of nail polishes and small review regarding nail polishes I picked up from my previous haul , here,  that I have already tried out.

Rimmel 60 seconds in Mary Mary Quite Contrary.

Mary Mary Quite Contrary is a pale grey lilac.
This colour looks obviously gorgeous in the bottle but applied, it is really sheer. It took about three coats to build up the colour as in the bottle and on my nails.
This nail polish dries down pretty quick but not in 60 seconds but still fairly quick enough for me. Don't you just hate waiting for nail polish to dry down. Oh wow, I had this on my nails for 4 days and it still hasn't chip. I am amazed.
Overall, I like this nail polish because of its colour, it's a very gorgeous colour that works on many skintones and outfits because of the grey tone. I feel that dusty, muted and grey tones work very well on a lot of skintone.

Rimmel Salon Pro in Peppermint.

Peppermint is a light bluish-green. It's quite a common colour, many brands have a version of this colour of their own.
I do find Rimmel's version of this colour, absolutely gorgeous. It makes a great spring colour.
I just love this nail polish. It's opaque, I took two coats for it to look as on my nails. It dries down fast and it last pretty long, 3-4 days for a person who is constantly washing the dishes and cooking.
The brush is such a dream of work with due to the size. It gets the polishing done in a short time and application is smooth.
I picked up this nail polishes when they were on offer, I would love to pick up more of them when they go on offer again.

This is a Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick in 08 Rose Studio which I randomly picked up when I saw that this colour was on 50% off. At the moment buying it, I remembered they had an offer only for this colour and another which I think is 06.
I am not sure if I will pick this lipstick without the 50% off offer because I would say it is pretty expensive for a drugstore lipstick.

Rose Studio is described as a true pink. I would say it is a really stunning colour. It is a bright blue toned medium pink.

I haven't tried it out yet on my lips to give any proper review but swatching it on my hand from the tester, I could already feel that the lipstick is really creamy and smooth, it glides through my skin like butter. The colour is also very pigmented.