Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Post-trials outing.

Trials is finally over! Rejoice!
After my trials, I went for a movie with my classmates. There's hardly any movie selection this time. So they decided to watch "Remember Me"I didn't know their movie of choice till they bought the tickets. I was busy in the post office.
Remember Me, is pretty much forgettable.I doze off a few times in the middle of the movie and I don't usually doze off during movies . It was really draggy. I had a hard time keeping myself awake.The only touching part comes when Tyler aka Robert Pattinson's character died.
I thought Pierce Brosnan is better looking. Robert Pattinson has never tickled my fancy.

There's a new cupcake shop beside the cinema, Bisou.The cupcakes were irresistible.Coffee cupcake.Vanilla Garden is too cute. Look at the flower on top of it.

The seats. Oh how classy and elegant it is. Sorry for the blurry pic, my hand shook.The shop. It is nicely decorated.
I made my purchase

The diamond watches. Really pretty. You can't see the diamonds from the picture though =(

Clinique is having a promotion on this moisture something something...
After my friends left. I was in Starbucks alone. Waiting for my mom to pick me up.
I ordered the Caramel in Grande.

Delicious!and I was reading Suzu's ameblo.

While I was leaving the mall,

Alice in Wonderland decos everywhere!!!

The box,

The cupcake I got.

So pretty, must take some pictures of itVanilla Garden!

Ready to go into my belly!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New hair!

Hola! My new hair colour.

I went up a number of shades lighter than my previous hair colour. A bit shocking for me, hopefully I will adapt to it soon.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Girls and shopping!

I have not been going out for a super longggg time. Finally I am out today!
My morning tea.Cham. It's tea mixed with coffee. Really nice!The end product. I didn't to snap a picture of what i ate before I ate it like a glutton. Was too hungry.Etude House!They were having this like extreme sale. Almost everything in the shop is on discount.The outside of the shop.

A shop which I saw all these cute keychain tails. I wanted them so badly but they were so darn expensive.So mad cute right?

Small small haul from Etude House and Elianto.

I got the O2 White mask, 55 Kissful Tint Chou in Strawberry Chou ( I love this!!), Color me nude lip concealer and Elianto pearl shine shadow in Light Salmon.
Light Salmon is a shimmery tan colour. Very versatile in any type of look. It is very pigmented too.Not like their old Shimmer shadows. Powdery and sheer.

The colour of the lip concealer,It is very light thus suit only fair skin tones.
The packaging is really cute!

Also, I got new hair dyes. I have to colour my hair tomorrow.
My roots are showing, my colour faded =_=Beauteen hair dyes!!
I got them in Gold Brown and French Beige. Deciding to mix the colour.

I also got some belts.

My eye make for todayNo falsies thus the nakedness.

What I used for my make

Amuse Pearl Eyeshadow Palette in Paris
Wet n Wild Cream Eyeliner in Black
Maybelline Volum'Express Hypercurl cat eyes mascara in Feline Black
Silkygirl long lasting eyeliner in black black
Geo Angel Blue contact lens

I like GEO's Angel Blue very much. It shows up on my eyes without looking really weird.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New phone

Experimenting new phone.
After trying out the functions, I pretty love this phone. It has Wi-fi (the must have function for me now), good walkman function ( also have to have this since I lost my mp3 player), 3.2 MP camera ( good enought for me) and it's PINK

The size of it slide up.
It's pretty small compared to other phones with Wifi function and also the only one that is available in pink. Floral print behind the font. I love this small detailing.The size of the phone. Smaller than my hand but bigger than my palm. A good, handy size.

This phone comes in 3 colour, the boring ol' silver, red and pink.

I know I am late but Sayumi-chan has a blog!
Sayumi currently my favourite momusu girl.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Out to the botanic garden

What a tiring day!
I went to the botanic garden with my church's youth club today for a picnic or cycling outing in the morning. I overslept. I got all so tensed up and panic but I was lucky they haven't depart when I arrived.
The steps into the botanic garden.

A closer view.
There's nothing much in the botanic garden. Mostly local plants. No exotic kinds.
The only good thing about the place it has a decent number of shady areas and picnic spots. If you are going for the plants, you will be sorely dissappointed.
Maintenance wise, it's ok, definitely needs improvement. It looks too much like a park to be a botanic garden.

Pitcher plant. It's cute. The bridge where we did our picnic. I like this picture. The scenery from the picnic spot. Certainly beautiful, feels like a nice summer's day, with the clouds and ocean blue sky.

I got a super cute pouch yesterday. It is actually a cosmetic bag but I wont use this as a cosmetic because it is certainly too small for me. I am gonna use it as a pencil case.
The one I got from Daiso spoilt. I really like that one. It is no more to be found in Daiso, I do not know if they will restock it.

It is so minnie mouse inspired!
It was on promotion too. It was pretty cheap. I like the texture, really smooth. I think this type of material gets dirty easily though.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Makeup bag!

I bought a new(and cheap) makeup pouch! I have been searching for a pretty and cheap one high and low.
This one is mad cute.

ZEBRA PRINT!!!!I like the contrast between the zebra print cosmetic pouch and the leopard print bed sheet.
I love night market because there is where you can find pretty pouch for extremely cheap price. Can't beat it!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My sinusitis and I

I am back from the ENT! It seems I still have sensitive nose and it is inflamed. urgh!!Have been prescripted with more nasal sprays. This one has a cute packaging.

I used to use Nacalcorx but the doctor told me this is milder. I do not like using steroids. Why can't I be perfectly healthy.

I went to Sasa yesterday. They have stocked up on Dolly Wink eyelashes, liquid eyeliner, eyelash case and eyelash glue. The liquid eyeliner is worthy.
The rest, I think they are a little expensive.

Coastal Scents is having a short sale on their new mineral eyeshadow line. 20% off. All of them are spring colours.
I am excited for the greens and lilacs.

Monday, March 1, 2010


I think I am jinx today.
First I realize I lost my file, I seriously didn't realize through out the weekend. I thought it has been lying in my shelf for the whole weekend.
and Damn.There's important documents inside and also all my notes! Notes are important.
So the moment I reached college. I search through the lecture halls. No sign. I asked my Chem lecturer whether he could certify a new copy of cert for me but he asked to search thoroughly first and check with the office whether my file is there. I went. No sign.
That time I thought this time I have really been struck by bad luck.
Then I remembered I went to Kinokuniya that day. Well then maybe I should just drop by to ask. Anyway no harm trying.
But, when I was there, I asked the toilet cleaner first since I went toilet before going to Kinokuniya. She said she is a new staff thus she doesn't know, but if it were today, she would have kept it.
Atlast I stepped foot into Kinokuniya's Japanese section. The staff(she's a Japanese lady) led me to the Lost and Found counter. OMG it was there!!
The joy.

I just don't understand certain people. First of all, why is there a need to push into the LRT and not lining up and jumping queue when obviously people were lining up. Damn it.
Can't people just have some patience and also manners to line up instead of pushing like there's a stampede going on. Makes me feel like choking a person.
Malaysians will always be Malaysians. urgh!

My stomach feels bloaty again. I hate this feeling. I wish my stomach would just behave. =(
I blame canteen food. My friend is experiencing the same problem after eating the same food.
I am getting bored with the canteen.
There seem to be dowgrading.The portion of serving is getting smaller,there's a cut down in ingredients. My friends call it "economic recession"."Economic Recession" my foot to the canteen. Economy is bouncing back now unless they are plain greedy.
Don't cheat students outta their moolah. It's a plain bad thing to do.