Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New phone

Experimenting new phone.
After trying out the functions, I pretty love this phone. It has Wi-fi (the must have function for me now), good walkman function ( also have to have this since I lost my mp3 player), 3.2 MP camera ( good enought for me) and it's PINK

The size of it slide up.
It's pretty small compared to other phones with Wifi function and also the only one that is available in pink. Floral print behind the font. I love this small detailing.The size of the phone. Smaller than my hand but bigger than my palm. A good, handy size.

This phone comes in 3 colour, the boring ol' silver, red and pink.

I know I am late but Sayumi-chan has a blog!
Sayumi currently my favourite momusu girl.

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