Sunday, October 30, 2011

simple stuffs.

It has been a long time since I posted these types of pictures.
Here's my FOTD

My skin is at it's worst now. It's so dry that basically my nose is all flaking off. Have some bumps at my left cheek but luckily it seems like it is going away.

I am using skin 79 BB cream + MAC mineralized skin finish natural and my skin looks so flawless!
I am loving this combo.

Using Fynale Y17 Circle lens in brown.
I can never seem to apply my mascara without clumping with Maybelline's The Colossal Mascara and also draw eyeliner between my eyelashes. Ish... 

Review : ELF healthy glow bronzing powder in Matte Bronze

Want a cheap contour shade that doesn't break the wallet?
Looks like ELF can solve it for you.

The Matte Bronze bronzer is pigmented and lean more to the brown tone instead of red or orange.
There's a little shimmers in it which is hardly visible eventhough it is called matte bronze but when applied, there's no shimmers at all.
Since it is so pigmented, apply with a light hand using a blush brush/angled blush brush/stippling brush.
Little goes a long way, I got this bronzer since a year ago, i still hardly made a dent in it but then, I hardly contour when I am in a hurry.
It last the whole day if you don't touch/rub your face throughout the day. Also, use a setting powder to set it.

The packaging is well, really cheap but that doesn't bother me because well what do I expect for USD1. The powder is pretty fragile. Don't ever drop it if not it is gonna turn into loose powder.

Overall, it is a very good product for USD1. I recommend it and would repurchase it.

Swatches on a NC20 skin. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

i am still alive + cake pic

I have not been slacking with this blog, just super busy with uni work and studies.

Anyway, I am finally got some pictures from  my friend on some outings and ofcourse, my birthday.

Not gonna post much since I am gonna keep certain things to my private.

My birthday cake. I am finally all adult and 20.

a better picture of my present, gotta love it when a friend has a DSLR.

I will get back to more posting after I clear my credits and deal with my teachers and have a holiday. lol 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

hatachi no tanjoubi ometou.

Celebrated my birthday.

Got a really nice gifts from my friends.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

bye bye cast

Finally, i removed my cast. Say bye bye to smelly feet and cast.

It has been 3 weeks since I twisted my leg well it seems my casted leg lost a lot of muscles. 
I could hardly support myself with the casted leg thus movement is slow, I am doing some physiotherapy myself to build back my calf muscle and well, get moving everywhere

Now I can just walk small steps by small steps. Like a baby who is learning how to walk.

My weight has been the lowest since 5-6 years ago. About 2kg or so gone.
I suspect I lost muscles but one calf muscle shouldn't weight that much?
Consider as I didn't do any diet this month, and I just had a cheese cake, a slice of cheese cake.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My diet life

Since I told anyone my weight before. I am gonna write an essay for this. hehe.

So early September I started out being 154.3 lbs. That's heavy for my height and what not.
So I cut down my portion of food and what not. I cut down on eating heavy meals for breakfast which I opted for a more healthy one. Milk and Cereal and Yogurt.
My cereal of choice is Fitness cereal because well, actually because it's one of the best tasting cereal over here. I don't like how most cereal gets soggy after being soaked in milk but this one still has the crunchyness. So I got the plus point which is low in carbs but gives me sufficient carbs to work my first half of the day.
Yogurt is expensive to eat daily but nevermind I love it and carbs are low in yogurt too.
Breakfast itself is +/- 350 cals
OMG it's so fattening. Wait, I didn't aim to eat less than 1000calories per day anyway. Not yet for now.

With the change in my diet I saw gradual weight lost. So far I am about 147lbs which is still, sadly heavy, but hey it's just one month through the diet. I don't except I wake up to 100lbs the next day I started dieting.
Well it takes a lot of motivation and endurance to go through a diet. Sometimes we give up when we don't see gradual weight lost but don't give up.
I have given up many times but this time I am not.
I keep telling to myself.
If i loose weight I will be able to fit in beautiful dresses that I always wanted to.
If I loose weight I shall look so much prettier.
If I loose weight I would feel so good about myself
If I loose weight I shall be healthier!

When I am loosing weight, I spend less money on food thus I got more money to spend on whatever clothes, cosmetics, shoes and bags I want which makes me happy.

My goal weight is 110lbs. For now.
I would be a stick if I am under 100lbs. I don't want to be an "aeroplane track"-chest stick thin girl.

Another thing.
Do I binge?
Nope. I haven't binge.

Fast food & sweet food?
I seldom eat fast food. The most I have eaten is 2-3 times per month, usually I don't eat them at all.
I seldom eat sweet food, I don't usually crave for cupcakes, cakes, tarts or macaroons. The closest thing to sweet food I always crave is hot chocolate. Even so, I don't drink it daily, maybe 2-3 cups per week when I don't have a proper lunch to eat.

If you like these type of food, it's time to cut down all the bad carbs and opt for healthier food like wholemeal bread, rice, noodles and oats( I don't really like oats)
Rice is a healthier choice compared to bread and noodles (unless it's not flour-based like rice vermicelli)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

october life update

After the leg injury, I can't figure out how to exercise properly and weighing myself out.
Oh bother. There goes my diet.
I am not gonna gain weight by lying on the bed with my cast. No way!

But jumping around with one leg and some stretches on bed help a little.
Food wise, since I can't cook or anything. This is literally starving me crazy even so, I still eat 3 meals a day religiously. Lunch might not be as luxurious as before but cereal and milk shall do for now.
I don't believe in starving as it is easier to rebound.

Also, I don't believe on going lower than 1000calories per day. I just dont want my metabolism to slow down too much, then when I am old when it gets so much more slower, I am gonna gain a lot of weight then.

In the middle of my recovery period, I spent so much time online thus I have been hauling quite a lot.
From Cherry Culture, ELF, Sleek and also TaoBao.

TaoBao's amazing when it comes to variety of cute and cheap clothes find.
This is gonna be my first time hauling clothes off TaoBao, I bought items from TaoBao before but not clothes, they are Candy Sugar bags.
I think I am gonna haul there often in the future.
Sadly the site is in Chinese. So if you can;t read Chinese you would always use the google translate for some help.

Cherry Culture has a lot of bargain beauty products like NYX, Milani, Jordana and LA Colors that works great for their affordable price.
My favourite brand available in Cherry Culture would be NYX. If you are a newbie to NYX, do try out their round lipsticks, single eyeshadow and powder blush. They work so great for their price.
Go to the site.

Sleek. This brand is new for me. I haven't try it out before but I heard lots of overwhelming reviews about this brand. This time I only picked up their blush.
I am having pretty high hopes for it.
Go to the site. 

ELF is a budget beauty brand. There's up and downs on their products but then they range from $1 to $6 so sometimes you can't complain because you get for what you pay.
Even so there is a few outstanding products like their Studio line brushes, essential line bronzers, Mineral line eyeshadows.
Check ELF out.