Friday, January 17, 2014

Rimmel buy : Apocalips

I should had made a collective haul combined with the previous post but I didn't expect myself to be buying somemore makeup this week.

So I went to the mall for a walk after my exam (yay! I passed my first exam of the semester!) and there was this makeup store and they were having sales for selected items. 

They had a big sale on the Rimmel Apocalips. They were on sale for only 199 Rubles each, which is pretty great! Usually they are about 270-299 rubles each.

I already talked about the Rimmel Apocalips and how I like them and wanting to go back for more colours.

Since there was this deal, I just grabbed the chance and got the rest of the colours which I wanted. 

I picked up two colours.
500 Luna and 100 Phenomenon. 

Luna is a muted peachy orange shade.

It is a very pretty colour, it suits fair skin people nicely. 
I have been eyeing on this shade for quite some time but I didn't get it because it wasn't in stock in the beauty store near where I live.
So I quickly picked it up when I saw it at the display there before it goes out of stock. 

Phenomenon is a peachy nude. 

It looks like Nude Eclipse at first glance. It is more peachy compared to Nude Eclipse and the latter has more beige tones in it.
This nude looks very well on my NC20 skin. If you are NC15-20, I would recommend this nude. 

The glosses side by side.

I also made my friend jump on the bandwagon to get these Apocalips. She has been lovin' it too. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lip products haul : In the Nudes

Today is the 15th of the beauty supply store near my hostel had a 15% off on all products.
I was suppose to just accompany my friend to get some stuffs but I don't know what happened, it seems like I just went nude crazy.
I went and bought a bunch of nude lip products!

These are the four nude lip products I have picked up. 
Three from Essence and one from my favourite Rimmel Apocalips. 

The Essence Stay Matte Lip Cream in 01 Velvet Rose.

The colour is a light pinky nude. 

Essence Stay Matte Lip Cream in 03 Soft Nude

In the tube it looks like 01 Velvet Rose but it is actually a little darker and it has more brown tones. 

My favourite Apocalips! 
This is the first time getting a non-pink colour from this line. 

I swatched this in the store. It is a beige nude which looks amazing. 
My friend was complementing how great it looks on me. It is pale but it just somehow complements my skintone well. 

The next one I aim to get is Luna. 

The last item I got is Essence Lipstick in 52 In the Nude. 

I didn't swatch this lipstick in the store since the tester was all gone,  I just picked it up compulsively.
It looks very pretty in the tube, can't wait to try it out soon. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Things I would love to do in 2014

A week has passed since 2014 came, but it is never too late to post things that I would love to do in 2014. This is somewhat a resolution post.
A girl can always wish and dream.

♡ Get to my goal weight for 2014

♡ Get through my 4th year in Med school

♡ Spend more time with my love ones

♡Stay positive

♡Get rid of toxic people and negative thoughts to stay happy

♡Have a wonderful trip to Italy 

♡Have a wonderful once in a life time Olympics experience in Sochi

♡Travel more in Moscow. Find out new places in Moscow

♡Have a beach holiday during my summer break

♡Practice a healthy lifestyle and diet

♡Save money for holidays, spend less on unnecessary things

♡Learn how to bake

♡Get a better camera

♡Find my style 

And a more materialistic list. My wishlist. 

♡NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

♡Chanel Le Blanc Light Revealing Whitening Fluid Foundation

♡Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

♡Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour blush 

♡Stila Convertible Color

♡Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick

Friday, January 10, 2014

FOTD: New year

It has been a long time since I did a FOTD. So now behold my new year FOTD.

My makeup has been lighter and lighter and less interesting. Also, My skin has been treating me really good for the past week that I do not to pile on concealer or foundation which makes me happy.
My current skin routine just suits my skin really well. I will post a skincare routine soon enough.

So to the makeup.
Base Makeup:
-Nature Republic Vanilla Sky makeup base
-TonyMoly Pure Aura CC Cream
-Garnier 2-in-1 corrector
-MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural
-Essence Me and My Ice Cream Blush
-Etude House Golden Ratio Highlighter

Eye Makeup :
-Catrice Absolute Nude Palette
-Maybelline Volum'Express Mascara
-Maybelline Gel eyeliner

Lips :
-H&M Duo Lipgloss in Red/Red Glitter

Since my skin has been really good, I have been using a CC cream instead of a BB cream/foundation. I really like the finish of this CC cream, it made my skin brighter and dewy.
I used the Garnier 2-in-1 corrector as my dark circle concealer. It has treating me well but I would like to switch up my undereye corrector, I got pretty bored with it. Any suggestions?

So, that's all for my FOTD!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sephora Haul

This is the Sephora haul I did last summer. I was suppose to post it last year but It totally slipped out of my mind. I only remembered about it when I was looking through my photo album.

This is the first time buying from Sephora. I have entered Sephora multiple times, but I have never ever bought anything till last summer.
This is a collective Sephora haul.

The first item I got is the Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion in #13 True Beige.

It comes with a compact with the cushion BB and another refill. So total, 30g worth of product.

The compact.

Inside the compact with the Laneige sponge applicator.
The sponge is the best way to apply the cushion BB.

Ok time, to open the seal...

The cushion.

I have been using this BB cushion quite religiously, I would say it has been my favourite. It has a beautiful dewy & natural finish which I love. It makes my skin look so good!
It doesn't cake at all, adheres to the skin like a second skin and the coverage is medium. Absolute love.

Next up, I got Diorskin Nude Foundation in #10, Too Faced Boudoir Eyes and Stila Single Eyeshadow in Kitten.

I was looking around in Stila's aisle, then I played with their eyeshadows.

I swatched Kitten and immediately fell in love with the eyeshadow. The colour is extremely gorgeous, the pigmentation wonderful, the texture is smooth like butter . I didn't think twice and I just bought it.

Ingredient list.

It is a peach champagne, a universally flattering colour. 

Too Faced Boudoir Eyes

It comes in a beautiful tint case. 

It comes in beautiful neutrals. 

The next palette I would love to get would be the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. 

Diorskin Nude Foundation. 

Diorskin Nude Foundation has always been on my wishlist. Now I finally got it. 
I really like the finish, it gives a healthy looking and dewy skin. It isn't thick and it doesn't cake up. 
Coverage for this foundation is light-medium. 

This has became one of my favourite high-end foundation. 

A beautiful glass bottle. I really love the packaging. It looks really luxurious. 

My colour is 010. 

For lips. I got the Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss and the Dior Addict Extreme in 476 Plaza. 

The lipstick case is absolutely gorgeous and luxurious. 

Plaza is a medium rose pink. 

What really caught me about the lipgloss is the packaging. 
The packaging is super cute! The bonus point would be the fact this gloss has a very nice texture. It is not sticky at all! 
I took a long to decide whether to get it, I decided to get it because its non-sticky texture.

The colour I got is Lollibop. It is a medium pink colour.

That's all I got from Sephora. The next time I would visit Sephora will be Summer.
I can't wait till Summer when I am back home. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A trip to Kremlin State Palace

The State Kremlin Palace is a place where you could catch ballet performances, concerts and other type of performances.
On the 15th of December, I went to the State Kremlin Palace to catch an ice show - Princess Anastasia. The last time I went there is a few years ago were I went for Cirque Du Soleik's Zarkana.

Got the tickets printed out nicely.

I bought my tickets from their official website since it was cheaper than going to their official ticket offices.
The official ticket offices seems to be pushing the front seat tickets and ofcourse I am not all that rich to afford one that is right infront of the stage.

So I went home, went online and booked the balcony seats. Even so the balcony seats were also great.

The Ice show featured Olympic Figure Skaters like Elena Berezhnaya, Alaxei Urmanov and Irina Slutskaya.
The show was just average, nothing too spectacular. It is not a full grand ice show like Art on Ice, Fantasy on Ice etc.

My only picture inside Kremlin. Excuse my facial expression.

Walking deeper inside the Kremlin. There are a lot of Russian-esque buildings.

Honestly the show was not that great, there were technical difficulties in the middle the show which needed them to restart the whole performance.
That wasted some time! The show should had ended at 7pm but in the end, it has to be postponed to nearly 9pm because of the technical issues.
What a put off!

Later at night, we went to have dinner in GUM. Stalovaya no. 37.
Typical Russian food. Great for the ambiance. It is set up in a Soviet era cafeteria style and it is self-service. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Post New Year haul

It is post-New Year and I am still on my New Year holidays.

Today I dropped by the beauty supply shop near my hostel. They were having a 18% off New Year promotion which is great!
Since I have not been into the shop for quite some time, I took this time to splurge~!

This time, I picked up four items. 

First up, I got a nail polish from Pink Up! 
Pink Up! has a great selection of nail polishes this season. They are really glittery and festive looking. 
This one is in 06 from their Bright Crystal Collection. 

A swatch on my pinky. 

This is from Vivienne Sabo's new 2014 collection. 
The packaging is so cute thus I couldn't resist getting it. It has a very European feeling design. Great for putting on the vanity. 

Camee Relief Eyeshadow in 28. It is a matte cocoa-coloured eyeshadow with a glitter overspray on top.

I might go back to the store to get other items from the collection, because they were a lot of the items out of stock, I hope they would restock . I am interested in the blush, loose powder and lipsticks. 

Isn't it so beautiful? 
I just don't feel like laying a finger on this product. 

Increasing my collection of the Apocalips. One of my favourite lip product because of the colour payoff and longevity. 
This time I got Celestial. It is a dusty pink. 

I will go back to get somemore especially the reds and the nudes. I should stop getting the pinks. 

L'oreal Nude Magique BB Blush. 

I have been eyeing on this blush for a long time. It has always intrigue me. 
Finally i got it! 

Mine leaked a little, It is a cute pink colour. It gets darker when you blend it. I think this colour will look great on fair skintones. 
This blush has a silicony feel which I find it interesting. I heard it is also a dupe for the Smashbox O-Glow. I haven't tried the O-Glow, so I can't compare both the products. 

That's all I got for my haul

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Yves Rocher loot : Lipbalms and creams

I finally finished my 1st semester of 4th year. Rejoice people!

I thought I did treat myself with a little something. It has been a long time since I stepped into Yves Rocher. 
The holiday season is full of limited edition items, so I picked some up. 

Pure Calmille Cream for Face and Body and Two lip balms ( I think these are christmas limited)

The cream comes in 50ml. It is a solid cream with a light scent of chamomile. 

I have been using this cream day and night. So far it has been treating my skin really good.
My skin feels soft and moisturized. I didn't experience any breakout or irritation from this product.
It is great product for the cold winter days.

Nourishing Lip Balm in Raspberry Scent.

This lipbalm is tinted so it gives a very cute pink glow which I like and the raspberry scent is heavenly.
I have no complains on this lip balm. I am not a very picky person on lipbalms.
I am fine as long they do their job.