Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A trip to Kremlin State Palace

The State Kremlin Palace is a place where you could catch ballet performances, concerts and other type of performances.
On the 15th of December, I went to the State Kremlin Palace to catch an ice show - Princess Anastasia. The last time I went there is a few years ago were I went for Cirque Du Soleik's Zarkana.

Got the tickets printed out nicely.

I bought my tickets from their official website since it was cheaper than going to their official ticket offices.
The official ticket offices seems to be pushing the front seat tickets and ofcourse I am not all that rich to afford one that is right infront of the stage.

So I went home, went online and booked the balcony seats. Even so the balcony seats were also great.

The Ice show featured Olympic Figure Skaters like Elena Berezhnaya, Alaxei Urmanov and Irina Slutskaya.
The show was just average, nothing too spectacular. It is not a full grand ice show like Art on Ice, Fantasy on Ice etc.

My only picture inside Kremlin. Excuse my facial expression.

Walking deeper inside the Kremlin. There are a lot of Russian-esque buildings.

Honestly the show was not that great, there were technical difficulties in the middle the show which needed them to restart the whole performance.
That wasted some time! The show should had ended at 7pm but in the end, it has to be postponed to nearly 9pm because of the technical issues.
What a put off!

Later at night, we went to have dinner in GUM. Stalovaya no. 37.
Typical Russian food. Great for the ambiance. It is set up in a Soviet era cafeteria style and it is self-service. 

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