Saturday, January 4, 2014

Post New Year haul

It is post-New Year and I am still on my New Year holidays.

Today I dropped by the beauty supply shop near my hostel. They were having a 18% off New Year promotion which is great!
Since I have not been into the shop for quite some time, I took this time to splurge~!

This time, I picked up four items. 

First up, I got a nail polish from Pink Up! 
Pink Up! has a great selection of nail polishes this season. They are really glittery and festive looking. 
This one is in 06 from their Bright Crystal Collection. 

A swatch on my pinky. 

This is from Vivienne Sabo's new 2014 collection. 
The packaging is so cute thus I couldn't resist getting it. It has a very European feeling design. Great for putting on the vanity. 

Camee Relief Eyeshadow in 28. It is a matte cocoa-coloured eyeshadow with a glitter overspray on top.

I might go back to the store to get other items from the collection, because they were a lot of the items out of stock, I hope they would restock . I am interested in the blush, loose powder and lipsticks. 

Isn't it so beautiful? 
I just don't feel like laying a finger on this product. 

Increasing my collection of the Apocalips. One of my favourite lip product because of the colour payoff and longevity. 
This time I got Celestial. It is a dusty pink. 

I will go back to get somemore especially the reds and the nudes. I should stop getting the pinks. 

L'oreal Nude Magique BB Blush. 

I have been eyeing on this blush for a long time. It has always intrigue me. 
Finally i got it! 

Mine leaked a little, It is a cute pink colour. It gets darker when you blend it. I think this colour will look great on fair skintones. 
This blush has a silicony feel which I find it interesting. I heard it is also a dupe for the Smashbox O-Glow. I haven't tried the O-Glow, so I can't compare both the products. 

That's all I got for my haul

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