Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some takes on styles

Ever since I chose a professional course which is medicine (MD). Somehow I tend to makeup less gyaru and go for more natural look, like this,
without the thick falsies and bottom falsies, lighter on the eye makeup and blush.

I do still read Popteen but I am realizing I am leaning more towards magazines like Seventeen, More, Miss, Mina more.
Maybe the medical student in me is telling me to look more professional I suppose?

My eye makeup of the day. Very simple. Just eyeliner, brown eyeshadow and mascara.

Went for shopping today and I am enjoying the sales.

First stop is Zara. Zara is always my love.

This knitwear was on a bargain. It was so pretty when I tried on but it was the last piece and it had a lot of flaws. Holes near the pocket part.
Was kinda sad I had to let it go.

What I really got is a formal jacket from Zara.
It was on sale for 999 rubles.

The blouse was from Pull and Bear and I got it since it matched with the jacket so well, and it was on sale too.
It cost 399 rubles.

And a really lovely necklace from Diva.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Takei Emi and Shiseido.

The new spoke person for Shiseido's Maquillage Rouge Enamel Glamour.

Takei Emi.
Isn't she gorgeous?

I prefer her as the spoke person over ICONIQ.

The product comes with a rouge and gloss side. Very convenient and I heard good reviews about it.

This product is definitely going on my to-buy list when I go back to Malaysia.

Reason #1 : It is cheaper in my country than Russia.

It cost RM90 in Malaysia.

Bad luck?

It's fated.

My atm card had problems few days ago when I suppose to withdraw money to get air tickets to London.

Today I got the news Domodedovo was under terrorist attack and there was a blast.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Visit to Partizanskaya

Another day in Partizanskaya.

I never get it why is it extra cold there.

The street is full of colours. Matryoshka dolls, Russian traditional costume, fur coats...

There's sun but the street is still cold.
It makes me miss my homeland.
Distance makes the heart grows fonder.
I miss the warmth , food and the love of my country.

Just 6 more month. Just 6 more month...

I will be home.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Night in old Arbat Street

A night out in the streets of old Arbat

Let the picture explain everything.

It speaks a thousand words.

Had Japanese cuisine for dinner.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Partizanskaya trip

Sick = No fun

I have been attacked by the flu for the past few days and the cold and dry weather here doesn't help much.

This is what I have been brewing for the past few days.
Can you guess what it is?

It's Ginger tea. :)

Just a small photo session for my visit at Partizanskaya area.
I accompanied my friends to get souvenirs from the market there.

Along the way into the market.

And, I do not know why but this place was freezing cold.

Some snapshots of the items sold there.

There's a variety of Matryoshka, dolls, chess sets, keychains.
It is cheaper to get souvenirs here compared to Red Square or Arbat Street.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pre New Year and Styles

Some are pre new year photos that I didnt manage to post.

The pictures were taken on one day that was snowing really heavily but the adventurous us still want to go to the park.
Real Christmas Trees.
Actually below there is the lake.

On new year day my groupmates with my fellow first batch friend went to the park to celebrate the coming of 2011 at 12am.
The park was not as dark as it suppose to be, maybe it is due to the snow that is white. Reflecting light.

Went again to metropolis for more shopping.

I love this dress so much! So classy and cute.
From Zara.
Cost 1499 rubles.

Cute top from Topshop.
Love Topshop.

This time I didnt get anything from H&M. Eventhough the sales was marvelous.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year and Fashion haul.

So overdue in posting.

First, Happy New Year everyone.

And next I am finally having my holidays.

I finally cleared all my credits and got automatic marks thus I am free for a month.

Went shopping yesterday.
Sale is in the air.

Got myself an amazing coat from Zara.
Classy and elegant.
Click to enlarge.
I know it looks like a pile of darkness with the small picture.

I also got jeans from Zara and Bershka.

The washout denim is from Zara.
the dark one is Bershka's.

My female groupmates and I basically got crazy over Zara coats!

Actually not only the girls. My friend's beau got himself a 5999rubles coat. I guess when guys lay their eyes on something, it always get more expensive than what the girls get.

I am no longer a Lush virgin! Hit the stores and got myself my first Lush product.
From outside the shop stinks.

Got the porridge soap. It smells heavenly but melts easily.
Even under this subzero temperature.
I do not know what will become of it if I bring it back to Malaysia.
Porridge soup?
And yea, this soap smells heavenly. I am a vanilla freak. Anything that smells close to that, gets approved by me =)