Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year and Fashion haul.

So overdue in posting.

First, Happy New Year everyone.

And next I am finally having my holidays.

I finally cleared all my credits and got automatic marks thus I am free for a month.

Went shopping yesterday.
Sale is in the air.

Got myself an amazing coat from Zara.
Classy and elegant.
Click to enlarge.
I know it looks like a pile of darkness with the small picture.

I also got jeans from Zara and Bershka.

The washout denim is from Zara.
the dark one is Bershka's.

My female groupmates and I basically got crazy over Zara coats!

Actually not only the girls. My friend's beau got himself a 5999rubles coat. I guess when guys lay their eyes on something, it always get more expensive than what the girls get.

I am no longer a Lush virgin! Hit the stores and got myself my first Lush product.
From outside the shop stinks.

Got the porridge soap. It smells heavenly but melts easily.
Even under this subzero temperature.
I do not know what will become of it if I bring it back to Malaysia.
Porridge soup?
And yea, this soap smells heavenly. I am a vanilla freak. Anything that smells close to that, gets approved by me =)

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