Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pre New Year and Styles

Some are pre new year photos that I didnt manage to post.

The pictures were taken on one day that was snowing really heavily but the adventurous us still want to go to the park.
Real Christmas Trees.
Actually below there is the lake.

On new year day my groupmates with my fellow first batch friend went to the park to celebrate the coming of 2011 at 12am.
The park was not as dark as it suppose to be, maybe it is due to the snow that is white. Reflecting light.

Went again to metropolis for more shopping.

I love this dress so much! So classy and cute.
From Zara.
Cost 1499 rubles.

Cute top from Topshop.
Love Topshop.

This time I didnt get anything from H&M. Eventhough the sales was marvelous.

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