Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some takes on styles

Ever since I chose a professional course which is medicine (MD). Somehow I tend to makeup less gyaru and go for more natural look, like this,
without the thick falsies and bottom falsies, lighter on the eye makeup and blush.

I do still read Popteen but I am realizing I am leaning more towards magazines like Seventeen, More, Miss, Mina more.
Maybe the medical student in me is telling me to look more professional I suppose?

My eye makeup of the day. Very simple. Just eyeliner, brown eyeshadow and mascara.

Went for shopping today and I am enjoying the sales.

First stop is Zara. Zara is always my love.

This knitwear was on a bargain. It was so pretty when I tried on but it was the last piece and it had a lot of flaws. Holes near the pocket part.
Was kinda sad I had to let it go.

What I really got is a formal jacket from Zara.
It was on sale for 999 rubles.

The blouse was from Pull and Bear and I got it since it matched with the jacket so well, and it was on sale too.
It cost 399 rubles.

And a really lovely necklace from Diva.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE that necklace!
    And I really like your FOTD. Don't worry about the whole gyaru thing. I think a lot of girls (not just the ones that are getting older) are feeling a bit more distanced to the style. It seems that not only the 'style' and magazines play a big role - but a lot of girls are making it hard for each other to fit in.. so yeah..