Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Coral Punch

Essence New Collection : Floral Grunge has arrived in the beauty store nearby my hostel so that means, the older collection goes to the clearance bin!

The previous collection that was displayed is the Oz The Great and Powerful Trend Edition.
Actually I have checked on this line for a few times but nothing really interest me but since now they are in the clearance bin for 49 Roubles each, I think no harm picking them up to try.

Most of the item are already out of stock, I had to rummage the clearance bin to find some of the items.

In the end, I got two items for myself, I picked up somemore but they are gifts for my friend.
An eyeshadow and a cream blush.

Eyeshadow in Generosity.
This is the last piece left in the clearance bin since it is one of the colours I often use, I just picked it up.
It is a coral with gold flecks.

Cream Blush in 01 Beware the Wicked Witch
This is the last piece and I am glad I got it since this is the item that caught my eye the most.
The packaging and concept reminds me of MUFE's HD blush but with a much cheaper price tag and I got it on clearance price which made it a steal!
I have another dupe for the MUFE HD blush at home which is the ELF HD blush, I will compare both items as soon as I get hold of my ELF's.
I do not own the MUFE's.

The colour is a coral with gold flecks. It is in the almost similar colour as the eyeshadow I bought.
A perfect match.

Both colours are the perfect colour for this Summer/Spring season. I can't wait to doll up and work these items out.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A little bit of glitters.

I have been obsessed with the glitter flakes nail polishes. They are just so cute and pretty.
I can't wait till when go back and raid all the Korean beauty stores to get these nail polishes. A lot of brands has released very beautiful multicoloured glitter nail polishes, such as Etude House, The Face Shop, TonyMoly, Aritaum ( we don't have Aritaum in my country, I am just gonna raid Gmarket), Innisfree etc.

So beautiful. Just in time for Spring/Summer.
The fun colours

Multicoloured pink, blue and white flakes.
Very fun and colourful mixture of flakes.

A swatch of the nail polish
Isn't it so cute?

The next colour is a pale lilac colour.
I picked this up because this was on clearance. Lilac is one of my favourite colour.

The cap design are so cute! I guess it is only for their limited collection because I didn't see any design

The name of the colours. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rainbow Walk

It is 15th of the month again and yes! you know what time it is.
It's beauty haul time! 

This time I picked up more than usual because there are a lot of new releases.

These is my haul.
Nail polish from Pink Up, Catrice Mono Eyeshadow , L'oreal Lip Caresse Stain Glosses and Essence Stay Matte Lip Cream.

Pink Up Nail Lacquer. The glitters are so pretty, this is not my first choice but other colours that I wanted were out of stock.
This type of nail polishes are really a hit in South Korea right now. There are many brands that has released nail polishes like this like Aritaum's Modi Nails, Etude House's Ice Cream Nail Polishes and The Face Shop...(I forgot the line)

Rainbow Walk.

The swatch of the nail polish.
The colour is really cute, it reminds me of sweet things and candies.

Catrice Mono Eyeshadow in #570 Plum Up The Jam

Something about this colour caught my eye and I really wanted it.
I picked it up and went to the counter straight away. 

It is a plum taupe with golden shimmers. More plum than taupe.
This is not like anything I owned. 

Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream in 02 Smooth Berry.
Another lip cream in my collection, this lip cream is very affordable so I picked it up to try it out. 
I wonder how it fares compared to the NYX and Collection 2000 lip creams. I will write a review after trying these three out. 

Smooth Berry is a medium berry colour. 
I don't have many berry colours, so it is a good thing this is added to my collection

L'oreal Lip Caresse stains. I have been eyeing on these since it is released.  
I guess the long wait was worth it because it is on sale right now by about 30% off.

They are said to be similiar to the YSL Glossy Stains and I can't afford the Glossy Stains right now. So I am very excited to try this out.
The YSL Glossy Stains are a hit in South Korea, I heard that they are almost sold out in YSL counters. Even Korean brands are pushing out their version of the glossy stains. 
So far, brands that have released this type of stains are Missha (Missha Glam Art Lip Triple), Innisfree and Espoir. There may be other brands that has released the similar products but I haven't checked them out.

I have placed an order on Missha's and Innisfree's but I have to wait till summer till I get home to get my hands on them. 

I picked up two colours Princess and Marilyn.

Princess is a straight-down orange colour and Marilyn is a hot pink colour. Both are my current favourite lip colours and my most purchased lip colours this season.
I just can't stop buying bright pink and orange lip products. They are just perfect for Spring/Summer.

Me wearing Marilyn, the camera washes the colour too much. I took this picture after I had it on for 4 hours.
The colour faded a little but most of the stain stayed through out. 
So far, I love the texture of the stains, it is watery upon application but it does some time for the gloss to set i. Also it is very moisturizing, so moisturizing that I felt it plump up my lips a litte. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Another day out

Yesterday I went out to watch Ironman 3 in 3D at European Mall, Kievskaya.
It is an okay film for me, I still feel Ironman 2 is a much better one than the third trilogy.

If you do visit Moscow, do stop by Kievskaya's European Mall, it is a great mall to shop at. 

Here's my EOTD. 

I lined my eye using Catrice eyeshadow in Cobalt Bleu. I didn't know what to do with this eyeshadow at first since it is not a colour I would use eyeshadow everyday (I got this eyeshadow for free) but now it looks like I found a good use for it. 
I used Essence Stay With Me cream eyeshadow in For Faeries for all over the lid. Such a great cream eyeshadow, such a versatile colour. I highlighted my bottom eyelid with 

The finish look!
For my face, I used Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream mixed with Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer in #1. Topped with MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural. I have been loving this powder a lot! 

Blush : Bourjois Blush in Rose D'Or
Lips : Catrice Lipstick in Oh!Juicy

After the movie, we went to a Japanese udon restaurant called "Marukame"

Ontama Bukkake Udon.

To be able to taste Asian food over here feels so at home. Honestly if it weren't for being in Moscow, this restaurant is just average because there's plenty of udon-ya with more varieties.
But if you are like me, in a foreign land and craving for udon, this is the right udon restaurant for you.
The taste of the udon is authentically Japanese.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Pink flower

Getting ready for bubble fest.

This is the ratio of foundation and volumer I always use.
This time I am using Dr. G's BB cream and Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer in #1

Apply it all over the face to get the a dewy finish.
Excuse my skin.
Then I topped it off with MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural.

For my eyes.
I got inspired many Spring looks.
I used a mixture of champagne, pink and orange colour.
Since i didn't have any pink eyeshadow with me, I used my Bourjois blush in Rose D'or as a replacement.
First I applied the champagne colour all over my lid and the pink at the outer V. Then the orange at the middle of the lid and blend.
I highlighted my bottom lid with Essence Stay with Me cream eyeshadow in For Faeries. It is a beautiful metallic pink-gold colour.

Finish eye look!

Finish look.
Blush : Bourjois Blush in Rose D'or.
Lips : Catrice Lipstick in Pinker-bell
Highlighter : Etude House Golden Ratio

The camera washes the face quite a lot.
This is a camera apps picture from my phone.

In my favourite new pink trench coat.

Bubble Fest 2013

This year I went to the bubble festival again. Well, it wasn't as exciting as last year's.
There isn't as many people in gorgeous, weird or extravagant costumes and it isn't so packed this year, maybe because the location is bigger.
The free hugs are still there though. This is the link to last year's festival.

It looks really crowded in the pictures but it wasn't as crowded as last's.

A shot among the crowd.

Blow blow bubbles! 

With a pretty masquerade angel.

Pretty Pink Princess.

Selca time!

Later in the evening we went to Chili's for some food and snack.
This is what I ordered. Chicken Crispers!
Not a favourite of mine, I find everything too oily because it is all fried.

Chicken Milehigh. This is what I ordered the last time.
I find that I like this dish more than chicken crispers as it is milder.

Paradise! This is the desert's name.

More selca time!

My strawberry lemonade.
An outside view of the restaurant. The New Arbat street.
This is also when I took my friend's red lipstick out to play.

I am gonna continue the next post with a OOTD, FOTD and EOTD!


Rimmel Apocalips finally has arrived the Land of Vodka

I got too excited that I rammage the Rimmel shelf and got my favourite colours.
I have been wanting them ever since I saw many UK beauty bloggers posted and raved about them. It is pretty sad that the product released after I left UK.

But it is all ok now since I got them on hands.
I took a photo of it right after I got it in "PinkBerry"

These 2 colours I got. Apocaliptic and Nova.
For me these two colours stand out the most at the testers, both are the shade of pinks I like.
The packaging isn't stellar, the cut top is pretty chic but it doesn't really stand out in dull black plastic. The gradient see-through at the end of the tube is pretty neat though because we love to see how much product we are left with.
The applicator is a tilted doe-foot with a hole in the middle. The applicator is stiff but the stiffness gives control for application. Control is needed when the product is so thick and pigmented.

A closer look at the both products.

Nova is a mid-tone barbie pink. 
This colour should suit many skintones. It is really pretty and a wearable everyday colour. 

Apocaliptic is a bright hot fuchsia!
Bold and super pretty! One of the colours that caught my eye immediately.

Here I am wearing Rimmel's Apocalips in Apocaliptic.
and Pinkberry!There's nothing very special about this yogurt ice cream though.

Is it worth the hype?
Yes definitely! It is so moisturizing, smooth and long lasting! Not to mention, the price is such a bargain. After drinking and eating numerous times, the lip lacquer stays on and stains the lips. It fades away bit by bit after awhile but the colour still stays till the end of the day.
If you are lazy in reapplication and don't have the money for YSL Glossy stains, definitely check these lippies out.