Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rainbow Walk

It is 15th of the month again and yes! you know what time it is.
It's beauty haul time! 

This time I picked up more than usual because there are a lot of new releases.

These is my haul.
Nail polish from Pink Up, Catrice Mono Eyeshadow , L'oreal Lip Caresse Stain Glosses and Essence Stay Matte Lip Cream.

Pink Up Nail Lacquer. The glitters are so pretty, this is not my first choice but other colours that I wanted were out of stock.
This type of nail polishes are really a hit in South Korea right now. There are many brands that has released nail polishes like this like Aritaum's Modi Nails, Etude House's Ice Cream Nail Polishes and The Face Shop...(I forgot the line)

Rainbow Walk.

The swatch of the nail polish.
The colour is really cute, it reminds me of sweet things and candies.

Catrice Mono Eyeshadow in #570 Plum Up The Jam

Something about this colour caught my eye and I really wanted it.
I picked it up and went to the counter straight away. 

It is a plum taupe with golden shimmers. More plum than taupe.
This is not like anything I owned. 

Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream in 02 Smooth Berry.
Another lip cream in my collection, this lip cream is very affordable so I picked it up to try it out. 
I wonder how it fares compared to the NYX and Collection 2000 lip creams. I will write a review after trying these three out. 

Smooth Berry is a medium berry colour. 
I don't have many berry colours, so it is a good thing this is added to my collection

L'oreal Lip Caresse stains. I have been eyeing on these since it is released.  
I guess the long wait was worth it because it is on sale right now by about 30% off.

They are said to be similiar to the YSL Glossy Stains and I can't afford the Glossy Stains right now. So I am very excited to try this out.
The YSL Glossy Stains are a hit in South Korea, I heard that they are almost sold out in YSL counters. Even Korean brands are pushing out their version of the glossy stains. 
So far, brands that have released this type of stains are Missha (Missha Glam Art Lip Triple), Innisfree and Espoir. There may be other brands that has released the similar products but I haven't checked them out.

I have placed an order on Missha's and Innisfree's but I have to wait till summer till I get home to get my hands on them. 

I picked up two colours Princess and Marilyn.

Princess is a straight-down orange colour and Marilyn is a hot pink colour. Both are my current favourite lip colours and my most purchased lip colours this season.
I just can't stop buying bright pink and orange lip products. They are just perfect for Spring/Summer.

Me wearing Marilyn, the camera washes the colour too much. I took this picture after I had it on for 4 hours.
The colour faded a little but most of the stain stayed through out. 
So far, I love the texture of the stains, it is watery upon application but it does some time for the gloss to set i. Also it is very moisturizing, so moisturizing that I felt it plump up my lips a litte. 


  1. great haul! :D I love L'oreal lip caresse, they're my favorite. I've been loving pinks and oranges and corals lately, they are really flattering ^-^


    1. Thanks for the comment. ^^
      Yes pinks, oranges and corals are really flattering colours. They just make the skin brighter and glow.