Saturday, March 28, 2015

New wedge trainers

Adidas is having a 50% off their past season collection. They had this sale since October and it is on-going till now but most sizes and designs have been sold out.
I am not a trainers person. I am glad to own one trainer and wear all year long till it is gone. But, I am also intrigued with the wedge design. We girls just love our high heels or any sort of tool to elevate our height, giving us an illusion of longer legs. High heels in disguise.

I got to know Adidas was having 50% off store wide from people around me. I dived in and searched for things to get from the store and I came across wedge trainers. There is not many designs offered and left in store but there's on that caught my eye.
Wedge trainers has been an item I want to try all these while. I thought they are a perfect 'cheat' item for girls.

Since there is not many choices left, it was no hard task to decide which pair I want.
I got the Adidas Neo Wedges.

I like the design, it is not sporty at all, I am not a sporty girl so I don't like when the design gets too sporty to the extend boyish, the suede-like material gives it a casual look that it can be paired with everything , shorts, dresses, jeans. The leopard print gives it a wild and sexy touch.
I tried these Adidas wedge trainers in stores and it was really comfortable, I couldn't feel the wedges and forgot the fact it is high heels at all. I was comfortable running in it, jumping in it.

I got them for 1995 Rubles which is a steal.
I am really happy with my pair of wedge trainers. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tiny events #4

My camera has been sent for sensor dust cleaning thus I have not been in the mood for blogging with pictures, I just feel insecure without my camera. It all has been well though, I will be collecting my camera back real soon and pictures will start rolling in. Camera photos shall do the trick for now.

' I am always grocery shopping in Auchan or more known stylized as Ashan over here in Russia but I haven't posted up pictures of how the hypermarkets looks like there, I feel I should take you all around a look in Ashan. Just sometimes, when I get too into grocery shopping I just forgot to snap pictures of the hypermarket. Just a sneak peak of the biscuit/cookies aisle, Not the most interesting Usually prices in Ashan are the cheapest so I do most of my groceries over there.   '

' The Chinese market is not somewhere I often go because it is quite far from where I live, I find that it is a hassle to travel.
Since this time my class is near the Chinese market, I am visiting the Chinese market more often to get my tofu supply. I like the tofu here, it is fresh and cheap. We have tofu, taupok, handmade noodles, tofu skin.
I do not get tofu from the hypermarket, it is very much overpriced. It is really hard to get tofu in Moscow.'

' Marie is my favourite character, if you can't guess it, I guess you should know it by now.
The stationery corner in Ashan carries exercise books with Marie as the front cover. My little Marie fan just couldn't resist and I got a stack of them. '

'Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup.
There is an authentic Vietnamese food stall inside Dubrovka wholesale center.
The Vietnamese food is really nice and affordable. What I like is that you get a good portion for the price paid. I usually share my portion since I could not finish one bowl by myself, that is coming from a girl. My male friends could finish them but it will leave them really full.
This is our new favourite place to eat out. It can get full during lunch hours since there are only three tables available. '

' It snowed heavily on Sunday. Winter is back? We hope it is really the last snow and soon we will be welcoming spring.
The weather has been really beautiful and sunny until Saturday. Now, It has been awfully cold.We want our spring weather back with lots of sunshine. '

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Solar Eclipse

20th of March is a extraordinary day where three celestial events coincide with each other. The solar eclipse, spring equinox and supermoon.

I never seen a solar eclipse in my whole life. This time I made it sure that I will observe the solar eclipse. 

I am glad that the day was so sunny and there was no trace of clouds. This makes it possible to observe the solar eclipse. 
The morning sun was glaring and bright. It is like a sign of welcoming spring and bid goodbye to winter.
From this picture you can compare how bright the sun in the morning was compared to the one during the solar eclipse.

The solar eclipse started at 12.20pm Moscow time and last till 2.20pm. The peak is 1.20pm.
This picture is taken during the peak. The solar eclipse is a partial solar eclipse so it is to differentiate it between a full sun with naked eye but comparing to the previous picture, you can see that the intensity of the sun has decreased and the sun doesn't appear as round.
This partial solar eclipse covers the sun about 67%.

I observed the solar eclipse at Vdkha. Right beside the Cosmonaut museum.
There, the city municipal has set up telescopes for the public to view the solar eclipse. It is really great that the city set up such a facility for the public.

There is quite a crowd gathering to catch the solar eclipse. Almost everyone has their own viewing equipment such as eclipse sunglasses, solar filter and others.
Since it is the first time viewing such an event, we do not know what to bring or where to get the equipments. We just went there with our failed pinhole projector.

The solar eclipse behind the film. From here you can see the shape of the eclipse.

One man was kind enough to offer us his band of film to have a clear view of the eclipse. I am grateful for the guy, if not I wouldn't have a nice photo of the solar eclipse. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Christmas in Moscow & Krispy Kreme

The last time we went to Red Square to catch the Christmas/ New Year lights over there. The Christmas ornament that we were anticipating wasn't illuminated, technically it was out of order. We were left dumbfounded at that moment and disappointed.

The next trip to Red Square. Thank goodness it wasn't out of order. It was illuminated and there was a huge crowd surrouding it.

We have to get through the great crowd to snap a picture with the Christmas ornament and inside of it too.

Inside the sphere, it is so pretty especially against the dark night sky.

It was really cold outside, we didn't stay long outside, our fingers couldn't take it, it is as if it was frostbiten. We couldn't feel our fingers from being exposed with the cold by taking pictures.
In the end we decided to settle down in Krispy Kreme.

But on the way to Krispy Kreme, we did take other pictures.

The Christmas market outside Red Square.
This stall that looks like a train head sells roasted chesnuts.

The amount of snow piling up at the side of the walkway. This is Russia.

GUM very majestic and beautiful at night with all the illumination.

Along Nikolskaya Street beside GUM. Beautiful little kiosk along the street.
Unfortunately they are all close.

Doughnuts so many doughnuts. so fattening yet taste so good.

Krispy Kreme doughnuts are not my favourite.
My favourite doughnuts has to be from J Co. or Big Apple. J co. is an Indonesian doughnut retail chain whereas Big Apple is Malaysian, local doughnut chain. I support my local food industry.
Well, I am not being bias, it is just that they have more varieties such as Green Tea, Oreo, Durian, Cheesecake, the flavours are just to die for and they are less sweet compared to Krispy Kreme which can be too sweet.
In Moscow, hands down Krispy Kreme has the best doughnuts, the others, can't be compared at all.

The Christmas edition doughnuts. They are so cute. I just can't bring myself to eat them.
This year, there's a snowman, snowflake and christmas tree.
I have tried all the flavours, I would say the best tasting has to be the christmas tree because it has a caramel filling. I love caramel.

We got a dozen of doughnuts to share among ourselves. It is cheaper to order a dozen in a box than individually.
I love doughnuts and I want more but they are so calories laden. It is just going to screw my diet plan. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Little buy : Bourjois powder

The Bourjois Healthy Balance powder. I got this powder because it was on sale at the beauty shop near my hostel. For quite some time I was been very intrigued by this powder because of many raves from youtubers and bloggers on how it is comparable to high end powders in the market.

With the sale, it is a sin not to pick it up.

It comes with a slim red packaging, very compact and ideal for popping it into the purse. It does not take up much space. It comes with a mirror but there's no applicator. You have to apply it with your own sponge applicator or brush. I like it this way because I never use brushes or sponge applicators that comes with the makeup unless in certain situations. I always to use my own brushes.

The shade I have picked up is 52 Vanilla.
This is the lightest shade available. Usually in Bourjois foundation ranges, my shade is 51 Light Vanilla.
I am actually a little worried that 52 Vanilla will be a tinge too dark on me since I have seen the reviews that this powder goes on slightly darker than the foundation range. I have yet to try it on my face but swatching it on my arm, it looks do-able on my NC15- NC20 skin.

I will come back with a review on my FOTD post when I do try out this powder. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Weight loss project 2015 : Food diary entry #1

Breakfast : 4 rye crispbread with spreads, a slice of white bread with salami, a slice wheat baton with spread, a piece of quark biscuit, a zefir.
Lunch : 125g of 0% Quark and a medium Banana
Dinner : a shared bowl of Vietnamese noodle
Misc : three pieces of biscuits, two crispbread and a zefir

Have been on the zefir addiction. I guess I could allow myself to cheat on them for today. Crispbread are my favourite to go tiny bites, each crisp contains 14 calories and they taste good with spread on. Bread slices here are kind of small so usually I go for two slices. I have just started trying quark because I couldn't find 0% yogurt in the hypermarket, to me they taste like a stronger yogurt, I am fine with the taste. Didn't expect to eat Vietnamese noodles for today but I guess it is okay since I shared the portion.

Breakfast : 5 rye crispbread with spreads, a slice of white bread with ham, bits and pieces of snacks.
Lunch : 4 pieces of biscuits , 4 crispbread
Dinner : 6 crispbread, quarter cup of rice, 20g of green beans and a tomato.
Misc : coffee

As you can see I love rye crispbread, they are 14 calories each piece and for the whole pack, it is only 290 calories. For some people it may be bland and tasteless but I like it especially with some dips or spread. They are like my bread replacement. Snacks, snacks, I love to snack but I have like a bite of each biscuits and leave another for later, this is just for the satisfaction. For lunch, I have classes through the afternoon and I was too hungry and I didn't pack food, manage to snack on people's meal. Biscuits are not the healthiest but what can you do when you are hungry.
Coffee, I have become a coffee person but I don't have it daily. Today I had it because I wanted to try out a new Vietnamese coffee that I have bought from the Asian market.

Breakfast : 2 crispbread, a slice of white bread with ham, a slice of white bread with chocolate spread, 2 biscuits
Lunch : banana, 7 crispbread, 3 biscuits, a slice of white bread, a zefir, a chocolate
Dinner : 6 crispbread

Since I was quite busy, this is a really bad low calorie diet with lots of carbs. I think I just brought my whole crispbread addiction to a whole new level. Crispbread for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast : 2 white bread with spread, 7 cripsbread, a biscuit and some snacks
Lunch : Bread with cottage cheese, snacks and biscuits
Dinner : chicken curry, fried chicken, coleslaw, plov, fried noodles, potato chips, muffins, bak kut teh, lots of snacks

Had a group dinner and basically I screw up my diet. Had too much food, everything is just too good to have a bite. I have no self control when it comes to food. That is why I can't go into a buffet. Gained 2kgs of water weight, hopefully it is a water weight since most food are really sodium loaded. I have to work out for the next week to shed the pounds away.

Breakfast : a piece of white bread with spread, 7 crispbread, 2 biscuits
Lunch : 3 crispbread, coffee
Dinner : Boiled 150g tofu and 2 leaves of cabbage soup, 3 crispbread

A total food hangover the next day that doesn't make me in the food for actual food. As you can see most food I had are low calorie and not too flavourful, to combat yesterday's sodium overload in my system.

Breakfast : 7 crispbread, 2 biscuits, a piece of white bread with spread, 130g yogurt.
Lunch : sandwich (a slice of bread), 2 crispbread
Dinner : 2 slices of bread (sandwich form), cabbage and 150g tofu soup, 3 crispbread, a chocolate, a chicken thigh (not all, half)

Today we had a sports carnival and I had more food compared to yesterday. I was just plain hungry, so I had slightly more than usual to curb my hunger.

Breakfast : 8 Crispbread, a yogurt and 2 biscuits
Lunch : Some biscuits and Muesli bar
Dinner : a shared portion of fried rice, a little napoleon cake, a slice of white bread, 9 crispbread

Eversince I incorporated work out routines I find myself more hungry than usual but that is to be expected since we need fuel to energize our body back. I am increasing my food intake a little more than usual so that I won't get too hungry but also I am controlling my portion so I won't go overboard and let my work outs go to waste. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Travel Diary Day 5 in UK : Eating out Edinburgh : Deacon Brodies Tavern

On our first night in Edinburgh, we had our dinner in a pub/restaurant, The Deacon Brodies Tavern along The Royal Mile.
This restaurant is really easy to spot at The Royal Mile. It is a striking 1700s-1800s era looking little pub-restaurant along the corner.

The menu.
The food is traditionally English/Scottish which is great because I have been up for something English or Scottish for my meal since I am in the UK where better to get their local food.

Deciding on what to eat.

Settled on a traditional Scottish dish Haggis , Neeps and Tatties with Whisky sauce.
Oh wow, I love the whisky sauce, the scent of the whisky is strong but not too overpowering and it blends well with the haggis, mashed pumpkin and potato.
Besides the fact haggis is made up of ridiculous ingredients, it actually taste really great. It is not for the faint of heart, better not ask your waiter/waitress what's in it and just enjoy this delicious Scottish delicacy.
Scotland, watch out, I will be back for more haggis

What is traditional English cuisine without the Fish and Chips.
I know I could get them at a takeaway but we just wanted to have them and enjoy them under a restaurant atmosphere.
Since our visit to the UK, we have grown very fond of fish and chips. It has become our comfort food to go.
I quite like the Fish and Chips here, the batter not too thick and it is not very oily. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Asian grocery haul #1

This is the first time I am doing a grocery haul post. So let's start out with a small one.
I don't usually go to Asian market because It is quite a travel from my hostel. This time my class is pretty near the Asian market so I went to the market to get some necessities.

This is what I got for my Asian grocery haul.
Everything I got is in the picture except the tofu, I have already unpacked it and placed it in the fridge. Tofu is like a rarity in Moscow, you could hardly find them unless in higher class supermarkets and they are way too pricey. Being Asian, I love my tofu but the only time I could have them is when I go to the Asian market. So, tofu is a most when I visit there. Tofu is very affordable there and the taste is great too for the price paid.

Mi Lau Thai. I am not an instant noodle kind of person but the Asian market is predominantly Vietnamese and there is a selection of Vietnamese food products. So happen I tried this instant noodle before and I like it. So I thought why not buy 2 packets in case of food emergency, like during the exam season.

I can't live without Gochujang, I love my dose of spiciness. This is a back up tub. I usually put Gochujang in most of the soups I make.

I have heard lots of Vietnamese coffee and how great it taste. Me and my friend bought a box and we shared between us. I have tried the coffee, so far, I find it very much like most instant coffee but it is less sweet and has a stronger coffee taste. For this, I like it much better than Nescafe which I find a little diluted and sweet.

I might visit the Asian market again next week. Let's see my schedule. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Weight loss project 2015 : Rant #1

I wanted to post a post on my weight loss but my diet is a total mess right now which had demotivated me from posting it and collecting cyberdust in my drafts.
I gained weight since my holiday trip and also from the sheer few days of Chinese New Year celebration.
I gained approximately 3kgs from all the food I had during this period and It had went down about 1kg since when I last had a enormous meal from Chinese New Year celebration. I am still not proud of this though.

I am trying to get back on track with downsizing my portion but I am still having desserts and sweets which is not helping much. I know I have to eliminate my desserts and sweets in order to lose weight.
I need to be strict on myself and eat clean and healthy.
I had bought a lot of healthy food from the hypermarket ( I will post a grocery haul soon) and at the same time I still have leftovers of unhealthy food such as chocolate, biscuits and cakes from my grocery shopping way back last year. Also, I have to kick myself today for buying more unhealthy snacks like biscuits and marshmallows. I am going to finish them off and not touching them.

Exercising wise, I am not yet back on track with my exercise routine. I have slacked off since my study break but I am slowly regaining it back, hopefully I can regain it soon. I want to get back to routine by exercising daily after class. Hopefully my roommate doesn't find me annoying or irritating.
I never posted anything on my exercise routine or the fact I do exercise.
In case anyone is interested, I do workouts following youtube videos from popsugar fitness, fitness blender and keaira lashae's channel. These three channels, I swear by their workouts.

Also, I am thinking that I should start documenting what I eat in a day so that, I will control my food intake much more and be more discipline. The last post that I did a food intake diary is circa 2011, That is so long ago. Since then I have been slacking with food intake diaries on my blog but I have been using my fitness pal to record my food intake on some days. I have been using it for a year or so, I find it did control my food intake to 1320 calories per day. Other than that, I have also been snacking because I couldn't see that I had consume snacks on the diary since I always use the 'quick add calories' option.

So I will be posting more weight loss entries , rants, anything related to weight loss until I achieve my ideal weight. I have been struggling with weight loss for quite a long time eversince I am in high school, so now, I am very determine to achieve my ideal weight. It has been taking too long. I am almost at the end of university life and I have yet to achieve it.
Incase , anyone wants to know my weight. I fluctuate between 125-130 pounds. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tiny events #3

My last tiny events post is during my pre-holiday season also known as the exam season which is about approximately a month ago.
After my exam period I went on a vacation for 2 weeks and then came back a day before my university's spring semester. After that I had a tough cycle which had finals at the end of the cycle. Pretty busy.

Anyway, now I am back documenting my tiny events.

' It is my first time having TGIF in Moscow, Russia and I have to say it is terrible. How could taste differ so much from one country to another. I can't comprehend this.
I had TGIF in Malaysia and from my memory, it taste good.
I ordered the Club Sandwich from their lunch menu and I was unimpressed. The fries are soggy and the sandwich, don't let me get started. I guess I make better sandwich than this. I would never visit a TGIF in Moscow ever again or should I say I never have good American food experience over here.'

' Burger King brownies and waffles. What I like about Burger King Russia is that they often have coupon deals and their food is affordable and reasonable after the coupon deal. I find they have the best burgers among fast food chains available in Moscow and their dessert is my favourite cheat treat, especially the waffles. The waffles and ice cream goes so well together
I do not have them very often but they are my once in a blue moon treat. '

' Made Chocolate cornflakes cup for chinese new year. Ofcourse, they are not successful, they just look pretty. They are as hard as rocks. So difficult to chew, almost like granola bars.
I do not know is it the quality of the cornflakes over here in Moscow. I stinged on a little and bought the cheapest (probably lowest quality) cornflakes available in the supermarket. I guess that is my biggest mistake. 
The next time I am gonna make this, I am going to get higher grade cornflakes'

' Look what I have found in my local grocery store. Affordable hummus. I haven't seen affordable hummus around the stores, usually they cost a whopping 200-300 rubles. This one cost about slight over 60 rubles. Taste is ok not wow, well got to forgive the taste from the price point. Atleast there is hummus for me.
This is the classic version. There is another flavour with paprika, I am going to get it the next time I do my grocery.

Also, I am thinking of documenting food I eat daily and do a grocery haul. Is that a good idea? '

' I never took any picture of the beauty shop near my hostel because the sales girl is usually on alert but since there's so many buying gifts since it is Women's Day this weekend, I secretly snapped a picture of the NYX corner.
The selection of NYX is not very extensive over here as compared to the selections in of the US or online. I am happy that they carry the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams and Butter Glosses. It is weird though that they do not carry the Round lipsticks.
They restocked some of the items this time around. Took them awhile to do so. A tiny NYX haul soon?  '

Friday, March 6, 2015

Yves Rocher New Year edition haul

Yves Rocher is a great French brand with affordable beauty brand that has many hidden gems. I have been using their products for the past year and I would say they are a bang for their prices.

Every Christmas season, Yves Rocher will release a limited edition range of bath and body items.
This year, I did pick up a lot of items from the Christmas limited.

Lots of handcreams.
I really love Yves Rocher's hand cream. I find them to work really well on me on this dry weather.
I got five tubes which seems kind of excessive but they are all not mine, The flavours I picked up is the Blueberry and Cocoa & Orange. The only flavour I did not pick up is the Raspberry because it smelt so artificial and just not pleasing at all.
My favourite scent has to be the Cocoa & Orange because I just everything Cocoa, Chocolate, Vanilla. Those scents and in between.

I haven't mention about Yves Rocher lipbalms at all but they are just so amazing. I picked up two from the last Christmas limited, it was the Raspberry and Cocoa . I love the texture of the lipbalm they are so nourishing, they give a very nice sensation on the lips, I could hardly able to describe it , you could actually feel the lipbalm working the lips upon application, moisturizing them and but you do not feel them on sit the lips at all, they don't leave a layer on the lips. You know how we dislike the feeling of lipbalm sitting on the lips, like there is a layer of oil or grease on the lips. This feels light on the lips.
Since I so love them,this time I picked up two again from the Christmas limited but in Blackberry. The Blackberry comes in a purplish-pink tint. Really beautiful, very winter shade. I haven't came across lipbalms that are in this colour. Usually they are either pink, red or peach. So I just have to get them and ofcourse two of them because I am a hoarder. Well, I go through lipbalms really fast.

The gem of this haul is a Eau de Toilette. With this, Yves Rocher has probably created the best scent that has come from them. I never like Yves Rocher Eau de Toilette, I don't find them to smell good at all. This, is the whole different story. You could see that I got two bottles, this proves how amazing it smells. The Pear Caramel scent is just so lovely. It is sweet and refreshing at the same time. The scent isn't too strong, it is very light.
It last quite long on the body which is pretty surprising. Usually these type of Eau de Toilette do fade away mid-day. I am just quite sad that this is a limited edition. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Chinese New Year in Moscow

Every Chinese New Year, we make an effort to cook together as a group for reunion dinner and celebrate this festive season. We are students overseas, we are all far away from home. Groupmates are closest is as close as what we can call a family.

This is our Chinese New Year dinner. It took us hours to get the food ready.
Homecook Malaysian style Chinese food. Just reminds me of home.

We have groupmates that went back to Malaysia during the winter holidays and brought back Chinese New Year cookies. I love Chinese New Year cookies but they are the most fattening thing during this festive season. They really have contribute to my massive weight gain for the past week and it is so hard to shed the weight off.

During reunion dinner, it is a custom to have eight main dishes on the table. We did not really follow the custom since prices on certain produces are quite steep and we are students on a budget but we did made almost 10 dishes with some repeated produce.

The first dish is a vegetarian dish. It is napa cabbage , carrots and deep fried garlic.
There can't be all meat served on the table, there's still a need for some greens before all of us get constipated.

One of my groupmate is a great chef and this is one of his signature dish.
Sweet and Sour chicken. We specially requested him to cook this dish for us.

Steamed fish in soy sauce.
This dish taste so good, if only I can steam fish that good.  It does taste like those steam fish dish I could get in restaurants.

Egg and lap cheong (chinese sausage)
I didn't imagine the day that I could finally taste lap cheong over here, thanks to my groupmates who are food hoarders. They actually bought lots of food from Malaysia, unlike me, who only packs cosmetics and clothes. Guilty of that.

Sambal fried noodles
What is fried noodles without the Malaysian flavour.

Fried rice.

Shitake and Button mushrooms and broccoli.

Prawns in Wine sauce. I just don't know how to name or call this dish.

Homemade bak gua. My groupmates are just awesome cooks.
They can just make everything, makes me feel like I am a failed cook. I need to buck up my cooking.

My grilled emperor chicken.
I am not a good cook so I guess I didn't marinate the chicken well enough that the chicken breast did not have much taste as compare to other parts.
Looks like I have to improve my cooking skills.

That's all the food we had for the reunion dinner. We had so much food that I guess most of us had put on some extra pounds.
I had put on and now I have to lose them. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Eating out Moscow : Bely Zhuravl Korean Restaurant

If you are looking for an authentic Korean restaurant in Moscow, do not look further because I am gonna write a post on the best Korean restaurant I have tried in Moscow.

Searching for Korean restaurants is quite a difficult task in Moscow. Asian cuisine (besides Sushi chains) is not ready available in Moscow, it takes some researching to actually find them. Authentic Korean restaurants are even greater task. There might be Korean restaurants out there but some Korean restaurants are not run by Koreans but Chinese. So sometimes as good as it taste, it is still not the real deal.

Last Christmas, we had a chance to visit a Korean restaurant located quite central Moscow. It is just beside the Moscow river near Gorky park. From the restaurant, across the river, you could actually see the park.

Like most Korean restaurants that I've dine in. They start off with serving many side dishes. This restaurant is no less, they have a good variety of side dishes.

I was quite surprised by the selection of side dishes. The bad thing is it is not refillable like Korean restaurants I visited in Asia. Either it is not refillable or the waitress is ignoring our request. I will go on services later. Let's not spoil the post with issues on services.

The prices is not the cheapest in Moscow but I would say affordable and reasonable for the portion size.
Anyway, do not order many dishes. Look at the serving size before ordering. I am just gonna say that the serving size is enormous. Unless you are a hungry ghost, feel free to order more dishes if not by the end of the session, you will be too full to even move your butt from the restaurant and food will go to waste.

I ordered the Spicy Pork Stir Fry - "Jeyuk Bokkeum" with 2 bowls of rice and shared between 2 person. Even so, we felt it was overwhelming, we were very full at the end of the meal. This dish could be shared between 3 person.

The meal is delicious. The pork is nicely sliced into thin layers and there's a huge amount of pork in the dish and there's a good amount of greens too in the dish which is great.

Now let's talk about customer service. Maybe it is just the day I was there because my friend went a few times and she experience any bad service from the waitress, in fact, it was pretty good.
On the day we went, the waitress didn't make us feel comfortable. They were standing beside our table in a group, almost glaring at us and chatting. We wanted to refill our side dishes like how Korean restaurants usually offer to top up side dishes but the waitress took away our dishes and ignored our request. Even if it is not refillable, they could offer us an explanation instead of taking away our dishes and ignoring our request.
I will go another time to justify the service.

The interior of the restaurant is nice and comfortable. Tables are set averagely far apart, enough to get some privacy.
The toilets are amazing though. They are so spacious and clean. There's even music in the toilet.

We celebrated Christmas in the restaurant so we had a little gift exchange ceremony.

Me and my gift. Guess what I got?

Christmas get up. Cute christmas hat and ofcourse a seal plushie.