Thursday, March 12, 2015

Asian grocery haul #1

This is the first time I am doing a grocery haul post. So let's start out with a small one.
I don't usually go to Asian market because It is quite a travel from my hostel. This time my class is pretty near the Asian market so I went to the market to get some necessities.

This is what I got for my Asian grocery haul.
Everything I got is in the picture except the tofu, I have already unpacked it and placed it in the fridge. Tofu is like a rarity in Moscow, you could hardly find them unless in higher class supermarkets and they are way too pricey. Being Asian, I love my tofu but the only time I could have them is when I go to the Asian market. So, tofu is a most when I visit there. Tofu is very affordable there and the taste is great too for the price paid.

Mi Lau Thai. I am not an instant noodle kind of person but the Asian market is predominantly Vietnamese and there is a selection of Vietnamese food products. So happen I tried this instant noodle before and I like it. So I thought why not buy 2 packets in case of food emergency, like during the exam season.

I can't live without Gochujang, I love my dose of spiciness. This is a back up tub. I usually put Gochujang in most of the soups I make.

I have heard lots of Vietnamese coffee and how great it taste. Me and my friend bought a box and we shared between us. I have tried the coffee, so far, I find it very much like most instant coffee but it is less sweet and has a stronger coffee taste. For this, I like it much better than Nescafe which I find a little diluted and sweet.

I might visit the Asian market again next week. Let's see my schedule. 

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