Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Solar Eclipse

20th of March is a extraordinary day where three celestial events coincide with each other. The solar eclipse, spring equinox and supermoon.

I never seen a solar eclipse in my whole life. This time I made it sure that I will observe the solar eclipse. 

I am glad that the day was so sunny and there was no trace of clouds. This makes it possible to observe the solar eclipse. 
The morning sun was glaring and bright. It is like a sign of welcoming spring and bid goodbye to winter.
From this picture you can compare how bright the sun in the morning was compared to the one during the solar eclipse.

The solar eclipse started at 12.20pm Moscow time and last till 2.20pm. The peak is 1.20pm.
This picture is taken during the peak. The solar eclipse is a partial solar eclipse so it is to differentiate it between a full sun with naked eye but comparing to the previous picture, you can see that the intensity of the sun has decreased and the sun doesn't appear as round.
This partial solar eclipse covers the sun about 67%.

I observed the solar eclipse at Vdkha. Right beside the Cosmonaut museum.
There, the city municipal has set up telescopes for the public to view the solar eclipse. It is really great that the city set up such a facility for the public.

There is quite a crowd gathering to catch the solar eclipse. Almost everyone has their own viewing equipment such as eclipse sunglasses, solar filter and others.
Since it is the first time viewing such an event, we do not know what to bring or where to get the equipments. We just went there with our failed pinhole projector.

The solar eclipse behind the film. From here you can see the shape of the eclipse.

One man was kind enough to offer us his band of film to have a clear view of the eclipse. I am grateful for the guy, if not I wouldn't have a nice photo of the solar eclipse. 

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