Monday, March 16, 2015

Travel Diary Day 5 in UK : Eating out Edinburgh : Deacon Brodies Tavern

On our first night in Edinburgh, we had our dinner in a pub/restaurant, The Deacon Brodies Tavern along The Royal Mile.
This restaurant is really easy to spot at The Royal Mile. It is a striking 1700s-1800s era looking little pub-restaurant along the corner.

The menu.
The food is traditionally English/Scottish which is great because I have been up for something English or Scottish for my meal since I am in the UK where better to get their local food.

Deciding on what to eat.

Settled on a traditional Scottish dish Haggis , Neeps and Tatties with Whisky sauce.
Oh wow, I love the whisky sauce, the scent of the whisky is strong but not too overpowering and it blends well with the haggis, mashed pumpkin and potato.
Besides the fact haggis is made up of ridiculous ingredients, it actually taste really great. It is not for the faint of heart, better not ask your waiter/waitress what's in it and just enjoy this delicious Scottish delicacy.
Scotland, watch out, I will be back for more haggis

What is traditional English cuisine without the Fish and Chips.
I know I could get them at a takeaway but we just wanted to have them and enjoy them under a restaurant atmosphere.
Since our visit to the UK, we have grown very fond of fish and chips. It has become our comfort food to go.
I quite like the Fish and Chips here, the batter not too thick and it is not very oily. 

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