Friday, March 6, 2015

Yves Rocher New Year edition haul

Yves Rocher is a great French brand with affordable beauty brand that has many hidden gems. I have been using their products for the past year and I would say they are a bang for their prices.

Every Christmas season, Yves Rocher will release a limited edition range of bath and body items.
This year, I did pick up a lot of items from the Christmas limited.

Lots of handcreams.
I really love Yves Rocher's hand cream. I find them to work really well on me on this dry weather.
I got five tubes which seems kind of excessive but they are all not mine, The flavours I picked up is the Blueberry and Cocoa & Orange. The only flavour I did not pick up is the Raspberry because it smelt so artificial and just not pleasing at all.
My favourite scent has to be the Cocoa & Orange because I just everything Cocoa, Chocolate, Vanilla. Those scents and in between.

I haven't mention about Yves Rocher lipbalms at all but they are just so amazing. I picked up two from the last Christmas limited, it was the Raspberry and Cocoa . I love the texture of the lipbalm they are so nourishing, they give a very nice sensation on the lips, I could hardly able to describe it , you could actually feel the lipbalm working the lips upon application, moisturizing them and but you do not feel them on sit the lips at all, they don't leave a layer on the lips. You know how we dislike the feeling of lipbalm sitting on the lips, like there is a layer of oil or grease on the lips. This feels light on the lips.
Since I so love them,this time I picked up two again from the Christmas limited but in Blackberry. The Blackberry comes in a purplish-pink tint. Really beautiful, very winter shade. I haven't came across lipbalms that are in this colour. Usually they are either pink, red or peach. So I just have to get them and ofcourse two of them because I am a hoarder. Well, I go through lipbalms really fast.

The gem of this haul is a Eau de Toilette. With this, Yves Rocher has probably created the best scent that has come from them. I never like Yves Rocher Eau de Toilette, I don't find them to smell good at all. This, is the whole different story. You could see that I got two bottles, this proves how amazing it smells. The Pear Caramel scent is just so lovely. It is sweet and refreshing at the same time. The scent isn't too strong, it is very light.
It last quite long on the body which is pretty surprising. Usually these type of Eau de Toilette do fade away mid-day. I am just quite sad that this is a limited edition. 

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