Saturday, February 25, 2012

Russian cuisine visit.

Since it was my friend's birthday. We finally visited a Russian cuisine restaurant, Moo-Moo.
It is set up really cafeteria styled which lots of food to choose from.

I never really fancied Russian cuisine since I find it too oily, a little plain and not much variety to choose from especially for vegetable dishes.

Grilled chicken (very common dish), mashed potatoes and the traditional Russian dish, beef jelly or known as studen.

It was the first time eating studen. I didn't like the taste, I find it weird tasting but it was a nice try.
The smell of beef was too overbearing.

The restaurant environment is really nice but there's something I really hate about Russian restaurants, sorta like my pet peeve about Russia.
They always allow smoking indoors. To make things worst, they didn't separate a smoking and non smoking area.
The menu has English translation which is good for tourist but the staffs don't speak English. So while ordering you could point at what you want if you don't speak Russian.

Here a mini buy from Essence. I accidentally bumped into this collection over a beauty shop.
It is really rare for beauty shops over here to bring items in fast. Even my home country which is further away from Europe can bring it in faster than Russia. =.=

Essence Vampire's Love Shimmer Powder.
I am not too sold by the vampire name, I am more interested by the fact it is a beautiful shimmer powder. Me like!

It comes with a typical essence sturdy yet cheap packaging.
Don't expect much since essence is a pretty affordable brand.

Look at the gold microshimmers. so gorgeous. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Legit food spam + review.

Now it's time for the floor below to undergo renovation. The drilling sound is killing me. I can even feel my floor vibrating.

Here comes a legit food post.

During the holidays I went to Chili's to celebrate my friend's birthday.

My vanilla milkshake. Vanilla is my favourite flavour

The rest is major food spam!

Now to the review of my current rave foundation.
Vivienne Sabo Ton de Plaisir foundation

This is a fruit essence foundation, sort of like a cheaper alternative to Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation which is already affordable.
The coverage ranges from medium to heavy thus making your face look flawless but without caking up.
Lasting power wise, it last pretty well with powder on top. My face isn't very oily or too dry thus I can't really judge how it works on a person with oily skin.
I don't know why but this foundation looks really great on camera it makes your skin looks almost perfect.
The bad part it only comes in 2 shades just enough to suit Russian skintones.
It comes in 30ml. It cost about 200+Rubles.

Th swatch on my skin

Friday, February 17, 2012

The french cafe.

My room was under rewiring renovation for two weeks. Now I am finally back in my room. I feel so much more comfortable but to clean up the mess the workers did was no joke.

Anyway, the beauty store beside my hostel always have 15% discount every 15th of the month. As usual, I picked up some stuffs.

Vivienne Sabo's Cafe Francais items (Poudre Melange, Bonbons feeries , 2 smoothing lipsticks) Essence cracking nail, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in First Blush.
Cafe Francias is Vivienne Sabo's winter collection.

The sad part the packaging is just a sticker sitcked on. It is really cute though.
Also the packaging is super bulky!!

My tone is 21. It is only available in two tones. 
The beads come in three tones.
Looks like there's not much product.

The swatch.
Hardly visible but it gives my skin a very nice sheen.

Bonbons feeries. The name is so cute!
It is a blush.

It also comes in beads form. 
The colour leans more to a blue toned baby pink.

The swatch.
A sheer baby pink sheen.

Two lipsticks. Ain't the packaging super pretty.
I really like the box.

Colour 410. Actually I bought this colour as a mistake, I didn't want this colour but somehow it turned pretty on my lips evethough it doesn't look flattering on the tube.
It is a sheer rusty red.

This is colour is wanted to purchase but I bought 410 instead and I rushed back to the shop to get this.
This is colour 411. It is a nude beige with pink undertone. Lovely colour.

The swatch of the cracking nails.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Just something for February.

Uni reopened. I am gonna cry a river now.
It has has to reopen during the time of peak winter. I am seeing all the -20 Degrees Celcius.
Chilling till the bones.

Here comes a mini haul.
I didn't get much.
I repurchased the Vivienne Sabo foundation which I like, Ton de Plaisir in F1. A nail polish from Divage and a eyeliner brush from Essence cosmetics.

 I am saving up my money to haul when I get back home. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Mask loot!

I was talking about the harsh weather in the previous post. It ain't gonna stop there.
Today it hit -20+ degree celcius again. I really hope tonight doesn't go down to -26 degree celcius as forecasted. 

Here is my mask loot!
I love paper mask like all the Asians do. 

Vilenta mask with moisturizer cream
Vilenta is a Russian brand. So far I have tried a few of their masks. It is not too bad.
I bought their Coral mask, Olive Oil mask and 100% Collagen mask.

SkinLite mask. SkinLite is a Korean Brand.
I like SkinLite masks more than Vilenta's.
I bought their Collagen+Vitamin B&E mask, Cucumber mask, Lavender mask, Q10 mask, Arbutin Tropical Fruit mask, Collagen Tropical Fruit mask, Sakura mask, Bamboo mask and Green Tea mask.
Can't wait to try all of them. 

SkinLite pulp mask edition. More expensive than their normal mask but the quality of the mask is better.
I bought Age Defying Collagen Mask, Nourishing Chocolate mask and Vital Nourishing Red Ginseng Mask. 
The packaging is so cute!!

I took advantage of the perfume sale at L'etoile. 
Got my Lanvin's Jeanne perfume. I love Lanvin's perfume.

Also I dyed my hair again. This time a darker colour.
My skin condition has improved lots after taking more care. 
Vivienne Sabo's foundation helped too, it really looks good on camera.

something extra. Homemade Curry Soba. 
Japanese curry is the best! 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

winter sushi time

I need to get my lazy bum moving to update this blog more since I am on holidays.
It is super cold in Moscow right now, I just don't want to go out the dorm. Averagely it is below -20 degrees Celcius.

I went to eat Sushi yesterday.
Walking under the -23 degree Celcius weather was no joke but nothing can stop me when i am hungry.

Masking time last night.
I bought lotsa mask to pamper my face so it can survive through this harsh winter.

This is the mask I use yesterday.
SkinLite Anti-Stress Chamomile Mask.

SkinLite is a Korean brand. It is available in Russia in Auchan branches.
You also can grab them from

The mask quality is really thin and it is 100% made from pulp so it is easily torn if not handled properly.
Since it is thin and made from pulp it adheres to the face really well. I like the texture.
Chamomile mask smells really soothing and fresh.
The mask does soften my skin and moisturize it a little. It is more to the anti-inflammatory side.
Since my skin isn't inflamed this time around I can't see if the anti-inflammation works.