Thursday, February 2, 2012

winter sushi time

I need to get my lazy bum moving to update this blog more since I am on holidays.
It is super cold in Moscow right now, I just don't want to go out the dorm. Averagely it is below -20 degrees Celcius.

I went to eat Sushi yesterday.
Walking under the -23 degree Celcius weather was no joke but nothing can stop me when i am hungry.

Masking time last night.
I bought lotsa mask to pamper my face so it can survive through this harsh winter.

This is the mask I use yesterday.
SkinLite Anti-Stress Chamomile Mask.

SkinLite is a Korean brand. It is available in Russia in Auchan branches.
You also can grab them from

The mask quality is really thin and it is 100% made from pulp so it is easily torn if not handled properly.
Since it is thin and made from pulp it adheres to the face really well. I like the texture.
Chamomile mask smells really soothing and fresh.
The mask does soften my skin and moisturize it a little. It is more to the anti-inflammatory side.
Since my skin isn't inflamed this time around I can't see if the anti-inflammation works. 

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