Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ELF Natural Radiance Blush swatches and review

Remember that I got ELF Natural radiance blush in Innocence awhile back?
Now, I am gonna review and swatch it.

These ELF blush retail USD1 on ELF's makeup site. Sometimes there's coupon code so you might get it even cheaper.

I like these blushes because they are portable. It fits everywhere if you need touch ups.
They are loosely packed. This is one bad thing. I dropped Glow once and it broke but it is still usable but I don't carry it anywhere to reduce mess. I do not want it to further break into pieces.

They are also powdery, so it's better to pat your brush to get the product instead of swiping to reduce mess and fall outs.

Pigmentation wise,lighter colours are less pigmented.
Anyhow it's still decent pigmentation.

Left : Innocence Right : Glow

As you can see Glow is damaged.

The Swatch,
Left : Glow Right: Innocence

Glow I swiped on one swipe. Innocence I swiped on two swipes
This, you can roughly figure out the pigmentation.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Parcel from the US

So unexpected but this time I received a parcel again.
The goodies I got. They are from Stila, ELF and Coastal Scents.

From Elf, I got their blush.This one is in Innocence and it's a backup since my old one is starting to hit pan. I love this colour. It is a very very pale pink.

The cream eyeshadow duo.Sugar Cookie! I got hooked by its colour.
It is a champagne and pink duo. Lovely.

ELF mineral blush in Joy. I took advantage of the 50% off and got this.

It is not really a mauve lilac as described. A bit mauve pink. It compliments really well with fair skin tones.

Stila's bronzer in Shade 1. Lovely packaging.

Shade 1 suits NC20 the best which is my skintone =)

From Coastal Scents, an angled liner brush.
This is a back up incase I wash the other or use a different liner colour.
I love Coastal Scents angled liner brush, I own the pink one too.

And also, Sephora is opening in Malaysia
I am so excited!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My first Urban Decay

Another parcel arrived.

The Urban Decay Hall of Fame. I got this during the Urban Decay 30% off. I have always wanted to try their UDPP. This one comes in XL size.
The wand of the UDPP I received is bent. So I can scoop out more product with this wand.
The lipstick in midnight cowboy. A nude brown with slight shimmer.
Pocket Rocket in Timothy. I know lots hates its scents. I love it, smells like Caramel Popcorn, for me.
The mascara wand. It is plastic.

Some stuffs from coastal scents. Took advantage of their brush sale.Italian Badger Angled blush brush. This baby is super soft!
It doesn't shed nor bleed. I have already washed it, just a moment ago.
Camel Mica. Super pretty shade!

The swatch. A tan gold with shimmer.

Mixed with my matte pink blush. Just see that lovely gold sheen it leaves.

From 20% off sale.Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. This is love. I finished the sample size (bought it for quite expensive price locally) and it works so well so i decided to get the big one from, so much cheaper.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Comparison between ELF's studio blush Tickled Pink and Pink Passion.
Left : Tickled Pink right : Pink Passion
Tickled pink looks like a dusty pink beside Pink Passion which is a bright bubblegum pink.

The swatch
Left : Pink Passion Right : Tickled Pink
Tickled Pink is sheerer than Pink Passion but both of them are still considered sheer. You really need to layer to build them up.

Comparison between the ELF studio pressed powder in porcelain and Garnier Skin Naturals Visible whitening face powder in Ivory
ELF's has a stronger yellow undertone compared to Garnier's.

The swatchLeft : Garnier Right: ELF
After blending into my skin.Both blends nicely into my skin. Although you can see ELF leaves a tiny bit muddy look.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Feels like Christmas!

A package just arrived just a moment ago!I like it when you order stuffs at different times, but you received it on the day.Feels like Christmas.Tada! Love package! ♥♥

The items.Mostly I got during sale. I am a cheapskate.Looks like a ton ...
The ELF Studio items that I got.ELF pressed powder in porcelain and ELF studio blush in pink passion
When I first saw pink passion, I thought it looks so identical to NARS' desire. The same cotton candy pink colour.

So, I took my NARS blush to compare,
Maybe not so close. In the pan NARS seems darker and ELF lighter.
I haven't swatch them though.

The highly raved HD powder.I can't bring myself to get the MUFE HD powder because that one cost a bomb and the money spent can feed me for a week!The texture for the ELF is pretty slippery and blends in translucent.

EGMinerals items.I got this BOGO.Waikiki sand is a light tan colour.
Cafe au lait in Paris is a tan colour with pink undertones.

NYX and Milani eyeshadows.
From left : NYX: Pure Skin, Champagne, Ice Mocha
Milani : Java Bean

Clearer swatch. Also there's the sample baggie from EGMinerals. It's in the colour British Lavender.The swatch on the site was horrendous. In real life, this colour is beyond gorgeous.

Wet n' Wild Megalo Illuminating Powder in Catwalk PinkThis can serve as a blush, bronzer and eyeshadow. Good for traveling.

I think I got the new packaging of the NYX megashine lipglosses.
Wah~~ So cute.♥♥♥

I got Beige and Smokey LookSuch pretty colours. I really like them.

The NYX round lipglosses which I got.

The colours. From top, Mauve, Whipped and Honey.
Whipped looks so freaking gorgeous.
The NYX round lipsticks.
From left, Celene, Narcissus and Tea.

The swatches on the lips. No balm, no primer or lip concealer.Tea. I was reluctant to get Tea at first because there's hardly any swatches of it online but I am really glad I got it.
Such a pretty milk tea brown colour.

Celene. Celene is a golden lustre. I only applied a swipe thus it's hard to see it.It's a gorgeous one too.

Narcissus. It screams OMG bubblegum pink.
Love it ♥

Last but not least, NYX Ultra pearl mania in Walnut pearl.

Swatch of Walnut Pearl and EGM's British Lavender.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Out to study

Today I went out with my bestie Nisha for a study in Starbucks.

My outfit of the day,
Jeans and a Flowy top. Nothing too fancy. I am taking public transport and I do not want any attention.

The shoe,
Zeebra Print Ballerina flats.
Eyemakeup of the day. Finally learnt how to take the picture in macro mode.Very subtle and simple.
I used,
- L'oreal De-Crease eye primer
- Amuse Pearl Eyeshadow Palette in Paris
- Maybelline Volum' Express Hypercurl Cat Eye Mascara in Feline Black
- ELF cream eyeliner in black
Starbucks has a very good study environment. It's most of time quiet except the time when this whole gang of Malay couple came and let their kids on the loose.
I swear I almost went bonkus with ruckus.

It was raining cats and dogs when we were studying midway.

My almost done Caramel frappucino. Love it.

It's pouring .......

Also me and Nisha visited the local drugstore and bought a little something because it's buy one get another 50% off.Pond's White Beauty Pinkish-White Glow Lightening Cream.

Nisha and I got a tube each ourselves.

It smells good, I like the scent.
It applies on non-greasy and melts into the skin.

I am excited to see how it goes. Used this for the sake of using =P