Monday, November 28, 2011

Starbucks + NOTD

Some chocolate goodness topped with lots of Cinnamon.
Anything just taste so much more aromatic with Cinnamon.
It's my first Starbucks in Russia. Really expensive over here.
Cost 199Rubles (USD6) for a Tall Chocolate.

At the same time, got a tumbler since there's 30% off.
So starbucks and all so christmasy! Just can't resist it!!
My first Starbucks tumbler. Now I can refill coffee in with style.
Actually I needed a new tumbler since my old one have been serving me for a year, getting dirty.

So by topping up 500Rubles, I get this Starbucks card.
Too cute to resist with the glitter design and Snowman.
The transparent bits is really nice too.

Participated the Thanksgiving sale on Cherry Culture to console myself over the fact we don't have Thanksgiving over here or super duper sale.
I love sales and Cherry Culture for cheap and quality makeup for experimenting and toying around.


I love the green for this polish and somehow it dried matte eventhough it is not suppose to be matte.
The pet peeve is the application is terribly goopy. So hard to apply.

One of my schoolmate told me that if you apply mascara daily, your lashes will grow.
Is it a myth?

Well my lashes started to look longer?
Maybe it's just the mascara.

Monday, November 21, 2011

It all shimmers.

Nail of the day. This is currently my favourite nail polish. Too pretty to resist .
It has gold reflexes upon hitting the light.
Gives a luxurious feeling.

KFC finally rebranded Rostik's back to KFC right here in Russia and free burger for those who applied for one in facebook! :D
I miss seeing Colonel right here. My favourite menu for KFC here is still the basket. I still mourn over the lack of whipped potato here.

Free Zinger for me!
Love it when I am able to save some money for food over here.

Ikea food i ate last friday.
The chicken is too dry. Overall I didn't enjoy it much besides the ginger bread which is good.

My packages have already all arrived at home , according to my mum.
Thanks daddy for picking up all my parcels.
There's 2 packages of circle lenses (all I got from a pre-order which the lenses cost super cheap).
Some stuffs from Cherry Culture, ELF and also a Sleek blush.
There's also a TaoBao parcel. Can't wait to get back next Summer to see all my parcels.

There's a 20% off on Cherry Culture web.
I am already eying on a few items which I didn't manage to get from the previous haul. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hot Pink Jeans!

Simple look of the day. My skin is at its worst, thanks to the changing weather.
Circle lens by Fynale Y17 in Grey.

Finally I visited Victoria's Secret over here. The trip was not worth it at all. =(
They hardly shipped in anything to the stall, it is mostly fragrances, some panties, bags, purses, clothes and some cosmetics.
They is nothing to be excited about.

Anyway I picked up only one thing from the stall just to get the paperbag.

VS' paperbag is so pretty and cute.

I picked the Beauty Rush lipgloss in Taffy Go Lucky.
Such a pretty bright pink with gold shimmers. The shimmers are really fine.

A closer look at the colour.
Gold shimmers! love!

It cost 350 Rubles for a tube. Definitely not worth it if compared to the American price.
It's better to share order from the US during the sale season, you save lots even with paying the pricey shipping.

Going on,
Clothes buy from ZARA.

I just picked up 3 pieces, the total bill did cost me a bomb!
This is just a simple knit wear which is thick and pain in the ass to handwash. It's in navy blue.
I love it so much since it does keep me warm indoors.
It is so cold now in Russia that my extremities are basically freezing when I am typing this. It has reached the horrendous subzero weather over here.

Hora! super bright hot pink jeans that is gonna colour your life in winter.
I really need to colour up my monochrome wardrobe.

The bomb of the buy. ZARA TRF's winter wear.
I am desperately in need of a pretty and warm winter jacket to help me survive winter here which goes down to -30+ celcius.
This is the prettiest of all winter jackets I have see.

Real Down feather. Best feather even if you can't stand the cold.

This jacket cost me 4599 Rubles. So freaking expensive T_T
but I have no regrets. *hugs coat*

More Sushi Galore.
It's my friend's birthday thus we celebrated by bringing her for sushi.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

First winter beauty haul of the year!

The beauty store near my hostel have their 15% again. They have it every 15th of the month.
They don't really have any sales besides this, so when they have it is always all packed and the queue is freaking long and there's only one counter open.

Someone have to teach these people efficiency.

Just picked up two makeup items.
Essence blush brush and Vivienne Sabo's Ton de Plaisir foundation.

Vivienne Sabo's Ton de Plaisir's foundation. Full of fruity goodness.
Just hope it is a great cheap alternative to Bourjois' Healthy Mix Foundation. As if the Healthy Mix Foundation is expensive but they haven't stock up my shade.
So this one will do for now. Packaging is chic too.

Comes in 30ml in a plastic bottle with a dispenser pump and also comes in only 2 shades sadly.

Essence Blush Brush. I don't really need a blush brush since my old good is still doing fine but this one is pink!
I should had wait till I go back to my homecountry to get it since it is cheaper there, but I won't be back till next Summer and I don't know if these are limited edition.

Hot Pink Brush. What more to ask for.
It is really really soft too. It is a steal for its price.

Bought 2 tubs of Body Butters because I can't live without Body Butter here.
It's really dry over here, my skin are all cracking everywhere especially my back, always ignore applying cream at that portion.
Comes with 250g per tub.
It smells so good, just like strawberry and whipped cream. I love strawberry and whipped cream scent.
I love creamy scents over fruity scents.

Another thing, I got a bottle of shampoo. They didnt have my favourite Herbal Essence's blue bottle.
Well Nivea's one will do for now.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Colours in white.

Since the hypermarket stocked up with more cheap nailpolishes. It screams haul time.

There's a lot of colours. Say goodbye to pitiful nailpolish collection I have here. I can experiment with more colours. 

I stopped by Body Shop and got myself a tub of body butter since my old one is finishing.
For Body Shop's body butters a little goes a long way and they are the best dry skin savers, for me. Just applying them religiously daily, I can get baby soft skin even during the harshest of winter.
Coconut scent is heavenly. I love coconut scented stuffs reminds me of my tropical homecountry.

A try out of yesterday's Fennel mascaras I bought.

Volume Rich.
It does make my lashes more voluminous than before applied but not as much as desired. Doesn't clump . Doesn't hold curl at all. Very easily removed with oil-based eyemakeup remover and water. Smudges when you rub your eyes or in contact with water.
Overall good mascara for its price

Natural Fiber.
This one is more clumpy and doesn't hold curl at all. It does lengthen my lashes a little but I do not see any fiber in the mascara. Smudges when you rub your eyes or in contact with water.
Very easily removed with oil-based eyemakeup remover. 
Also a good mascara for its price. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

November snow.

It started snowing here. I hate it. It is at the phase where it is half snow half ice since the temperature hasn't dip too low yet and it isn't so warm that the snow will melt upon touching the ground.

So freaking slippery. Makes me wanna cry when I walk. 

Lately I am so busy thus I really haven't been going out thus there's basically nothing about my life I can post now. 

Anyway I just bought some toiletries,face product and a wee bit of cosmetics around this month. 
The weather has been changing drastically over here, skin peeling everywhere, especially my nose and feet. 

I am gonna post about the toiletries and cosmetics first. The products shall be left later since I want to post it along with a short review.

First up a bath product by French brand
Le Petit Marseilais.
I bought this product because it smells so much like autumn, the heavenly blend of white peach and nectarine.
Very different from any scent of the bath products here, it is really rare to get bath products with nice fruity scent over here. The selection of bath product here is really scarce.
Makes me wonder do people here take bath. lols.

Next up, are mascaras.
They are just really cheap one that my friend ask me to try because she likes them.
I am not sure if I will like them yet but my lashes and her's are way different, her's is so long and voluminous and mine is hardly visible without all the thick layers of mascaras.
Hope this will somehow work for me

 The brush for the volume rich
The brush for Natural Fibre.

I don't see any difference in the brush shape in both mascaras. The brush is just your normal big brush.

Also bought new nail polishes. There's not much of selection of colours here, but I found this really nice lilac purple
and there's another tube of green. It leans more to Sea Green.
I will swatch it the next time I repaint my nails.

And also this time there's a EOTD.
No eyeliner, Everything seems so much cleaner without the eyeliner.
Circle lens is Fynale Y11. I just applied a thin layer of mascara and brown and grey eyeshadow.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

late night sushi galore

Attended some event, so I am posting another EOTD.
Can you see how unattractively clumpy is TheColossal mascara is on me.
Since I bought I have to use it up, sadly. Eyemakeup is very simple, most important is dark colour under crease to accentuate, the deepness of the eye

Circle lens is Puffy 3 tone in Pink. I love the Puffy 3 tone series' design.
I think they are really gorgeous.

Outfit of the day.

Very girlie coordinate.

Next up is late night sushi galore!
Because everyone loves sushi.