Monday, November 21, 2011

It all shimmers.

Nail of the day. This is currently my favourite nail polish. Too pretty to resist .
It has gold reflexes upon hitting the light.
Gives a luxurious feeling.

KFC finally rebranded Rostik's back to KFC right here in Russia and free burger for those who applied for one in facebook! :D
I miss seeing Colonel right here. My favourite menu for KFC here is still the basket. I still mourn over the lack of whipped potato here.

Free Zinger for me!
Love it when I am able to save some money for food over here.

Ikea food i ate last friday.
The chicken is too dry. Overall I didn't enjoy it much besides the ginger bread which is good.

My packages have already all arrived at home , according to my mum.
Thanks daddy for picking up all my parcels.
There's 2 packages of circle lenses (all I got from a pre-order which the lenses cost super cheap).
Some stuffs from Cherry Culture, ELF and also a Sleek blush.
There's also a TaoBao parcel. Can't wait to get back next Summer to see all my parcels.

There's a 20% off on Cherry Culture web.
I am already eying on a few items which I didn't manage to get from the previous haul. 

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