Tuesday, November 15, 2011

First winter beauty haul of the year!

The beauty store near my hostel have their 15% again. They have it every 15th of the month.
They don't really have any sales besides this, so when they have it is always all packed and the queue is freaking long and there's only one counter open.

Someone have to teach these people efficiency.

Just picked up two makeup items.
Essence blush brush and Vivienne Sabo's Ton de Plaisir foundation.

Vivienne Sabo's Ton de Plaisir's foundation. Full of fruity goodness.
Just hope it is a great cheap alternative to Bourjois' Healthy Mix Foundation. As if the Healthy Mix Foundation is expensive but they haven't stock up my shade.
So this one will do for now. Packaging is chic too.

Comes in 30ml in a plastic bottle with a dispenser pump and also comes in only 2 shades sadly.

Essence Blush Brush. I don't really need a blush brush since my old good is still doing fine but this one is pink!
I should had wait till I go back to my homecountry to get it since it is cheaper there, but I won't be back till next Summer and I don't know if these are limited edition.

Hot Pink Brush. What more to ask for.
It is really really soft too. It is a steal for its price.

Bought 2 tubs of Body Butters because I can't live without Body Butter here.
It's really dry over here, my skin are all cracking everywhere especially my back, always ignore applying cream at that portion.
Comes with 250g per tub.
It smells so good, just like strawberry and whipped cream. I love strawberry and whipped cream scent.
I love creamy scents over fruity scents.

Another thing, I got a bottle of shampoo. They didnt have my favourite Herbal Essence's blue bottle.
Well Nivea's one will do for now.

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