Thursday, November 10, 2011

November snow.

It started snowing here. I hate it. It is at the phase where it is half snow half ice since the temperature hasn't dip too low yet and it isn't so warm that the snow will melt upon touching the ground.

So freaking slippery. Makes me wanna cry when I walk. 

Lately I am so busy thus I really haven't been going out thus there's basically nothing about my life I can post now. 

Anyway I just bought some toiletries,face product and a wee bit of cosmetics around this month. 
The weather has been changing drastically over here, skin peeling everywhere, especially my nose and feet. 

I am gonna post about the toiletries and cosmetics first. The products shall be left later since I want to post it along with a short review.

First up a bath product by French brand
Le Petit Marseilais.
I bought this product because it smells so much like autumn, the heavenly blend of white peach and nectarine.
Very different from any scent of the bath products here, it is really rare to get bath products with nice fruity scent over here. The selection of bath product here is really scarce.
Makes me wonder do people here take bath. lols.

Next up, are mascaras.
They are just really cheap one that my friend ask me to try because she likes them.
I am not sure if I will like them yet but my lashes and her's are way different, her's is so long and voluminous and mine is hardly visible without all the thick layers of mascaras.
Hope this will somehow work for me

 The brush for the volume rich
The brush for Natural Fibre.

I don't see any difference in the brush shape in both mascaras. The brush is just your normal big brush.

Also bought new nail polishes. There's not much of selection of colours here, but I found this really nice lilac purple
and there's another tube of green. It leans more to Sea Green.
I will swatch it the next time I repaint my nails.

And also this time there's a EOTD.
No eyeliner, Everything seems so much cleaner without the eyeliner.
Circle lens is Fynale Y11. I just applied a thin layer of mascara and brown and grey eyeshadow.

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