Monday, November 28, 2011

Starbucks + NOTD

Some chocolate goodness topped with lots of Cinnamon.
Anything just taste so much more aromatic with Cinnamon.
It's my first Starbucks in Russia. Really expensive over here.
Cost 199Rubles (USD6) for a Tall Chocolate.

At the same time, got a tumbler since there's 30% off.
So starbucks and all so christmasy! Just can't resist it!!
My first Starbucks tumbler. Now I can refill coffee in with style.
Actually I needed a new tumbler since my old one have been serving me for a year, getting dirty.

So by topping up 500Rubles, I get this Starbucks card.
Too cute to resist with the glitter design and Snowman.
The transparent bits is really nice too.

Participated the Thanksgiving sale on Cherry Culture to console myself over the fact we don't have Thanksgiving over here or super duper sale.
I love sales and Cherry Culture for cheap and quality makeup for experimenting and toying around.


I love the green for this polish and somehow it dried matte eventhough it is not suppose to be matte.
The pet peeve is the application is terribly goopy. So hard to apply.

One of my schoolmate told me that if you apply mascara daily, your lashes will grow.
Is it a myth?

Well my lashes started to look longer?
Maybe it's just the mascara.

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