Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I am back in Malaysia

It has been a long flight from Moscow. Now, I am back in Malaysia.
This stay is going to be a short one as I will leaving to Europe later in July for my summer trip.

My handcarry.

So my check in is stuck in Doha because of the short transit. Now, I am waiting for the airport management to deliver my luggage to me.
What an experience. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Roses on the rocks : Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque haul

I love Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets. Bourjois released their Rouge Edition Aqua Laque. I know I am late to the party but I finally got myself some Rouge Edition Aqua Laque. With hopes that it will be as good as the Rouge Edition Velvets.

These Aqua Laque different from their Matte counterpart - The Rouge Edition Velvet, they come a shiny cap. I find the packaging really beautiful.
They come in 8 shades ranging from nudes to bright reds. Mostly bright reddish pinks and reds though.

The two colours I picked up are Rose on the rocks and Babe Idole.

Rose on the rocks is a dusty rose nude. This shade is a MLBB shade, it is very natural on the lips and a suitable everyday shade. This shade leans sheer, the pigmentation isn't as great as the darker shades, for girls with slightly more pigmented lips, this shade might be too sheer.

Babe Idole is bright pink. A cute colour for the pink lovers out there. This shade is more pigmented and bright compared to Rose on the rocks.

These lip lacquers have a high-shine glossy finish and it very hydrating, it feels like applying cooling water on your lips. Definitely a product to go to if you like a light fresh makeup for the summer months.
Due to the finish, they tend slip off, so they do not last as long as the super long lasting Rouge Edition Velvets.

Bottom : Babe Idole Top : Rose on the Rocks

In the pictures Babe Idole leans coral but in real life, it is actually a bright pink.

For an extra boost of moisture and glossy lips, I am loving the Bourjois Aqua Laque. Bourjois products never seem to disappoint me, 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

L'etoile Russia haul : Neglice collection

L'etoile, a Russian cosmetics store had released a limited edition series for their inhouse brand. It really caught my attention as it was inspired by pastel colours and Marie Antoinette.
I got them during a 40% off sale which is a really good deal.

I got two items from the line. The line offers a range of pressed powders, loose powder, cream blush, lipbalm, eyeliners, eyeshadows and nail polishes.
The packaging are really cute. For most of the items, they come in a pink cardboard packaging with Marie Antoinette imprinted on the packaging. I really love the packaging, I find it really girly and cute.

I got two items from the line, a pressed powder and stick cream blush.

Stick cream blush.

It comes in two shades a pink and a peachy orange.

Me being me, ofcourse I had to go with the pink.
Isn't the packaging just so cute. The packaging just made me get it.

Next, is the powder. This is what I have been eyeing on the most from the line.
Everytime I step into the store, I would definitely swatch the powder because the texture is to die for.
It is very finely milled and smooth. It feels like silk upon swatching. The quality of the powder is really good.

It comes with colours a champagne, pink and yellow shade.

The cute prints at the side of the packaging. We have cakes, pastries, fans, all those cute stuffs.
The packaging although made from cardboard, it is really thick and sturdy.

I wanted the champagne shade for highlighting purposes but unfortunately it is out of stock and I don't see them restocking it as it is a limited edition product. In the end, I settled for the pink shade.

I am impressed with some products from this line, the quality is really good especially the powders and also the eyeshadows which I never got because the eyeshadow shades available are too bright for my liking and I doubt I will ever put the shades into good use but the pigmentation and texture is really good.
I will definitely be checking L'etoile instore brands in the near future. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

TheBodyShop sale buy

TheBodyShop in Moscow has a massive sale going on with products ranging from 20% off to 60% off.
They had a 40% offer on their body mist and fragrance range. Since the deal was really good, I ended up picking a body mist.

Amazonian Wild Lily

I really like the scent of this body mist. It is very fresh and floral. I am terrible at describing scents. So, if you pop into the shop, please take a sniff to try out the scent.
Anyway, this scent makes you feel alive and fresh. Just reminds me of nature. 
Picking up with 40% off, it is such a steal.

If you live in Russia, check out the website for the deals.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Aliexpress haul : M.now long lasting lipgloss

My first makeup haul from Aliexpress. A dozen of M.Now Long Lasting Lipgloss. 

I am a bit skeptical about buying cosmetics of unknown brands online because well you just doubt the quality.
I have always wanted the Lime Crime Velvetines in Cashmere. As many have known or if you don't you can google it, Lime Crime had a scandal which made me refrain ordering from Lime Crime. Also, the Velvetines are USD20 which is quite pricey for what it actually is. 

I did some research regarding the dupes and found a dupe for the Velvetine limecrime. The M.Now Long Lasting Lipgloss in 18 is close dupe for Cashmere.
Me being me, instead of just getting one colour which is the Cashmere dupe, I got a dozen.
The prices of these lipglosses is very cheap, they can go as low as 80cents to USD1.50 for each of the lipglosses depending on seller. There are quite a number of reviews of this product on youtube and blogs. So i could read through reviews on them and see swatches of them before purchasing it. 

Also, this product shouldn't be called lipgloss, it leans more like a matte lipcream texture, consistency and texture wise, it is comparable to the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream.
Surprisingly for the price I paid for these lipglosses. The quality is really good for the price. Packaging isn't all pretty or fancy but you cant ask for more for the price.

These are the six colours that I have picked up.
16 - Lavender-tone baby pink
26 - Peachy nude
18 - Pinky taupe beige
03 - Dusty rose pink
17-  Brght pink with peach undertones
30 - Tea nude
Without realizing, It looks like I have mostly chosen neutral and everyday shades.

Seller's link : http://www.aliexpress.com/item/6pcs-lotNew-Arrival-Waterproof-Elegant-36-Colors-Lipstick-matte-smooth-liquid-lip-stick-Long-Lasting-Sweet/2034952198.html

The communication with this seller is great. I got my items in 3 weeks or so which isn't too shabby considering the item is being shipped to Russia which shipping takes forever and they came packaged nicely in a box, not damaged in any form or way.

The colours up close. Just so beautiful.
For the price, it is definitely worth a try.This range offers about 37 shades from nudes to bright neons. There's definitely a shade for every person. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tiny Event #7

I finally finished 3 out of 4 of my exams.This explains the lack of updates.It is exam month! It has been a hectic and stressful month. June is always the stressful and hectic month and then we will welcome summer holidays!

' Flowers blooming. This was taken during our last cycle of classes where we had to travel to another hospital for lectures. The hospital was so beautiful, the compound was filled with flowers of all sorts and colours. The weather was really sunny and hot that day too '

' Burning the midnight oil. We studied from from day till day, not day till night. This was taken before my sleep.
Sunrise at 2.30am in Moscow. The sun sets really late at about 10pm and rises at 2.30am. We had lots of daylight during the spring and summer months over here. This is something we really appreciate as the winter months over here is really dark and gloomy. There's hardly any sun and it is super cold.
Summer weather over here is slightly warm for now, temperatures has not exceed 30 so far. Surprisingly it has been raining a lot over here for the past month. '

' A beautiful sunny day in Moscow. During exam period, there are days that I went out for a walk to take a break and get some fresh air. '

' Strawberries are in season. This is my favourite stall to get strawberries from. They are more expensive compared to other stalls in the market but the strawberries are so sweet compared to other stalls which are sour.
You get what you paid. '

' My share of strawberries, they are so red , plump and juicy looking. I got 600 grams of strawberries.
I have been loving strawberries so much that I have been getting them every week. '

' Korean lunch post exam. ' 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Eating out Malaysia : VCR Cafe

VCR cafe is a small cafe located off Jalan Pudu.
A black building with cobble stone walkways, welcoming you into a cozy environment with the sweet aroma of coffee and cakes.
Set up in a very minimalistic and industrial setting with lots of sunshine with the large glass windows.
I prefer natural sunlight instead of dim lighting in a cafe. It gives a more lively atmosphere.

A cup of cappucino with beautiful and simple coffee art.
The coffee is taste as good as it looks.

Black Velvet Cake.
This is my friend's order. It is really interesting, instead of the usual red coloured butter cake, it is replaced with chocolate cake with the usual Red Velvet cake cream cheese frosting.
The portion of the cake is just right.

The King.
This is my order.
Like its name, it is definitely the King. This cake taste so good. It is banana cake topped with peanut butter frosting. These two complement each other so well and the cake is moist and rich.

I really like the cakes from this cafe and I wouldn't mind revisiting this cafe for their cakes. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Hauled it & review : Black Pearl Dream Cream CC Cream

The advertisement plastered over a Russian magazine definitely had got me wanting to try this product.
"Черный Жемчуг" or translated as Black Pearl is a drugstore Russian skincare brand, has released their Dream Cream line. I wanted to pick up the day/night cream but I accidentally picked up the CC cream. It was my careless mistake for not reading the label.

This CC cream promises to hide imperfections without giving a mask effect and control shine also provide 24 hours moisturization and give the skin a healthy glow.

This CC cream cost me about 250 Rubles and I got it from Auchan hypermarket. Prices are the cheapest there.

The dream comes in a bulky vial with 50ml worth of products. I like the fact it comes with a pump but one pump out too much product more my face. I usually use half a pump, I need to be really careful to press out half a pump, because it is really easy to accidentally press a pump.
It is unfortunate that the bottles comes opaque  because you will never know when you are gonna be running out of this product.

I have tried the cream a few times and this is a picture of me using the cream. Just to get a picture of the finish and tone.

The cream comes in one shade only and it pumps out pink beige but blends well on my NC20 skin, matching with my skintone. From the shade of the cream, I would think it would be too pink and dark on my skin.
The texture of the cream is slippery and mousse like. I find it really hard to blend with my fingers but works well with a buffing brush. So, applying it with a buffing brush has been my choice of application. The cream is very moisturizing so it can feel oily on the face which is not a feeling everyone would like and because of the oily texture, it gives a dewy finish. The oily texture makes me feel like my makeup is going to slide off my face if I do not set it with powder. Even for a dry skin person, I feel likethis CC cream is too oily.
It is a CC cream, one should not expect too high of a coverage. It has a light coverage and builable to medium.It balance the skintone and covers some redness. My skin has been quite good of late, a coverage like this, is sufficient for me.

Do I recommend this CC Cream?
I prefer Asian CC creams much more. I do not feel like this is a CC cream. This definitely feels like tinted moisturizer. It is an okay product, I don't really recommend it as I think there are better CC creams out there in the market, for example, the Etude House CC Cream or TonyMoly CC Cream. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mini NARS haul

I was very excited for the NARS dual intensity eyeshadows when it was first released. I didn't manage get it until of late since product launch are usually very slow in Russia, we get things over here after the rave has totally died down.
It has finally arrived L'etoile stores and L'etoile had a 40% off storewide offer early March, I took the chance and got it.

I got two eyeshadows. One being the Dual Intensity Eyeshadow and the other the Single Eyeshadow.
I have been a good girl, I did not get myself a whole mountain of NARS eyeshadows.

The Dual Intensity Eyeshadows are really tiny. They come in 1.5g.
They are smaller than the Single Eyeshadows yet pricier than them.
I guess you have to pay for better buttery smooth and luxurious texture and pigmentation.

Surprisingly they do not come in the usual NARS rubbery packaging, those get dirty really easily. The packaging material is similar to the NARS audacious lipsticks. The open and close mechanism works the same too. It has a magnetic lid that opens really easily and closes securely.

The colour I got is Himalia.
I swear I can't stop looking at this shade in awe. It is just stunning and gorgeous. I fell in love with this shade at first sight. 
It is a metallic beige. The pigmentation and texture is amazing. It is so smooth and buttery and in a swipe it packs loads of pigment. 

The NARS Single Eyeshadows comes with more product at 2.2g.
This is my first NARS single eyeshadow, I have been wanting to get them when NARS came over to Malaysia but I couldn't make myself pay a fortune for a mini mono eyeshadow. So i hesitated and waited for a better chance.
Now with 40% off, girl just got to get it and make yourself happy. 

The eyeshadow comes in the usual NARS rubbery packaging, I think I do not need to explain much on this since everyone has seen or know about the NARS packaging.

The shade I have chosen is Malacca.
Malacca is a stunning dual chrome green-brown. It looks green in the pan but don't let the shade in the pan fool you, it applies brown with green chrome. The closest comparison would be MAC's Club but with more brown tones.

The reason I chose Malacca. First, it is the shade, I have never such a interesting and stunning shade like Malacca. Second, is its name. Malacca is a historical city of my home country. Somehow this shade makes me feel cosely knit to my country.
I know I should have gotten the duo eyeshadow in Kuala Lumpur since that is my hometown. Well, one day I would definitely like to have Kuala Lumpur in my collection.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Eating out Malaysia : Indian street food

It is definitely not a tough chore to find street food in Malaysia. Food is everywhere in Malaysia in every corner and direction. You will definitely never go hungry in Malaysia.

In the center of Kuala Lumpur, you will find Brickfields. It is a medium neighbourhood with high Indian population and because of that, it got its name Little India.
No place is better than Brickfields to get your Indian food cravings satisfied.

My dad loves Indian kuih (I do not know what is the exact term in proper English, let's call them Indian pastry). Since he currently works in Brickfields, he often gets his fix around the road sides where there is a few Indian kuih stall stands and also around the corner in a small zinc awnings stalls lots (can get sweaty and humid with the Malaysian heat), there are banana leaf rice stalls and at shop lots mamak stalls.
During weekends, he would bring all of us to Brickfields for a walk while he does his job and sometimes we would stop by the Indian kuih stall.
The lady of the Indian kuih stall sells a great variety of kuihs, ranging from traditional Indian kuihs like vadai, masala vadai and samosa to Malaysian-Indian kuihs like cecodok pisang, curry puffs.

So many kuihs to choose from.
Everytime I visit the food store I just want to have a bite of each and every kuih.

My favourite Indian kuih would have to be the masala vadai. I like the crunchiness from the dhal breads and the heavy taste of Indian spices. I will never miss a chance to get a masala vadai when I see it.

If you do visit Malaysia and do stop by Brickfields. Go on the hunt or look out for little road side stalls that sells Indian kuih. I guarantee it will be a great snacking experience.